PALMDALE (CBS) — A campus sex scandal in Palmdale: a 35-year-old teacher’s aide is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student in a classroom.

The incident allegedly happened during an after-school tutoring program and it all came to light after a relative of the boy got a look at this cell phone.

The suspect, Holly Polson, worked at Shadow Hills Middle School, and police said it was there that the woman had sex with the young boy inside a vacant classroom.

“Detectives interviewed her and during the course of that interview she confessed to several instances of having sexual intercourse with this 13-year-old victim,” said Sgt. Brian Hudson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators told KCAL9 that relatives of the boy found suggestive text messages from Polson on his phone. When the boy was confronted, he admitted to what had happened.

Polson told investigators that she was falling in love.

“She professed to the detectives that she was developing feelings for him over a period of the month prior,” said Hudson.

No one answered at Polson’s home, but a woman that neighbor’s later identified as Polson’s mother told KCAL9 in tears that she had no comment when asked if she knew of Polson’s arrest.

Other neighbors who have children in Shadow Hills couldn’t believe the news.

“It’s kind of just crazy to live on this block, I don’t know, for something like that to happen, you never know what neighbors you have, what kind of neighbors,” said Eddie Carranza.

Polson is still in jail on $100,000 bail. She faces four felony counts of lewd acts with a child, and if found guilty, she must also register as a sex offender.

Comments (80)
  1. wgaf says:

    So, did he rat her out before or after the text messages were found?

    1. Ben says:

      Testosterome levels are extremely high for boys that age.

      1. Realist58 says:

        Seems like a lot of female nasty wh@r& has some pretty low moral levels too.

      2. juan says:

        I think she should be acquitted.

    2. Pam Richardson says:

      you should hire veterans instead of hiring people because they speak spanish

      1. 82nd Airborne says:

        u should hire veterans that speak spanish…

    3. CAINT SPELL says:

      “but a woman that neighbor’s later identified”


      This is the second article I’ve read on this website and neither made it through a few paragraphs without a glaring grammatical error. You should assign these reporters to the Washington desk. There, they might shine.

  2. puro pedo says:

    I’m outraged by this behavior!!!!! R there no morals??????

    1. Saber 1 says:

      I know, the kid should of kept his mouth shut. He is to blame as much as she is.

      1. nodoublestandards says:

        “the kid should have kept his mouth shut.”

        Sounds to me like you’re in favor of Pedophilia.

      2. I love having sex with my teacher. says:

        It would been a dream come true for me..

      3. giigatee gigatee gig says:

        Look at her photo… He probably wanted to shake her loose! Ewwwww…

      4. Sandy Shores says:

        This is a 13 year old kid, young enough to be her child. You can’t blame him. Saber, you are an idiot!

    2. Dave Culver says:

      The question is my Latin friend…..Do you people have morals?

    3. Dave Culver says:

      Do Latin people have any?

      1. Latin Morals says:

        What a stupid coment from what I can see being an even stupider Culver City Maggot.

  3. nodoublestandards says:

    Headline should read………


    Because “sex” implies that there was mutual consent.
    A 13 year old boy or girl CANNOT consent to sex, therefore call it what it is,

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      By itself, the word “Sex” does NOT imply mutual consent. There is no crime designated as “Sex”.

      1. Get a clue says:

        There is when one of the participants is under age. That’s called statutory rape in which double standards was refering to. The use of the term “sex” implies consent or mitigates what was an actual rape. The term sex id not used generally when writing a story about rape.

    2. Brian Andrews says:

      Ah, but if he kills somebody you want to treat him as an adult, right?

      You people are such idiots…like this is going to damage a 13 year old kid, or like he doesn’t know what he was agreeing to. Stop acting like sex is the friggan end of the world and maybe it won’t be.

      1. L.arry B says:

        Thanks Brian, I could of not said it better and I am trying.

  4. Lynwood Sibley says:

    my first time was with a marrieed woman and I was the instigator at 14
    I was horney and wow by law and moral judgements it was wrong
    but it was great at that time

    1. Dave Culver says:

      You are one sick person…….you should be locked up!!!

      1. Mel says:

        you must be one of those Geeks Dave

  5. danny s says:

    no keep your kids away from people named ling long ting tong ching chong

  6. alan hart says:

    Where was she when I was in middle school. We all know, it isn’t assault, it’s sex education!

  7. Realist58 says:


    Why is it when a female pedophile is caught it is high fives and all good bantor but when it is a 35 year old male teacher and a 13 year old girl you all sing a different tune?

    1. Dave Culver says:

      You know Realist58…..I’ve been looking at your comments…… I think that you are a pedophile…

  8. Realist58 says:


    Or will she get a commendation and probation just because she has a v@g!n@ ?

  9. David Emerson Powell says:

    Equal Justice under law means that. If it was a male teacher they’d be hung out to dry and the same should happen here.

  10. Tony The Tiger says:

    What a stupid broad.She could easily find a man to take care of her yet she chooses somebodys kid.You can’t blame the boy as nearly every young boy is gonna go for it at that age.The reason this stuff keeps hapening is they haven’t punished most women who do this.Make it an automatic 20 years and see how many do it.

  11. JoeSierra says:


    1. giigatee gigatee gig says:

      Oh my mercy! I’d like to give an “attaboy” to young Mr. Doe and offer my video services to the nasty teacher. :p

  12. OC nieghbor says:

    when i was in school i would hear about sories like this but then again teachers werent as hot as they are now.. before we had fossils teachering now some teaches can be as young as 22 so with the age being fairly close these days and some kids dating older guys and girls im not so suprise anymore these stories are a regular occurence and for those that always think its racial thing you really need to open your eyes

  13. Mother Nature says:

    It’s just sex.
    If you are old enough to father a child, you are old enough.

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      too many freakin prudes around; but you are so right…

  14. Steve says:

    Man…sure is a lot of self-righteous judgement in this room. None uf us would be here is we didn’t have the occasional teenager in our family history who had sex, became a mother or father, married or not. News flash–kids are going to have sex. Period. Or in this case, sixth period 😉

  15. John says:

    Dang! Why didn’t I have teachers like that when I was in high school!

  16. name says:

    everyone in here is a dumbA$$ with little to no education. except me! pls disregard the comments on this page…false information

  17. Alex G says:

    i dont condone any of this behavior, but its funny how when a man does it its molest, but when a female does it its having sex. i just think its funny.

  18. alex alvarenga says:

    Nothing wirse then a COUGAR running loose around young men….

  19. TekDoo says:

    Wow, why didnt I have teachers like that back in the day. Wow. Kid is a legend I bet amongst his friends.

  20. I'm Lovin" It says:

    She admitted to having sex with ‘the victim’ several times. Let’s see photos of the bruises he gave her trying to fight her off….yeah right.

    If they did it in a McDonald’s bathroom, he’d be singin’ “I’m Lovin’ IT!!!!”

  21. Steve Kellmeyer says:

    This wouldn’t happen if teachers were allowed to marry.
    This wouldn’t happen if they allowed female teachers.
    This wouldn’t happen if teachers didn’t have to be celibate.

    Oh, wait… you’re only allowed to use those arguments against priests.
    I keep forgetting… When men have sex with teens, it’s creepy.
    When women have sex with teens, it’s WONDERFUL.

  22. The Big Logic says:

    That happens mostly in their homeland of Africa where they can get away with it. In this country, the fear of getting caught usually puts a cap on their inherent savagery in this area of aberrant behaviour.

  23. .Reginald says:

    One can call it whatever one wants. Molestation, Pedophiia, consentual sex or whatever. What’s the problem? Was the boy raped or was it consentual? A 13 year old has the ability to consent or not. I’m speaking from experience. I had consentual sex with one of my freshman teachers. It was and still is one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Yes, I was in love with her, and I still am. Yes, she was in love with me and I hope she still is. She was young beautiful, and married, but we had sense enough to be discreet. Our relationship lasted for almost two years. She was 25 and I was 14. Stuff happens in all aspects of life, and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful womans life. By the way, I’m now 74 years young.

    1. Cougar I am, Not! I never hunt says:

      Most males 14 years of age most definitely are capable of giving consent to sexual acts but not necessarily capable of making sound decisions. Most of the time it is confused feelings with both parties.

      I will be 42 in October, people have been telling me for the last 8 years I look like I could be no older than 25. My husband turned 26 this last March. We have been together for the last 5 years and headed into our 6th year of eternal bliss. Besides the fact that I am an attractive female, most people think I am in my mid 20’s even before I met my husband shortly after he turned 21.

      Besides the fact that I am an attractive female, I also have a very caring and nurturing personality which was something my husband was needing at the time. We never argue and I feel like I am 16 again.

      I was not looking for a relationship, my husband just crossed my path and I ended up helping with some issues in his life and next thing you know we were in love. At first it was awkward for me because I would never think about dating someone 15 1/2 yrs younger than me. The most I ever would have considered dating was someone 5-7 years difference age, depending on my current age of course. I really had never heard much about the term “cougar” before my husband told me about it. My family and my husband had a lot of fun with the “boy toy” term and my husband loves teasing me about being old and decaying before he ever will.

      FYI: We are both big into natural options for maintaining our bodies as well as internal organs and functions. Pharmaceutical products are toxic too your body, just look at all the side effects with pharmaceutical remedies versus natural. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to heal yourself because then there would be less people depending on them to see them for their ailments.

      Other than when I went of a 15 foot cliff with an ATV and had to have treatment I have not been to a physician in over 15 years and maybe lose one day of work due too weather changes or upon my husband demanding I stay home for once rather than keep my perfect attendance record. My employer offers medical insurance that I can pay for but why should I pay for something I am capable of paying for when the time arises. When I went over the top of a sand dune with a 15 foot drop, where upon impact at the bottom the ATV flipped over and onto me. I had too go to the Emergency room in a state I was not familiar with, they could not really assist me since I was leaving the next day back to my home state. I paid for all my medical bills including having my wrist re-broke by an orthopedic surgeon who said surgery was the only way to correct the wrist since it was so out of alignment.

      Sorry for the rant, bottom line is that in this situation this teacher in a position of trust and knowing right from wrong took advantage of this young man’s mind and manipulated it too fit her needs. 22 years difference. She is old enough to be his mother and should be treated in the same manner a man would be treated if he committed sexual acts with a minor.

      1. dahud says:

        ‘We never argue’

        Then you must be lying. If you’ve been married 6 years and never had an argument, then you aren’t married. There is no way you haven’t had a SINGLE argument in 6 years. Get real.

    2. Rod Anders says:

      Same here. I’m 70. Such prudes and prudish laws today. Ridiculous.

  24. Fred S. says:

    The kids not a victum, call it what is , a lucky S. O B who rated on his teacher

  25. We all are of one race or another says:

    Please don’t forget the black lady that put her 28 day old baby in the microwave and turned it on while having an argument with her husband whether the baby was his. Or the black man that threw his 2 month old baby out the window of the car while driving down the road. If you need to find an illegal drug on the street who would you stop first to ask if they knew anyone that could get them some Marijuana or prescription drugs?????

    I will agree that there are plenty white people that are committing crimes, but the nature of most disgusting crimes are committed by what used to be the minority and now is the majority of our population.

  26. We are all different races says:

    Please don’t forget the black lady that put her 28 day old baby in the microwave and turned it on while having an argument with her husband whether the baby was his. Or the black man that threw his 2 month old baby out the window of the car while driving down the road. If you need to find an illegal drug on the street who would you stop first to ask if they knew anyone that could get them some Marijuana or prescription drugs?????

    I will agree that there are plenty white people that are committing crimes, but the nature of most disgusting crimes are committed by what used to be the minority and now is the majority of our population.

  27. gary says:

    teachers have overtaken the used car salesman as the least respected occupation in the US!

  28. greg says:

    I don’t think it’s “ALLEGED” any more after she admitted it and so did he, how the fu kk can a 35 year old woman fall in “love” with a 13 tr old boy? Why is her picture covered if she admitted it, why do we keep trying to protect criminals?

  29. thea says:

    nice stereotype, Realist58

  30. AFriendFromThePast says:

    I know Holly…or at least KNEW Holly… as a young girl, Kindergarten through 4th grade. She came from a truly wonderful family that experienced a very tough period in her young life when her dad fought kidney disease, transplants, financial limitations, and a fight with the U.S. Government following exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. He lost the battle and died at a very young age. The little Holly I knew was sweet, courteous, intelligent, unaggressive. She had the face of an angel.

    How shocked I was to see her appearance now, at age 35. Mug shots are usually not flattering…but there are signs of stress in Holly’s face that should not be there for a woman of her age. I do NOT condone her behavior with a minor. It sickens me. I feel awful for the juvenille boy and his family, Holly’s children, her mom (whom I knew well), and the rest of her family.

    Holly needs help. I only hope and pray that all affected by her actions will, somehow, find the strength to contend with what lies ahead. This is not an event with quick closure. Criminal court followed by civil lawsuits are in her future. She takes everyone with her on this downhill journey; as does the young boy. The whole thing just makes me sad.

    1. james says:

      sum white women don’t age well esp in valley .

      1. charles Bennett says:

        I can certainly sympathize with her situation growing up; cannot make the connection between her now conduct (if proven true), and her earlier misfortunes. I can certainly relate to the fall-out of her father as it relates to Agent Orange, and the government’s inaction and no-action to ease the burden of his family, and the potential impact on his family; it is unfair, disgraceful, and a shame for a nation to abandon it’s veterans after they have sacrificed, even risked their lives, in exchange for promises the government never had any intentions od living up to. The good news is that the government will have to give an accounting, and a liar cannot tarry in the sight of God! My prayers be with them all.

      2. Dilbert Einstein says:

        Is that a text message Eimstein ? Good abbrev

  31. Tony says:

    and with the double standard, she will get probation or 1/4 the sentence of a male, if she gets sentenced at all.
    the shame of our so called corrupt criminal justice system made of unethical and immoral lawyers.

    1. dahud says:

      So true.

      If it had been a male teacher the headline would’ve been Male teacher rapes female student.

  32. Locutus says:

    Can’t trust white people with meth, farm animals or underage attractions (especially involving relatives!). Next thing you know, they’ll wanna send their kids to school with ours! They will be assimilated.

  33. Jessy blonde says:

    If it happened south of border, it might be faster to make it into the text book than the news – happens all the time.

  34. TexasForever says:

    Throw her in jail!
    Where is the outrage? There have been thousands upon thousands of cases nationwide involving female teachers with their underaged male ( sometimes females) charges almost on a daily basis. When the Catholic Church was accused of priestly sexual abuse which may or may not had occured 30, 40 or even 50 years ago everybody jumped on board to sue the Church oftentimes without any evidence whatsoever.
    These teachers should be held to a higher standard. Maybe if one or two of these women would be sentenced to a long prison term maybe this type of activity would stop.

  35. socialized medicine now! says:

    this is really sick, other sites have reported she is married with four children. i hope the authorities investigate if she has molested her own kids.

  36. charles Bennett says:

    You got it all wrong! Blacks are the ones that hang hoglegs in your mother, and by so doing, they give your pops post traumatic syndrome because he can neither match it in size, OR, in rotating that arse! Sorry you came from a broken home, I’m sorry, alright????

    1. Dave Culver says:

      One more comment from another typical N@#ger

      1. Charlie says:

        you are a Very Sick and Evil Person Dav

  37. Glen says:

    I volunteer to give her a thorough spanking!

  38. David Lee Roth says:

    Got it made got it made got it made. I’m Hot for teacher

  39. David Lee Roth says:

    Have you seen Junior’s grades?

  40. Eric Estraddda III says:

    She will be 60 and he will be 38 when she gets out.of the slammer.Man talk about some nosey neighbors. was that Eric Estrada jr ? You gotta love the witch hunt by Kcal. “Get the Mother on the set”!!!!!!!!!

  41. Larry B. says:

    Now what was this lady before she will eventually becaome a Offender, she was a Teacher, like most people, who are now Offenders, they are everyday people, and now this law saying that offenders can’t give out candy on oct 31, and can’t dress up either.because they might lure them into there house, well how about luring them into a classroom? Men get grip, espically you lawmakers, because one day this could be you, It is a war against MEN, Pass laws that protect Men, because a girl of 12 or 13 can have Sex with anybody, and have babies, and it is ok, but a man or boy that has Sex will end up with 400 hundred years.

  42. Jamie Chambers says:

    II had a teacher I was in love (crush) with at that age and would have arrose to the occasion

  43. Rod Anders says:

    Jesus Christ. I wanna go back to school !!!!!

  44. MaynardGKrebbs says:

    Looks like she needs a hair cut and not from a dentist.

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