Apple Starts Selling Unlocked iPhones In US

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Apple is selling “unlocked” iPhones in the U.S. for the first time, allowing owners to switch carriers to a limited extent.

The unlocked iPhone 4s are listed Tuesday on Apple Inc.’s website for $649 and $749. They’re identical to the version sold for use on AT&T Inc.’s network, but don’t require a two-year contract.

The buyer supplies his own Subscriber Identity Module, a card that ties the phone to a network. Apart from AT&T, the only national U.S. carrier that’s compatible with the phone is T-Mobile USA, and it can provide only phone calls and low data speeds.

Many overseas carriers are compatible with the phone, so international travelers can switch out their U.S. SIM card with one
from the local country to avoid AT&T’s international roaming fees.

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  • Peter Wilson

    Your morning time host is stating that the iPhone 4 is 4G, it’s not and in fact none of the iPhones are 4G capable. Make sure the facts are correct before airing them

  • john

    And yet you can only use what carrier with a sim card, soo whats the point? I will stick to my droid. Give it time droid will get it all down and better than apple

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