ANAHEIM (CBS) — If you want to spend some time at the “happiest place on Earth” this summer, expect to shell out some more cash. Disneyland and California Adventure are raising prices for park tickets and annual passes, the companies said.

The price of an adult one-day ticket to either Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure will cost $80, an increase of $4.

Passes have increased in price by as much as $50 to $379 for the Deluxe pass, which allows visitors access to both parks on 315 pre-days. Heavy holiday periods are blacked out.

Local residents, who opt for the Southern California Select pass, will see a $15 increase for a total of $199. The pass allows access to both parks, except on 205 blackout days.

The price of the premium pass, which allows visitors access to the park for 365 days and covers parking, will increase by $40, to $499, Disney said.

The increases are on par with annual hikes over the past decade, according to the company.

Comments (10)
  1. Walt says:

    So much for the “happiest place on Earth” bye bye.

  2. Joe M` says:

    Disney can go blow themselves… most over priced, over crowded form of entertainment out there. They can kiss me and my family goodbye cuz I am done with them.

  3. Debbie says:

    Just too much! Parking is $12.00 then say a family of four $320. Everyone will eat a least once during the day $40-$80 so you are looking at $400. for a family of 4 for one day. In today’s recession its way out of line.

  4. deanna c says:

    That is just to much money to be spending for a day of fun with the family I went there last year and spent $300 for myself my hubby and son for his birthday but come on that is stupid to raise the prices with the way things are today I can remember going there all the time when I was a kid good bye disneyland cant afford it no more

  5. doc says:

    $320 for a family of 4 just to get in? Then there is parking, food, goodies for the kids, gas to get there etc etc… You’re looking at a $600~700 day. Nope, not for me. Disneyland has lost it’s charm.

  6. GiGi says:

    SO GLAD my kids are grown! Knott’s Berry Farm is SO affordable (you can get $35 tickets online) and WAY more fun.

  7. Disney is a RIP OFF says:

    I wouldn’t spend more than $30 to go to this cash trap. I have a season pass to 6 Flags Magic Mountain. Far better park and much much more fun at the fraction of the cost.

  8. james92868 says:

    gotta pay for those cadillacs management drives, the thousand useless HR employees, the gestapo security, and retirement funds for old waste of air management like Jim Cora who could have cared less for you and your family. Worked there, been there, good to see others realize how much they have taken Walt’s dream and run it into the ground so they can build more parks…bad management = price hikes.

  9. What the F..k says:

    Micheal isner needs a new mansion!!!!!!!!!! Good by disneyland……

  10. TT says:

    i know their costs are going up as well… but to think in this economy with people having less n less money going on less vacations closer to home, because of gas, WHY would an everyday blue collar family- go and spend 3/4 of their budget on the tickets alone when they can go somewhere else, pay 1/2 as much AND pay parking and food and still spend less than they would there – They should really rethink their pricing – unless they are trying to attract foreign business – then it might be realistic…..

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