SANTA PAULA (CBS/AP) — Several alleged gang members were arraigned Tuesday afternoon on sex crimes charges after police say they used social media websites to kidnap and rape young girls.

The seven adults and one juvenile were arrested Friday. The suspects were identified as Carlos Ek, 22; Esteban Oseguera, 18; Isaac Ek, 19; Joseph Sandoval, 18; Jonathan Gaona, 19; Dion Mendoza, 19; Adrian Garcia, 19, and a 17-year-old juvenile, all of Santa Paula.

Six of the eight suspects were arraigned Tuesday in Ventura County court on charges ranging from rape, conspiracy, child abuse, sexual battery by restraint and parole violations. An additional suspect arrested in connection with the assaults was not immediately charged.

Carlos Ek was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for a Solimar Beach stabbing being investigated by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. It was unclear if he was arraigned Tuesday on those charges.

Authorities say they were familiar with the suspects due to their alleged gang ties.

The arrests were the result of a six-week investigation of two rapes that occurred in March and April.

Santa Paula police said the suspects used the Internet to lure teenaged girls to house parties where they were given alcohol, possibly drugged and then raped by multiple men. Authorities say at least one rape occurred while the victim was sleeping.

“Its pretty clear right now that alcohol was involved. The bottom line is they can really become incapacitated and abused anyway and they just didn’t know this was going to happen,” said Santa Paula Police Chief Stephan MacKinnon.

Authorities have investigated two known cases, but fear there could be more victims who haven’t come forward.

Ventura County prosecutors say they will seek to try the 17-year-old as an adult.

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Comments (84)
  1. Kenny says:

    I hope they get raped in prison. What goes around comes around.

  2. :/ says:

    I agree with only part of your statement and that is the hoodrat part. The name Ek is actually European, you numbskull.

    1. ES says:

      I can totally see the European resemblance on this Carlos. I bet he speaks good German.

    2. Erik Gomez says:

      Yeah DS the name Carlos??? Hello whatever off with their heads. Donate organs to needy heads

    3. :/ says:

      You guys are all idiots! Take a closer look at that collage of mugshots. See a couple of white guys? I do! KJFGV;UEsg;tiuwvnb’djnbduhvuyg vsb!!!! <——That's me calling you all a bunch of filthy names.

      1. Jeezus says:

        i see a couple of white guys trying to look and act mexican

      2. Wolgang says:

        Teresa Heinz, Sen. Kerry’s wife was born in South Africa. She is an African American (BORN in Africa. moved to the USA, became a citizen of USA}, does that mean she is black ?? Remember, obama is
        1/2 cacasian, and 1/2 black. Looks don’t ALWAYS reveal a person’s race.

  3. TT says:

    you know the sad part about this – They are all about 19 and the rest of their life is ruined along with the little girls lives they attempted to ruin, Regardless of what they are and where they came from – they obviously didnt have much upbringing, and unfortunately now your seeing the results…
    Parents …Be Parents…
    Pay attention to your kids !!!

    1. Debbie Avila says:

      “the little girls lives they attempted to ruin?” what do you mean attempted? I can guarantee you that they RUINED THESE GIRLS LIVES Period.

      1. nahiku says:

        Bullies – these low lifes should be locked up forever – in general population where they are subject to the probability of prison rape every day.

        The victims need parents who care – now more than ever – where were the “caring” parents BEFORE the crime occurred?

  4. Do the parents care? says:

    I wonder why the mothers of gang thugs don’t get together and form some sort of group…like ‘Mothers Against Gang Violence’. Why don’t they band together to brainstorm ways to give their children more enriched family lives so they don’t seek out the gang life? Aren’t these mothers ashamed? Don’t they care what their kids are doing?

    1. mmk says:

      Maybe .. just maybe… the parents arent aware of what their kids are doing. They lie to their own family of what they are doing or where they are going…Sad but true.

      1. me says:

        Or maybe, just maybe, the parents never cared about their kids because they are anchor babies. They got what they wanted out of having the kids, they are of no concern to them anymore. It happens all too often. Sad but true.

      2. TT says:

        why arent they ? My kids are grown now – got into there share of mischeif – but you know what ? I made SURE i knew where they went (and yes – i checked to make sure thats where they were) , who they were with, how they got there, and met alot of the parents of the kids…. I worked full time, didnt really have any support – and still made sure they came out ok – not perfect – but having some sense of values and responsibility….Now they’re ok…..If your gonna be a parent – be a parent….

    2. :/ says:

      Or maybe, just maybe, the parents are gang thugs too! Ever thought of that?!

  5. Den says:

    Streetgang cowards

  6. lizrd1 says:

    no they are usually white hood rats at mexican parties

    1. Wolgang says:

      The parent (s) are responsable for the actions of their offsprings!
      If the law allowed for the parent(s) to be penalized, ie: jail time, fines,and loss of TAXPAYER FUNDED PROGRAMS ( section 8, food stamps, etc.) , we bet the perverted hoods will be more selective in their CRIMINAL activities!

      1. yep says:

        d@mn straight, wolgang. Hold parents accountable, period.

  7. Earl says:

    Excellent comment regarding anchor babies, but also would be interesting to find out if any of the individuals are actual US citizens or even speak the language of land. As for the parents, I would guess a fair share of him are also gaining members themselves and really don’t care what their kids do. They will go off to prison to meet their other buddies in the Mexican Mafia gang in California state prisons, builder their time and come out as heroes!!

    1. Mexicano Hasta la Madre says:

      Earl, Your name sounds like you are a Nerd!!! No, yo no hablo Ingles, well I do, speak broken English..Listen… Criminals come on all Colors and Nationalities…… Just drive to Santa Clarita Valley, including Newhall, Valencia, and surrounding areas….. all the WHITE teens are stealing to get the money for the Drugs…. Come on people, be realistic…Do their parents care about their drug addiction? Of course they do… That’s why they keep giving them money to keep getting it…..
      What will happen next? Prison overpopulation thanks to all this future generations of “White Piece of Trash”… Again. Criminal come on different colors and Nationalities…. Muchas Gracias por su atencion….

      1. mmk says:

        I agree with you Mexicano Hasta la Madre… I can’t stand these ignorant dumb people that come on here and start with their racist BS comments every chance they get, like they are better or something.. and no I am not hispanic so you idiots dont think that is the reason I am agreeing with the comment above. I know a lot of hispanics that are LEGAL and are family oriented and try everything to take care of their family and you people are always sitting there 24/7 bashing them in any article that is posted. This is why we live in the world we do today. I feel sorry for the kids that are getting raised in this kind of enviroment.

    2. FED-UP in LA says:

      You know the problem is that we encourage all the stupid ignorant worthless people to have kids they can’t afford or care for..lets stop giving millions in AFDC and wic and medi-cal and food stamps all those other social crutches that have become a way of life for stupid and lazy people for generations…in fact most illegals don’t qualify for a lot of these monetary benefits but the 1 gen Americans do just like the poor white trailer people and the African American communities all over the country. I assure you some of these tramps would not have these kids it they knew the would not get an automatic raise with every kid they pop out. How about more scholarship funds.. .

    3. Mexicano says:

      The language of the land are the languages spoken by Native Americans of the California region, not your European language. Do you speak a Native American language, or only the European language your immigrant ancestors brought here?

      1. David Huffman says:

        I’m part Native american from the east coast and speak enough of two tribes language (including my own) to get along very well thank you.One language iwill not speak to you racist Mexican idiots is Spanish because it’s not even you’re native language,or have you forgotten it’s the language of the people that conquered you??!!! I have Mayan and Aztec freinds that still speak their language and it sounds nothing like Spanish,not to mention that they don’t think very highly of Mexican (or Mixed blood as that’s what Mexican means in their language,and in their language it’s not a nice word at all) people at all.

  8. amc says:

    You guys are a bunch of racist idiots. Lots of those guys are filipino not mexican. I don’t care what nationality a rapist or pedophile is, I have NO pity for them. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to make an ass out of myself like you morons by stereotyping nationalities. Unless you are a native american you have NO right to talk. And if you’re caucasian I’m sure you’re very proud of your rapist ancestors. I can understand were you get all your hate from. People like you disgust me!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG says:

      What, are you inferring that raping women originated from the Caucasians now? You’ve got to be kidding me! I suggest you go to and do a basic search for sex offenders in your area and check out how many white people come up versus Hispanics. Get it through your thick skull, amc, that violating women and children has been a part of this universe since it began, and DID NOT originate with the Caucasians.

    2. RVD says:

      Filipino? Search and look at their mug shots, not one of them are Filipino. But all of them are of Latin decent. Research and get your facts straight before you open your ignorant mouth.

    3. Jeff says:

      take a look at the LAPD most wanted list. Enough said. It’s not racism if it’s the truth.

      1. the truth says:

        no, because their moms are probably illegals who have no regard for the laws of this country and have radical groups trying to protect their lack of rights.

  9. frank says:

    Nicely said Rick I could not agree more !!! RIGHT ON !!!

  10. Wasted Man says:

    Sick, sick, sick. Why weren’t these folls ever taught to respect and protect women? What a waste of man DNA. What a waste!

  11. mmk says:

    Why are these girls even going to parties with guys they don’t even know and drinking alcohol? If you have a brain no one can “lure” you into anything. Yes what these guys did is wrong and I hope they go to prison for a long time but man teenage girls these days are so dumb and naive!

    1. Shannon Bohannon says:

      Nice! I was waiting for someone to place the blame on these teenage girls for being drugged and raped. As if you were never young and dumb and you know the rest. GOOD JOB!

      1. WAKE UP PEOPLE says:

        Well, its true. It takes a response to an invitation, and these girls probably had seen or met one of these “cool” guys and convinced the other girls to go. Girls DO need to wake up and pay attention to all the traps that guys use to lure them into trouble. For the parents out there, WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION to your children; turn off the TV and be a part of your children’s lives AT A YOUNG AGE, so they learn the love of their “true” family, not some gang o’ thugs.

  12. Law & Order says:

    Mandatory castration will take care of this problem

    1. :/ says:

      Yes, yes it will. And it’s the ONLY proven tool that stops sex offenders from the urge to violate people. Scientific/medical fact.

  13. whitepride says:

    Gather up all the bangers; line em up and shoot them execution style. No more wasted tax dollars and a much more peaceful California.

    1. David Huffman says:

      I’m not generally a racist person,but i think that they should all be rounded up too Whitepride,but with one little twist.Let them all band together as an Army since they all think they are so Bada$$,and send them to Mexico to kick out the cartels that they work for and that send them here,and if they are successful they can have their country back.either way deported from the U.S. to Mexico with orders they be executed on site should they try to cross the border ever again.

      1. tu padre says:

        You are a 100% racist, but also you have no clue at all, you don’t know mexicans, and you are a sissy a$$hole that like to speak like you were very “Macho”, but if you daRE TO TALK LIKE THIS, GO TO MEXICO AND REPEAT WHAT ALREADY YOU HAVE WRITTEN, I bet you are a bitter stupid army retired a$$hole. And if you read history, you will learn that american indians were almost wiped out by the same idiots you like to kiss their a$$es.

      2. rob says:

        this is a great idea, they can call their division the “Spic Cans” let them sit out there like sitting ducks and let the cans kill the cans, thats how it works

        Tu Padre, dude… you are uneducated and your a mexican, keep the trap shut, you are out numbered by US Citezens, I LOVE OUR BORDER PATROL AND OUR INS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND DEPORT EVERY SPIC IN THIS COUNTRY.

    2. David Huffman says:

      @ tu padre(not my father) BTW pendejo i’m also 1/2 Native American,and can tell you that Reconquista is not going to happen.Americans will come together when they get tired of paying taxes just to give you illegal pendejos the welfare and foodstamps etc.. that is supposed to be for our peiople to fare hard times with.Even Americans from Mexican decendence don’t want you here because people like you are stealing from them as well as us!!!! Soon laws will be passed to keep your kind out because we’re tired of supporting parasites that have payed nothing into the system that was created to help our own people in the first place!!! Remember the Alamo Pinche Pendejos !!!!

  14. John says:

    Who cares. They shouldn’t been there in the first place.

  15. arizona sheriff says:


  16. NMC says:

    your an a#$ho@&!! thats all i have to say!!!

    1. concerned parent says:

      I believe everybody makes choices in life .whether they we’re brought up in a loving caring atmosphere, or raised up with a mother and father that let them raise them self with no supervision.and get into a gang it’s all about choices . now every bodies lives have changed mothers and fathers ,the victims parents and defendants parents and family members and friends on both sides . all because drugs and alcohol and wanting to party. choices …. I just hope they don’t use that as an excuse .( i was to loaded to know what I was doing when I ganged raped her ) now I hope they are put away for along time . that way they have a long time to think … of what a bad and stupid sick decision they made with there fellow gang banger friends … they knew right from wrong.

  17. jinx says:

    Their ethnicity or nationality is of irrelevance here…there are idiots in every race…i do partially blame the parents because family and values play a big role in how kids turn out…why in the world would anyone think it’s ok to assault a girl, something’s wrong in their head….it’s sick…they’re at the age where they should be in college, learning, taking advantage of this land of opportunity…but, i realy do believe that had the parent been involved more in their children’s lives, this may have been avoided.

    1. David Huffman says:

      Ethnicity or nationality are irrelevant??? Do you see the news everyday?? it comes as no surprise to me that the names and people involved in this crime are hispanic you stooge and if it’s irrelevant to you,you best come out from under that rock you’re living under and look around dummy.They are actively trying to take us over by occupation STUPID!!!! I’m ex -Army and this to me is a straight out act of war !!!! If you have children you better keep a good eye on them or they may wind up like those teen girls,by a bunch of so called latinos !!

  18. Mel says:

    It is the girl’s fault. Why would they even want to hang out with gang members. And Look at the way they are dressed. And I wonder how many Tattoos the girls have?

  19. Mel says:

    It is the girl’s fault. Why would they even want to hang out with gang members. And Look at the way they are dressed. And I wonder how many Tattoos the girls have?

  20. Fed-UP in LA says:

    You know the problem is that we encourage all the stupid ignorant worthless people to have kids they can’t afford or care for..lets stop giving millions in AFDC and wic and medi-cal and food stamps all those other social crutches that have become a way of life for stupid and lazy people for generations…in fact most illegals don’t qualify for a lot of these monetary benefits but the 1 gen Americans do just like the poor white trailer people and the African American communities all over the country. I assure you some of these tramps would not have these kids it they knew the would not get an automatic raise with every kid they pop out. How about more scholarship funds.. .

    1. David Huffman says:

      Very well said and in addittion even if they do have legal papers to be in the U.S. they should also be required to show that they’ve been here at least 4 generations to prove they’ve paid into the system.

  21. rob says:

    it’s kind of odd, that with all the name calling, finger pointing and racial hatred being flung around as if we were all educated enough in the issues of social harmonizing, that we could be counted on to advise local government of the proper course to take when we don’t agree with their methods to “staighten out” the seeming insanity being perpetrated on the streets at any givin moment, whether or not it makes the news! Whats odd, but in my opinion just as well, is that I heard no mention of the ‘headlines making’ Catholic Church folly! Just as well, there’s no need to beat a dead horse now; or is there? I’m caucasian but I have listened occasionally when someone from the other side of the tracks has been open enough to explain how things work in their world, and as far as gangs go, i believe those involved, for the most part don’t ever really have any choice in the matter, and it’s certainly not the parents promoting any of it! Enough said there; I am certainly no authority. Anybody guilty of this crime should be dealt with in the HIGHEST, by whatever hand brings justice. But justice must be served

    1. David Huffman says:

      Well said Rob,and i agree with everything you said especially the last part,justice must be served.

  22. phjjkhfd says:

    I hope the other convicts HANDLE these guys.

  23. Windmill says:

    In for one year out for five years (While in 20 more helpless girls) then back for another year…………..

  24. Jeezus says:

    it’s a shame the news is always focused on what mexican americans are doing criminally. so racist the news media is to only focus on crimes by hispanics in america. its like every day. what about other racial groups? so biased here? ph what? they’re not american? oh what, they’re tourists? I’m confused. They were born here? I dont know.

    1. David Huffman says:

      @Jeezus,Therein lies the problem What’s a Mexican American???Just like what’s an African American so forth and so on,you are either American or not,no matter your ethnicity.The only people who should be classified with two words are my ancestors on my mother’s side,Native Americans.I mean it’s like this,if you’re American you belong here,if you’re Mexican you belong in Mexico. Now,does that give you a bit of clarity?? It took me awhile bacause i believe that hispanic means that you belong in Mexico too.

  25. Eddie O. says:

    It all falls back on the parents. Obviously, they should have not had kids in the first place. But, they could have learned from example. Any way you look at it… it’s sad. I just wonder how many of the alleged rapists will be tested for HIV. Only thing worse than the victims getting pregnant… is a death sentence.

  26. witness says:

    actually all you guys need to stop running your mouths because you guys dont know what REALLY happend..i was there, i was a witness!she was all over them.&its stupid because if it was really “rape” she wouldn’t have gone to school the next day all happy doing her own thing.. showing off her tattoo’s to like everyoneee!she was a close friend to me. sad to see everyone hate her now because of this lie. she’s ruining there lives. they dont deserve this. if anything all they deserve is having sex with a minor &for giving her alcohol &whatever they found at their houses during the raidings. FREE STEVEN, RYAN, JOE.

    1. David Huffman says:

      Witness my A$$ you were there and saw what happened and did’nt try to do anything???? You’re guilty of part ,you’re guilty on the whole!!!!!

      1. WITNESS says:

        David Huffman if you knew the girl as well as i did you would know there’s no stopping her and there wasnt really anything i could do she doesnt listen to anyone.. & just to let all you guys know she’s starting to come out with the truth they just not believing her anymore.

    2. a5150k9 says:

      so having sex with a minor is ok i say give them life

  27. Primetime Editorials says:

    i cant wait to see them on lockup raw
    i bet they turn into little sissie punks and drop the soap as soon as they walk through the gates
    what a bunch nasty freaks

  28. lou says:

    typical dodger parking lot cholos.

  29. Duude says:

    Child rape won’t go over well with their homies in prison. These young thugs have a life of hell ahead of them. Their gang member status will not protect them in prison.

  30. David Huffman says:

    I would just like to know when American citizens of every race and ethnicity are going to start sending the message to go home to these animals and start rolling through their neighborhoods and shooting it up and raping and killing their people?? In other words FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE!!!!!!

  31. Monitor kids online activity says:

    I think every parent of a young teen need to know what their sons/daughters are doing online. Social networking has made it very easy for kids to be very deceptive to unsuspecting parents. Example, my 13 y.o. kid started acting very secretive about his online actions, so I demanded passwords and starting checking his facebook (which was set up without our approval). I was appalled about his actions as well as his many friends (most of who I don’t know). Most parents do not have a clue as to what their minor teen is up to. I agree with the above poster…Be A Parent. Don’t allow your kid to be harmed by these ruthless thugs.

  32. mexcrement says:

    all mexcrement rodents.

  33. malcom says:

    itrs only going to get worse for Whites. stay around the cities and beware of dangers.

  34. DigitalBob says:

    I saw it when jimmy Carter was president. A lax anything-goes president just like Obama and the weak-minded think they can get away with victimizing any one in any way thinkable. Combine that with throwing open the Mexican border, granting citizenship to any illegal alien who can sneak across and plop out a kid, and rolling out the welcome mat for every drug-addicted alcoholic vagrant who can steal enough money to get out there and you have California today: an overtaxed criminal cesspool where there once was a paradise.

    1. The Big Logic says:

      You’ve scored a Bullseye with that shot!

  35. Eric says:

    Thats what happens with underage drinking? they become adults very fast and the choices of all involved have caused pain and suffering to their families for years to come and the consequences of their actions are devastating .

  36. karla says:

    i think its pretty stupid of how these girls get sanctified when they are the ones accepting invites to house parties from strangers.


    i dont wish rape on anyone, but they know the consequences already. they have a lot of shows about this.

  37. 1944victoriam says:

    Gang members come in all colors ages and nationalities. Santa Paula is no different than any other city. Some parents care, some don’t. Some parents were gang members when they were younger and some weren’t. Bottom line is that the Police already knew them because of their gang affiliation and probably past crimes. They deserve to go to jail no matter how they were raised and by whom. Not all people with a bad home life commit crimes. This is the lifestyle these men chose and they will pay dearly for it. Maybe they can use their computer skills in prison to build a new life for themselves when they get out. Meanwhile GIRLS: don’t be so stupid, don’t go anywhere with a stranger, don’t meet up with people you meet online. You are NOT that desperate!

  38. Travis Mogren says:

    Listen chi voto, vatos locos kick your a s s into outer space remember..

  39. TexasForever says:

    Well let see Ek, Oseguera, Mendoza, Garcia, Gaona all fine American names.
    These are the names that the people like the Catholic Church protects.
    I guess these fine ” americans” were doing the rapes and other crimes that hard-working Americans won’t do!

  40. Robert Holiday says:

    These mexs are starting to act lak KneeGrows!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Rich Pilte says:

    7 more Democrats who wont be able to vote or go back to Mexico for Cinco Demayo

  42. WITNESS says:

    Just to fill you guys in. Joseph Sandoval was released yesterday with no charges. &Dion is out in 100 some days. &the rest of them are still waiting for their sentence. Case is looking good!truth’s finally coming out!

  43. marot says:

    Our next President must start shuttling this human garbage back across the border. This country does not need 30 million unskilled from south of the border, its time to go home.

  44. WITNESS says:

    Oh &the question about how many tattoo’s did the girl have. She had 3 on her butt. &1 heart on her hand. &the other girl that supposibly got raped from Oxnard, California was false she picked out the wrong guys!

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