LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The attorney for the man accused in the attack on a fan at Dodger Stadium said on Monday that his client could not be the man described by eyewitnesses because he did not have a shaved head until after the assault.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports the attorney for Giovanni Ramirez is working to retrieve a piece of video taken from an LAPD camera at an intersection that supposedly shows Ramirez had hair on April 1st.

Witnesses told police the main suspect in the attack on Brian Stow the day before had a shaved head.

But attorney Anthony Brooklier also said they’d be willing give authorities a DNA sample, while revealing something else in this case.

“The attacker left a palm print on the hood of a Mercedes,” Brooklier said. “After attacking Brian Stow, he stumbled and left a palm print.”

Brooklier said his client provided police with his palm prints to compare to the those of the suspect.

The attorney also said that Ramirez apparently shaved his head the day after the beating — inadvertently making him resemble the suspect in the sketches — because he didn’t’ have a clue the attack even happened.

“I think he had no interest in the game, he’s never been to a Dodger game,” said Brooklier. “He may not have even heard of the incident on April 1st.”

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