Attorney: Suspect Had Hair On Day Of Dodger Stadium Assault

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The attorney for the man accused in the attack on a fan at Dodger Stadium said on Monday that his client could not be the man described by eyewitnesses because he did not have a shaved head until after the assault.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports the attorney for Giovanni Ramirez is working to retrieve a piece of video taken from an LAPD camera at an intersection that supposedly shows Ramirez had hair on April 1st.

Witnesses told police the main suspect in the attack on Brian Stow the day before had a shaved head.

But attorney Anthony Brooklier also said they’d be willing give authorities a DNA sample, while revealing something else in this case.

“The attacker left a palm print on the hood of a Mercedes,” Brooklier said. “After attacking Brian Stow, he stumbled and left a palm print.”

Brooklier said his client provided police with his palm prints to compare to the those of the suspect.

The attorney also said that Ramirez apparently shaved his head the day after the beating — inadvertently making him resemble the suspect in the sketches — because he didn’t’ have a clue the attack even happened.

“I think he had no interest in the game, he’s never been to a Dodger game,” said Brooklier. “He may not have even heard of the incident on April 1st.”


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  1. Atom&Yves says:


  2. Rick says:

    Yeah, and I possess 3 balls and 2 sticks.

    This A-Hole was wearing a Dodgers Hat when he committed a recent crime in Nevada. You gotta love Defense Attorneys.

  3. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

    His attorney keeps saying he has no interest in the Dodgers, yet WHY is he wearing all that Dodgers attire?! Makes NO sense! And how can someone prove he had hair at a certain date and time? Pictures aren’t reliable; they can be doctored and the date stamp can be altered. A receipt isn’t reliable because lots of people get salon treatment without actually having their hair cut. This “excuse” is totally BOGUS!

  4. citizen says:

    IF it don’t fit you must aquit. Shaved head vs. non shaved head. One picture is worth how many words? two not guilty.

  5. Fool the jurers! says:

    Being a criminal defense attorney is BIG business. Imagine if they could get this guys off! What a testimonial to put up on the website! People would certainly pay more for an attorney of such calibur!

    Cast doubt . . cast doubt . . cast doubt . . .then the jury pool will be confused, and he’ll get off because they couldn’t decalre GUILT with 100 percent certainty. Then, we have OJ all over again.

    You guys see it? You see the tactic?

  6. City top cop says:

    Beck has already pushed to have this guy found guilty in the publics eye, so there would be no way he would get a fair trial in this county weather he is guilty or not.

  7. Core says:

    Charge him with adw, then hold a secret grand jury to indict him, then have a press conference about how he could of possible been the guy and you have just saved face with the stow family

  8. adolfo says:

    Hopefully Brian Stow comes out of his coma and identifies this POS! What will the defense say then? And to use his daughter as the scapegoat, poor girl has a guy with no future as a dad and has his terrible genetics by no choice of her own. The mom should go to jail for even conceiving a kid with this loser that I am sure we support with our tax dollars. They are hoping he gets off so they can sue the city and hit the “lottery”! I hope they throw the book at him!

  9. Joe says:

    This case has too much media coverage to just sweep under the rug.
    If the LAPD does not solve this they are going to look like a big bunch of Bozo’s.
    (Even worse than they did before this.) They say he did it but, they won’t charge with the crime. Whats up!!! Get your act together LAPD. You are being judged by the people of LA on this one. If you can’t do your job get someone in there that can.
    20 detectives working 24 hours a day and nothing but a suspect you will not charge with the crime?

  10. Sigerson says:

    The car that Ramirez and girlfriend used to check in to the hotel is it white?
    Find the car and associate him with the vehicle it will make for a stronger case. Does the girlfriend resemble the woman that drove the get-away-car?
    Do any of the people supporting him resemble the the second suspect, the woman or the kid?

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