LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A former Major League All-Star may have major trouble posting bail at the Los Angeles County jail.

The attorney defending Lenny Dykstra after his indictment on felony fraud and other charges plans to ask a judge to reduce his bail amount of $500,000.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports attorney Andy Flier plans to ask for a substantial reduction at a bail hearing on Friday.

Dykstra will also have to prove the funds are coming from legitimate sources.

“The money being clean, I think that’s going to be the easier issue, because he has a lot of friends in the community,” said Flier.

There are reportedly plans for a possible fundraiser being held to raise enough money to get Dykstra out of jail.

Dykstra is facing felony fraud, theft, and drug charges.

Prosecutors allege he used fake financial documents in an effort to lease high-end cars from several dealerships around Los Angeles County.

“He adamantly denies that he did any wrongdoing on this particular issue,” said Flier.

Comments (11)
  1. Isabel says:

    Who gives a sh1t hes a crook and a p.o.s. Just like anyone else who did the same as him just lock him up. Dont waste reporters and news stories on this chump he had his shot.

  2. ABB says:

    He should call his mom like he did when his scammed private jet ran out of fuel. (look that up)

  3. david the foodie says:

    Let him rot!

  4. Harry potter says:

    I heard that John kruk is his righthand man.

  5. Regg says:

    boo friggin hoo

  6. freespeechtalking says:

    Well, perhaps if Mr. Dykstra had paid his Latina maid the $2,500.00 he owed her for housekeeping services rather than forcing her to perform oral copulation on him to keep her job (sadly, her case was dismissed), she might have been able to lend him some cash to make bail. Karma is real, Mr. Dykstra and you’re cleaning her toilet…starting now.

  7. jacket says:

    Definite flight risk no matter how much is put up. Anyone posting funds may as well flush it down the drain

  8. ES says:

    A fundraiser? I think i’m busy that day. Sorry.

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