LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The LAPD is convinced they have their man. Giovanni Ramirez is their prime suspect in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow on opening day at Dodgers Stadium.

Tonight, for the first time since Ramirez was arrested almost two weeks ago, his nine-year-old daughter met with reporters and said she could provide her father an alibi.

She says her dad was no where near Dodger Stadium on opening day, or any other day for that matter.

His daughter said her father doesn’t even like sports.

Friday evening, the little girl standing behind a phalanx of microphones spoke in a steady voice. She was accompanied by her mother who also maintains Giovanni Ramirez is telling the truth when he says he was not involved in the beating.

The girl and her mother have both been interrogated by police.

During the news conference, the daughter also said she was angry because she believes her father has been treated unfairly by police and media.

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  1. brian berg says:

    this is not the first time that lapd caught the wrong guy.
    remember the release of an innocent man who served over 20 yrs for nothing.
    they should gather more evidences instead of using the witnesses and interogating everyday people.
    someone should do something.
    as a lawyer, i call this case ridiculous

    no proof means over
    lie detectors-not enough to proove
    its better to forgive than to take an innocent to jail for something he didnt do

    1. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      Dang, as a lawyer, brian berg, you sure sound uneducated. I’d be worried if you were ever on my case. Don’t they make lawyers take and pass college courses anymore?

      1. john says:

        There is NO way Brian Berg is a lawyer. He writes like a first grader.

      2. Josh Butts says:

        Brian Berg can’t be a Lawyer if he doesn’t know how to use Capital Letters before each sentence.

    2. Mike says:

      Brian, that’s why you’re an attorney, you have no brains. Go back to your little square office at the ACLU and let the LAPD do thrie work…..LOSER!

    3. WAKE UP DOUBTER says:

      The defense attorneys are probably ambulence-chasers . . . casting doubt to get themselves in the media. Much the same as in the OJ case. We all knew he was guilty. . . .so did the attorneys.

      This is probably the “right” guy . . being used by the attorneys to self-promote.

      The public defenders would not be devoting so much time on this, and I doubt this guy has the funds for a private . . .

      Just saying.

      We are all being played and fed doubt.

    4. greg says:

      Brian, evidences = evidence proove = prove didnt = didn’t i = I …. doesn’t your mom’s computer have punctuation those are periods, commas, etc. If you’re going to lie at least know how to spell, moron

  2. Rick says:

    As a Lawyer how much “evidences” have you gathered in your practice?

  3. amc says:

    I agree. I’m sorry to say but, I think they have the wrong man and they’re looking for a scapegoat. The sketch looks nothing like him. I don’t see the resemblance at all. I’ve seen lots of white, and filipino males that also look like the sketch. If he’s innocent it will be a damn shame on the LAPD.

    1. joe says:

      I Agree,, I’m sure the suspect isn’t the most upstanding citizen. He is a parolee, he has an act for finding trouble. But I think this is more of the D.A and LAPD wanting to find and easy outlet for a suspect. If he is guilty, fry him. But if you don’t have any evidence besides a sketch that remotely resembles him (Mexican guy with short hair and tattoos) which is half of LA, do the right thing and let him go.

  4. Ian says:

    considering how…general….the sketches were, it is highly likely they’ve got the wrong man.

  5. CEBU-RICK says:

    just look at the dude all tat-ed up they have the right guy im sure IF IT LOOKS LIKE, WALKS LIKE AND TALKS LIKE A DUCK ill call it a duck THE DUDE DID IT AND HIS KID IS TELLIN LIES TO COVER HIS SORRY TAIL

    1. THE TRUTH says:

      You are ignorant and gullible if you think this guy did it, he passed both lie detector tests, they have the wrong guy. I have seen dudes around L.A. that look exactly like the sketch… DAILY! Trust me, i wish it was this guy, but if he goes to prison, the real attacker is out there, celebrating. The LAPD pigs messed up and they’re trying to clean up their own mess. The real perp is LONG gone by now. P.O.S incompetent pig Beck should be fired.

      1. cebu_rick says:

        when and where did anyone say he PASSED a lie detector test??

      2. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

        Yeah, I don’t recall reading in ANY article regarding this case that Ramirez passed the polygraphs. What have you been smoking, THE TRUTH?

      3. Mike says:

        Hey Truth,

        You sound like a very upstanding citizen. Listen to the way you talk, and you expect people to believe what comes out of your mouth. Sounds like someone got in trouble with the LAPD. Why don’t you grow up. I would love to see you talk to Beck like that in person. You don’t have a hair on your a## to do it. MORON!

    2. Sistagirl Young says:

      I bet every proscuting attorney alive wants you in his “jury” pool.

  6. Loop Pool says:

    This guys daughter is not a very good alibi. I want to know what happed with both the line up and the polygraph tests. These defense attorneys are not doing a very good job if this man is innocent, and even worse if hes guilty.

    1. Mike says:

      ALL the witnesses pick him out of the lineup. He did, and i hope he goes to prison for a long time, because that’s exactly where he belongs.

  7. Marco says:

    I think they have the wrong guy. But they still have a felon who violated parole.

    So he’s still gonna do some time because he is a criminal.

    They jus need to locate and aprehend the actual ones responsible.

    This man still isn’t a Saint.

  8. mikey says:

    He’s also wanted in Nevada for questioning on a murder.

  9. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

    This little girl doesn’t want her daddy to go to prison, which is the reason SHE IS LYING! His family has scripted her and has made her feel that it’ll be her fault if he does go to jail. YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYTHING ANY RAMIREZ CONNECTION SAYS!

  10. Yoz says:

    Mr. Berg,
    Could it be possible that the little girl is lying? The only other thing they have is his wife saying it isn’t him…..and there is no way a gang bangers wife would lie, right?

  11. CC says:

    I definitely wouldnt be influenced by his familys testimony on his behalf, because they wouldnt want their loved one to go to prison. what daughter wants to see her daddy go away for a really long time? there woould be a lot of motivation not to be totally honest!

  12. Sistagirl Young says:

    Worst case scenario; Ramirez is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. What then become of the daughter and her “testimony”? Since she wasn’t sworn in I don’t think they can get her on a perjury beef. But then again.

  13. Eric says:

    Knowing the LAPD they probably have the wrong dude.

  14. Honey Child says:

    Ramirez is the right man. The sketch looks just like him. When they find him guilty all the people on this comment thread are gonna feel like @$$e$. Lol!

    1. Josh Butts says:

      That sketch looks like any gangster thug Latino in LA. There are wanna be gangsters in my H.S. year book from 15 years ago that look like those sketches! The sketch looks like a “rounder face” guy, where the suspect has a slimmer look.

  15. KD says:

    Summons the school atendance records to see if the child was in school THAT day…check the Stadium films on opening day, to see if anyone looking like the girl was at game…check to see if anyone has sold an SUV matching the one at game to see if 1 was sold by the mother of the lil girl…or a friend in the same area…Ask the tattoo artist “what TAT ” was covered up…
    And “IF” he had hair , WHY IN GODS NAME does he shave head to LOOK like the guy the police are looking for?…and oh ya ..he is on parole and wanted in Henderson NV for a crime there as well.hmmmmm ya he is innocent ..so was OJ…..

  16. Jim Gates says:

    no ones mentioned a dna test . do a dna on the suspect and on brians lost blood if brian was beat up like he was he would lose blood and this would prove once an for all it mr ramirez is guilty or not.

  17. Sunny30 says:

    Did anyone see the interview on the news last night? It was very strange and the little girl’s story made no sense. I have no idea why her mother would agree to the interview. Guilty or not, I would think a parent would want to keep his or her child out of the media spot light.

  18. Common sense says:

    All u have to do is lookup phone records of where he was that day. Case closed.

  19. Marco says:

    Lol…this is becoming a Circus.

    Is Brian Stowe awake yet?

  20. c-gas says:

    “She was with me and he did something”. This little girl was coached. Notice how the mom of the daughter never really denied anything. I can’t believe they would even acknowledge the credibility of a litlle girl. Hispanics are great liars and they will do anything to save their own. Even coach a little girl into lying. “Mira mija. We will give you this burrrito. Pero lie for your dad, eh.” Bunch of dried vomit.

  21. Mike Smith says:

    So when is the Giovanni Ramirez bobblehead giveaway @ dodger stadium. LOL

  22. ART says:

    Well it looks lie Gloria Allred will have that little girl sitting on a phone book at a news conference announcing that they are fileing a lawsuit against that taxpayers because Gloria knows if it goes to trial that illegals will be on the juror and of course the illegal immigrant jurors will vote for a fellow illegal.

  23. Josh Butts says:

    I would like to know how none of the witnesses didn’t notice his big ass tattoo on his neck. That’s why I think they have the wrong guy. If this guy beat Stow then why did no one see the tattoo on his neck? The police are probably going to try to convict him just to bring closure to the Stow family, LAPD, Dodgers, and LA. Then they consider the case closed and no more valuable resources and man power will be used, while the real attacker is still out there.

    1. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      Josh BUTTS – Did you read the article when Ramirez was arrested that said he ADDED tattoos to his body to try and cover up the ones he had so his identification would be altered? Geez, people should read BEFORE they speak so as to avoid looking IGNORANT.

  24. People Person says:

    Please someone tell that daughter to shut the hell up.. Like we would believe anyone of those family members..

  25. People Person says:

    Please someone tell that daughter to shut the hell up!!.. Like we would believe anyone of those family members of thug gang bangers…

    1. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      Seriously, right?

  26. WAKE UP DOUBTERS says:

    The defense attorneys are probably ambulence-chasers . . . casting doubt to get themselves in the media. Much the same as in the OJ case. We all knew he was guilty. . . .so did the attorneys.

    This is probably the “right” guy . . being used by the attorneys to self-promote.

    The public defenders would not be devoting so much tinme on this, and I doubt this guy has the funds for a private . . .

    Just saying.

    We are all being played and fed doubt.

  27. brian says:

    as long as a mexican fries who cares about justice?

    white media makes me sick.

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