SAN DIEGO (KNX1070) — It may be a case of deja vu as employees at three major California grocery store chains consider striking – a move that could happen in the next few weeks.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports that 62,000 union employees at Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons from San Diego to San Luis Obispo may be headed for the picket line over health benefits.

“What they want our members to do is to not be able to afford health care so they will opt out and not have health benefits,” Mickey Kasparian with the United Food and Commercial Workers said.

Contract negotiations are continuing, but the two sides could not discuss specifics.

A similar strike back in 2003 lasted five months.

Comments (20)
  1. Everyday Guy says:

    Do it. Go on strike losers. We have Trader Joes.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Go to Fresh & Easy.

  3. Alan Hart says:

    When your union asks you to strike think back and ask did we ever come out ahead by striking? The answer is NO!!! Now that Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s and Fresh and Easy and Jon’s and 99 Ranch Markets are on every corner, we don’t need the big chains.

  4. Perry Yoshida says:

    I worked for Vons when that strike in 03′ occurred. I had a few fake friends (well really traitors that worked as scabs). The scabs were overpaid and stole everything in sight. That strike was a big mistake and I never recouped my lost earnings.

  5. Chester says:


  6. ginny says:

    Since the last strike Ralphs is barely hanging on, and Vons and Albetsons have consolidated many stores in the Central areas of the state. I for one will contiue to cross any line in front of the stores so go ahead and strike, Or I’ll just head over to the local Winco or Stater Bros and shop. One of these days union workers will figure out that the economy is in the tank still and everyone has to give at one point.

  7. YLBill says:

    time to do my daily visits to the market again to support the management. There are about 3 people at our YL Vons who are worth a darn. The rest don’t care. Let ’em walk. I hope they keep walking….far far away.

  8. Janet says:

    I buy my groceries at Costco or Target. I quit the other chains a long time ago

  9. Josh Butts says:

    Go ahead and strike. I’m still gonna shop at Vons since that’s my closest. And when I walk up and you all are saying bad things to me because I’m shopping there, I just flick you off and say go F yourselves and not care about what you say or think. I understand you want the customer to stop shopping there cause your on strike but don’t verbally beat us down!

  10. Timothy McGarry says:

    I don’t want to yell at the rank and file, because I know a lot of people who work at various markets and they are very nice, most of them. So, don’t you guys listen when those crooks that run the union push you to strike for them. If I was in the union, I would call for new officers, because if anyone thinks going on strike in these times is smart, they would have to be insane. Let me put it another way: Anything you guys get out of the strike is going to be passed directly on to me, cost wise, and, no offense, but I’m not giving you any more money. How’s that?

  11. Melody says:

    When 62,000 workers walk out on jobs during times like these it’s a sign of an obvious unjust and we probably don’t have all the actual facts. I would rather have the 3 big chains take care of the health and well being of their own employees than have thier part time members turn to our welfare system to compensate. I will respect their protests and not cross.

    1. Ron says:

      You will be the ONLY ONE. Take a look at the comments. The union has NO SUPPORT of the people. Unions are dead. We will shop at NON-UNION stores and you union workers will NOT be able to find a NEW JOB. Get at the end of the unemployment lines and wait for your money and benefits to run out.

      You BETTER tell your union bosses that you don’t want to strike. Do you think that your union bosses will suffer while you are on strike? ABSOLUTELY NOT !!

      1. Melody says:

        It’s unfortunate that these type of situations brings out the worst in people and creates opportunity for bullies to vent. I however would not wish any type of suffering on decent hardworking people. I will stand by my decision and do the right thing.

  12. Steve says:

    The union workers should rethink this. While they are walking the picket line and receiving no pay, have the union bosses given up their pay in support of the workers? The union bosses have no skin in the game and their only goal is to squeeze as much from the workers in the form of dues that they can get. Times are tough for everyone right now. If the union is so concerned about healthcare benefits maybe the union should offer a health plan that the workers could buy at a discounted rate. With 64000 members I would think you could get a great price with that many people.

  13. adolfo says:

    You are really going to strike in this economy? You should bite the bullet for now at least until things get better because I guarantee you one thing, the stores will have no problem replacing you as you are out on strike due to there are so many people out of work right now and the average person will cross the line and shop at the stores, regardless of your strike. Time to tighten your belt and keep your job and wait for a better opportunity. That said I hope it gets settled and no one has to strike.

  14. John Apolinolfi says:

    I will totally support the workers at my store, I love them, they are great, im in that Albertson’s at least 4-5 times a week, they have become my friends, and they don’t make a lot of money! This health care proposal would make it impossible for them to recover from a major medical surgery. They would be bankrupt! People need to remember that this country was founded on an idea that it would be the best country in the world. Not putting our fellow countrymen out on the streets because they can’t afford medical care!!

    1. Ron says:

      John, where else can a part time employee working only 16 hours a week get comprehensive coverage medical insurance for as little as $9/week? That is what they have been offered. I bet there are many thousands of part time workers that would love to have that medical insurance offer.

      Take the offer and stop being so GREEDY. If you strike, you will have NO INSURANCE and NO JOB !!!! Be thankful for what you HAVE.

  15. Holly says:

    I dont really care if you walk off your job. I will continue to shop at my local Albersons or Ralphs. Yes that means I will cross over your line. If you say one thing to me as I cross over. I will make sure when the strike is over that I complain about you everyday until you are transferred from my local store or fired.

  16. Marilyn says:

    I quit shopping at Ralphs during the ’03 strike and never returned. No other workers get free health care. I have a friend who worked part time at Albertson’s for 20 years and now gets a $700 monthly pension. Most workers don’t get benefits for part time work and don’t get pensions.

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