LOS ANGELES (AP) — A lawsuit being filed on behalf of homeless veterans accuses the Department of Veterans Affairs of misusing a nearly 390-acre plot of land in Los Angeles that was donated some 130 years ago to house service members who need care after wartime experiences.

The suit announced Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California and other public interest lawyers says the department leased much of the property to private entities instead of using it for veterans’ permanent supportive housing.

It seeks an injunction forcing the department to use the property for the housing and care of wounded vets. Lawyers are seeking class-action status for the suit.

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Comments (6)
  1. The Mad Man says:

    What is…permanent supportive housing. How does the VA justify homeless veterans on VA property. I see nothing wrong with this but I don’t understand what this is, how it is budgeted and who applies?

  2. Frank A. Bennett says:

    The class action suit should include all properties past/present and monies left to the Department of Veterans Affairs by a benefactor/benefactors, are they being used as designated. Who authorized the leases of the 390 acers and what account is this money being deposited and how is it being used.

    1. TT says:

      CBS – I would really like some history on this – Who donated the land 130 years or What was the organization that did the donating? Why did they donate it ? for example – was it a family ? Was it a tribute to someone’s memory? How did it end up leased when its purpose behind it being donated was to house service members who need care after wartime experiences. I think especially veteran families would want to know the history ……just sayin’

  3. Onclewillie says:

    Lawsuit filed “on behalf” means some ambulance chasers are out to make big bucks. The American Communist Lawyers Union wants to provide supportive housing? Nonsense. The leases probably have earned more income which has led to better services for all these years then could have ever been provided by building some houses for a handful of veterans.

    Just another case of the ACLU not working for anyone’s betterment just their warped, socialist ideology.

  4. Phil Sutherland says:

    Gee, surprise, surprise, a Government Entity that is misuing funds, how unique! Anyone who is surprised by this must have been on another planet.

  5. Kevin Norte says:

    CBS please follow up on the original deed. If not used for Vets, the property reverts back to the heirs. They still are in LA. Fienstein and Waxmen had the deed in 2007 when they blocked the sale in a war funding bill in December of 2007. I believe is was around pp 296-299. The deed restricts the use and if leased for other purposes whatsoever, I am not sure if the ACLU is correct or the US could lose the property.

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