VENTURA (CBS) — Six suspects, apparently part of a teen burglary ring, have been arrested by police for as many as 500 burglaries in the city of Ventura over the past three years.

Ventura Police announced the arrest Tuesday of Luis Manuel Galvan, 18, John Michael Gutierrez, 18, Antonio Espino, 21, Edwyn Hernandez, 18, Santiago Hernandez, 18, and
a 17-year-old male juvenile, all from Ventura. The six suspects are all facing charges of residential burglary, conspiracy and possession of stolen property.

According to a press release, authorities believe the burglaries began in December 2008 with the level of activity increasing through the late 2010.

The suspects worked in groups of two or more to burglarize homes between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2:30p.m., police said. The suspects would ring doorbells or knock on doors to see if residents were home. If they weren’t, the suspects would enter the homes through unlocked windows, sliding doors and doggie doors, officials said. In some cases, the suspects would burglarize the same home over a period of time, according to police.

Police said the suspects took guns, flat screen TV’s, electronics, jewelry and cash from their victims. The property was then sold for cash or drugs.

In mid-May, an alert resident reported a burglary in progress in the Mid-Town area of Ventura. As a result, three of the suspects were arrested, officials said. An investigation led police to search the suspects’ homes where they found stolen property from the burglaries. The investigation led authorities to arrest the remainder of the suspects.

Detectives believe the group could be responsible for between 300 and 500 burglaries in Ventura.

Comments (19)
  1. Ed Dart says:

    “could be responsible for between 300 and 500 burglaries in Ventura.”
    In 3 Years
    If they are going to work that hard they might as well get a job

  2. david n says:

    wow imagine that mexicans involved in crime.Deport them ,,like yesterday.
    then deport there parents and family.

  3. Concerned Homeowner says:

    Um, 500 Burglaries by the same team. When were the local police gonna kick in and solve this?

  4. David Huffman says:

    I do not care what anyone says or how they feel about what i have to say,because there is no reason to be PC or sugar coat anything.These Mexicans have got to be deported back to Mexico!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me,these criminals were doing these burglaries for two years??!!! Look at who’s committing 95% of the crimes you hear about in the news nowdays,Mexicans !!!!! I say if they can’t prove that they’ve been here legally for at least the last five generations,they need to be deported to Mexico and let Calderone deal with them. If you’re mexican and feeling butt hurt about what i just said,TOO BAD !!!! Truth hurts don’t it ????!!!!! It’s your own people that are giving you a bad public face,so do something about it or go back to Mexico where you belong!!!!

  5. junior says:

    To david n come to mexico if you have the balls but I doubt u do but you won’t because they will cut your freakin head off

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      Junior, no one wants to come to a third world toilet like Mexico. If I want to see filth and associate with filth, I’ll look down a portable toilet.

      1. Ceasar Chavez says:

        Hey Everyday Guy: another loser who hates people. You are going to tell me that you never been on vacation in México? Their are millions of visitors from all over the world, more from the USA who plan their vacation in Mexico. Well, I guess since your spending your time staring down a Toilet, you won’t be visiting Mexico any time soon….

        Good luck with your face in the toilet, don’t let the flush hit your face….

      2. gustavo says:

        supp there people

  6. Ed Dart says:

    Where do you guys read that theses guys are illegals?:
    Or do you just assume that ALL Hispanics are illegals?

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      Yes, they are all illegal.

  7. C-Rad says:

    Do not deport them, they’ll just come back illegally. Punish them for their crimes here in the jails. That will be a nice wake up call for them.

    1. ozzy says:

      C-Rad –
      if you pick up a newspaper or turn on the local news on TV, you know that jails are filled up to capacity and the Counties can not afford to keep over 140 thousand prisoners incarcerated in an 80 thousand capacity Jail system. The Illegal’s or Mexicans you refer to are here to stay for good, get used to

  8. Ozzy says:

    David Huffman :

    You sound more ignorant and stupid for idiotic remarks like that ? What exactly do you for a living? I bet you’re not even educated, because educated people don’t think that way, at least the ones I know. They could have been Mexican/Americans born here not the ones crossing the border. Before you open your pie hole, get the facts straight and look at US history of killings, robberies, Ponzi schemes, white collar crimes, serial killers, racketeering, embezzling, hate crimes, etc., majority of these crimes coming from the hands of White suburban America Caucasians.

    Don’t be a hater, love your neighbor, you’ll be better off in life…= )

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      Ozzy, just like a true red lefty, you go for the pointless slogans. In short, every country has done wrong and this country is not unique in doing harm. What makes Caucasians better is we learn from our mistakes and correct them.
      Mexico hasn’t changed in years; corrupt, full of murderers, and they smell. I’m sorry you were raised in a bubble with no grasp of reality. I feel sorry for you.

      1. ozzy says:

        what ??? Correct them? Are you kidding me ? This is a daily occurrence all through the United States; don’t be ignorant and delusional about the same repetitive mistakes. Former Senator Edwards, scam, All the President’s scams through out the presidential History, Nixon, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, etc…All Huge Corporate corrupted firms that stole millions of money from the American public – Exxon, Enron, AIG … All the large Law firms who steal from their own clients and fill their fat pockets….

        should I go on………

  9. Al-Qaeda says:

    “The suspects would ring doorbells or knock on doors to see if residents were home. If they weren’t, the suspects would enter the homes through unlocked windows, sliding doors and doggie doors, officials said.”

    “Unlocked” is the key word here.

  10. Al-Qaeda says:

    “Unlocked” is the keyword.

  11. America Fuk Yeah says:

    Racism is alive and well in the good ol US of A. I’m gonna load uup my shotgun and shoot the first Mexican that knocks on my door. You guys are idiots. maybe you should claim an island somewere. that way you can run it like a communist country and deport who ever you don’t like.

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