MOORPARK (CBS) — Ventura County Sheriff’s officials said two people were injured early Thursday morning when an explosion occurred at a possible drug lab in the garage of a home.

Officials said a hashish oil lab exploded around 1:30 a.m. at a home at 4272 Cedar Pine Avenue. The garage was destroyed and the home sustained significant damage, according to fire officials.

Two men in their 30’s were injured and taken to Los Robles Medical Center for treatment. A pregnant woman and a three-year-old child were able to escape safely. The child was taken into protective custody.

A neighbors told CBS2’s Amy Johnson that the explosion rocked her home. She also said the family had been living in the home for a year.

Authorities were waiting to obtain a search warrant before they released additional information. No arrests have been made, according to officials.

Comments (11)
  1. j-dub says:

    You know what MOORPARK spelled backwards is, right? KRAP ROOM

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      That was funny! Oh, and j dub backwards is Bud J!!!

  2. get out says:

    great. pregnant with a 3 year old. what losers.

  3. lala63 says:

    Damn losers. Take the 3 year old now. And take the newborn when it’s born to give it a chance at life it won’t get with these turds for parents.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    DCFS will detain the kids. When you mess with drugs, you will one or more of three things:
    1. Go to Jail
    2. Lose your kids
    3. Die
    Everyone makes choices in life – the life you choose is your choosing. Make good choices. In the long run, the ONLY ones to suffer are the kids. Foster care is a terrible place to grow up in – I hope the parents are happy with themselves when they sober up and realize what has just happened.

  5. adolfo says:

    Hard to believe this could happen in a good neighborhood like Moorpark. This type of stuff always happens in Riverside or San Bernardino county or some cheap motel is Los Angeles.

  6. In Simi Valley says:

    Moorpark? Good area? Puh-lease totally Hispanic area. The area sucks especially around High Street

    1. Okay? says:

      And being that you actually think High street is near Cedarpine, I venture to say you know nothing about Moorpark.

      Let’s compare:

      Simi Valley median Income 2009: 78,821
      Moorpark median income 2009: 94.013

      Moorpark also has less crime per capita than Simi.

      Keep your head in the sand. It suits you.

  7. royrogers says:

    They work for the S.V. KIRBY DISTRIBUTING INC. on Hertz AvE in Moorpark when they weren’t selling Kirby vacs, they were making drugs on the side.So watch out for those sales people from THE KIRBY CO,.

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