SANTA ANA (CBS) — Santa Ana police Friday arrested man for allegedly raping his girlfriend’s 8-year-old daughter.

Javier Resendiz, 34, was booked on suspicion of raping a juvenile, with bail set at $100,000, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

The girl’s mother called police about 11 p.m. Thursday and alleged that Resendiz had been having sex with her daughter. She alleged that Resendiz induced her daughter into sex acts by showing the child video of him having sex with the mother, Bertagna said.

Police picked up Resendiz for questioning, seized his Blackberry and were able to confirm the video of Resendiz and the mother existed on the device, the corporal said. He did not know if any incriminating video existed of Resendiz and the girl.

The crimes allegedly occurred at the girl’s home in the 1000 block of W. Civic Center Drive.

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Comments (35)
  1. Really says:

    He should be executed.

    1. jenniferG says:

      oopss did not mean to report i wanted to comment First on the bail amount being less than the 150,000 bail on drug charges for some… see the things that people do to children are coward and mindless sick and out of humanity as far as i can see sociaty is slowly losing its sanity to allow these individuals back into the population again ever!!!!!!! We are not protecting these children as parents , grandparents , teachers, and law enforcement we really need to watch our kids more and pay more attention to the things and people around them,,,, Why are we allowing such sick individuals near our next generation?????? And what happens when rape and broken trust are the only things left for these children to build on?

  2. mike d says:

    put him in a court, convict him then take him outback and execute him. we shouldnt pay 40k a year to house him for life or 20 years til he gets executed. hes not worth 5 bucks let alone a possible 800k

    1. Dan says:

      He won’t be executed. Rape is not considered a capitol offence .

  3. rjsmitty says:

    Jaime de la Vega ?

  4. sammy says:

    wow saw the picture and said to myself “not surprising” seriously, what is wrong with these people?! and yes I agree; he should be executed.

  5. motherof4 says:

    This is a very sick man….why in the Hell would you want to hurt an innocent child?? As far as the racist comments about Mexicans…What does that have to do with a man who raped a child?? If you look on Megan’s Law you will find just as many White, Black, Mexican and Asian men who commit these crimes. There is no color or gender when it comes to a pedophile…So parents watch your children and trust NO ONE!!!

  6. motherof4 says:

    How dare you say she totally wanted it when she was an 8 year old child who had no choice and was raped….you must have no heart.

  7. sick and tired of predators says:

    Punishment for rapist or molesters of any sort on any human being or animal should be changed and correct. Any person who commits these heinous crimes should 1. if a man shall be castrated and thrown in prison 50 years and be fined 80 percent of his/her assets 2. If the women is a perpetrator let her be thrown in the men’s prison and be fined 80 percent of his/her assets. American laws are too leinent and need to be amended to protect the vulnerable. If law makers are support these acts, laws will not change…law makers may be committing these same acts…lets protect our children and speak up and create a safer place for our kids

    1. Kevin says:

      So, no type of mutilation for women? Nice logic. Then again its not like you had any to begin with.

      1. Dorthea says:

        I searched six cities that i have lived in for 6 months or longer on the ‘Megan’s Law’ site…and of those six cities…not a SINGLE woman was registered as a sex offender, unless you count the one tranny crackhead I saw.
        No need for you to be all sensitive about the obvious imbalance in these ‘suggested’ modes of punishment.
        Besides…what the hell makes you think that throwing a woman into a men’s penitentiary would not be an equal punishment? I direct your attention to my first sentence.

  8. Bring the law makers down says:

    Tim, you absolutely right…hence the severity of the punishment. Law makers dont care about kids…they care about their sick selves…they are enabling such behaviors…contract ur represenatives….

    1. phil says:

      Use…periods…they are not….your enemy…

  9. richie kotzen says:

    you all do not even know if this is all true.. could be false allegation by a sick lying woman for revenge.. if its true then yeah “bobbitize” him..

    1. Jackie says:

      I agree with Richie. Why was there a video of the mother and the boyfriend on his Blackberry? Who took it? And if a man were to seduce a little girl, why would he show her a video of him and her mother (as the mother alleged)? I’m all for putting away child molesters, but this story is a little bit fishy. Let’s be true Americans–and believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty; otherwise go to a country where they believe the opposite.

    2. anon says:

      Indeed. Put our society is rife with imbeciles and incompetents that have no logic and base all there thought on emotions.

  10. adolfo says:

    He looks like an illegal and lives in Santa Ana, therefore he is illegal. Deport him after you chop his tool off! They should tape his castration and make him watch it!

    1. INS says:

      With a name like “Adolfo” you must be an illegal too! You need to be deported immediately!

      1. Joseph says:

        why r u so upset about Adolfo calling the rapist an illegal? are u illegal too! INS u r an illegal, take ur a** back 2 Mexico! how did u come into the US?

      2. ADOLFO says:

        My name is Adolfo and I am a PROUD US citizen, you should think before you talk…. or in this instance before you type. Don’t be so judgmental idiot ! You know what they say about people who assUme right?

  11. Keith Banks says:

    Imagine what these sick disgusting Mexicans are doing to children over in Tijuana and Mexico where their are no laws.

  12. Matt says:

    Well, I guess now he’ll know what it’s like to get raped. Hope it was worth it, pal.

  13. MT says:

    Shut up, Keith Banks. You bigot!

    1. Sam Aranda says:

      Ah, let him be. Although I do agree that this rapist should have a rapid path to execution, Keith is just showing symptoms of the once majority, becoming the new minority.

      Simple demographics… He has yet to face up to.

  14. shey says:

    I think he needs to be beat, raped, and locked up in mexicaqn jail!!!!!!!!!!! go back!!!!! to MEXICO!!!!!!

  15. Denise Groves says:

    cut his d**k off! and these mothers are going to have to be careful regarding the men they allow around their children. not all men can be trusted around your children. check him out, investigate.

  16. Get a soul says:

    Why do you use the pain of a child to justify your bigotry it’s sick. Children are harmed horribly by perverts of all races every day channel your energy towards hating that. Your bigotry just takes away from the point of how horrible it is for a child to suffer and points the finger at how horrible it is that you are using your freedom of speech to spread such disgusting messages. Go find a KKK forum to post on.

  17. vicky sanchez says:

    what a creap!!!

  18. Mothman says:

    “There is no color or gender when it comes to a pedophile…”

    Yes there are – Blacks and Mexicans are more likely to commit child abuse than Whites or Asians. Look up the facts, BIGOT.

    1. Dorthea says:

      Well my own personal ‘Megan’s’ site search turned up 7 in my neighborhood. 3 whites, 3 browns and 1 black.
      Wonder what yours would reveal…or whether you’d be honest about your findings…or distort the info to support your personal brand of racism…
      Guess what; every single supposed ‘race’ or ethnic group is made up of ‘people’…and ‘people’ all have the potential to commit ‘evil’ acts.
      Or are you unable to see this from your perfect perch upon Mount Perfection where you stroke your chin all day, staring at your Professor Perfect degrees…
      Maybe you need to get out more, Professor. Travel. Read a damn book.

    2. Dorthea says:

      …an update…just so I’m sure to avoid hypocrisy here,..I was presumptuous about the respective ethnicity of the seven males …after clicking on each profile, I learned that there were actually 4 Whites, 1 Brown, 1 Black and 1 listed as ‘Other’ whom I would presume to be Philippine or perhaps Laotian.
      I chose two other cities where I have spent more than 6 months living. Turns out, the ‘whitest’ city of all listed more registrants than the predominantly hispanic neighborhood that I recently moved from. And no they were not mostly so-called ‘minorities’…it was long list of mostly creepy old ‘white’ dudes….
      “FACT check on aisle two….”

  19. VAGiNA LiPS says:

    Put the man in an electric chair with Los Zetas and burn ’em ALL!

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