LOS ANGELES (CBS) —U.S. Customs and Border Protection specialists have seized more than 47,000 counterfeit pieces of designer clothing at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport, authorities said Wednesday.

The items were confiscated over a series of three international shipments from March through April of 2011, officials said in a press release.

The first shipment was seized on March 17 and contained 27,528 pieces of counterfeit Polo, Gucci, Coogi and Dior items, authorities said. Customs officials then intercepted 16,512 knit dresses that were in violation of Gucci and Polo trademarks on April 11.

fake polo LA Port Officials Seize More Than 47K Pieces Of Phony Designer Clothing

(credit: U.S. Customers and Border Protection)

KNX 1070 reports on the phony items seized. <

The last shipment of fake goods was confiscated on May 11. Customs officials say that shipment contained 3,144 pairs of phony Chanel ladies and girls woven pants.

“These three interceptions are indicative of the exceptional skill level and superior commodity expertise of our CBP officers and import specialists at Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport. Preventing the entry of counterfeit items is crucial to protecting consumers as well as the economy of the United States,” said CBP Acting Director of Los Angeles Field Operations Carlos Martel.

The combined retail price of the three shipments totaled $14.3 million.

Comments (11)
  1. ozzy says:

    MY Bet, all of the Phony Designer Clothing comes out of Asia – Etiher
    China,Philippines,Twain,Korea,Vietnam. All countries involved in
    Corruption, they have been doing it for over a century now. It’s in our
    own back yard, look at Dt Los Angeles, the garment District or on
    Broadway st, where thousands of phony designer clothing can be
    found bought

    nothing new here, been there done that….

    1. truth says:

      my bet, all of the clothing comes out of asia, PERIOD. and all those countries combined couldn’t touch the corruption that happens here in the U.S. Phony Designer clothing in downtown still stimulates the economy more than your mom does on skid row.

  2. Tom says:

    Good Job Guys!!!! You can catch a Dress at the harbor, but not a Mexican at the border…………

  3. annoyed says:

    let these people do what they do to make money. i dont think anyone that sells a fake shirt of chanel is going to harm me in my day to day activity. let the police focus on catching people who do identity theft and rapists and murderers instead of killing a persons source of income. it’s just a shirt or accessorry, if they busted these guys, theres gonna be other people bringing it another way……..ive gone to downtown shopping district few times and i have seen sooo many stores that have the same items, how many can they shut down? n then they say unemployment rate is high, well duhhhhh guys if u bust these stores then they have to shut down n people lose their jobs whether they make $8/hr or $20/hr people stop taking income home :-/

  4. truth says:

    the real corruption lies in the companies that sell “GENUINE” designer wear for hundreds of dollars. we’re going to let gucci, coogi, polo, etc. charge an arm and a leg for a t shirt, yet we’re going to bust the “PHONY” designer wear for selling it at a fraction of the actual cost?

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah 7 hundred dollars a purse.
      That’s the real criminal activity..

      1. Mike says:

        That’s crazy.
        What’s wrong with women.

  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    This wont’ stop women from still finding a way to get their hands on the fake stuff. Women love it and that is why the business is so big. The majority of women are of lower income and can’t afford the “Real” stuff so they are determined to own “Knockoff”. I can promise you that the women/men who buy this stuff, buy it knowing that it is a “Knockoff.” People with money know a fake – and wouldn’t buy it anyway. So let the poor have the oppurtunity to pretend to be rich.

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