THOUSAND OAKS (AP) — Navy SEALs are especially popular after the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hide out in Pakistan, so imagine the patriotic pride when a man in a SEALs uniform showed up at a Ventura County school for a “Thank You Soldiers” tribute.

But it turns out Salhem Dreasden, who wore the SEALs lieutenant uniform to the Ladera Elementary School event in Thousand Oaks last week, was a fake. The military says Dreasden never served in the Navy.

The Ventura County Star says Dreasden was wearing a Navy uniform with his last name, the words “SEAL TEAM,” the trident pin insignia of the elite unit and lieutenant bars.

Federal law prohibits the unauthorized wearing of a military uniform.

Dreasden, a friend of a parent at the school, could not be reached for comment.

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Comments (14)
  1. jo4210 says:

    As a retired Naval Officer, I am upset with this man posing as a Navy Seal He ought to be ashamed of what he did. Presenting yourself as a fake infront of adoring young children is abhoring. He ought to have his head examined. Navy Seals like other military personnel all have SERVED this country of ours, with honor, pride, dignity and should be respected. Emulated, but not be a subject of something foolish like this.

  2. Mike Schieffer says:

    He is SO inviting an ass kicking……

  3. Nick says:

    What a Tool Bag! His horrible salute is worth a thousand words! We ought to let him loose in a room full of REAL Navy Seals.

  4. dfADF says:

    Maybe he’s pals with the Supreme Commander of the fake Army unit.

  5. Shirley says:

    shame on him….unfortunately there are many similar stories, shame on them ALL!!

  6. Proud Veteran says:

    So obviously out of place there with REAL service members. The penalty for such fakery should be a requirement to serve a term in the particular service that was misrepresented. The option would be to spend an equivalent time in federal prison.

  7. ArmyStud says:

    Guys like this make me sick.. I served U.S Army 88 to 97 Infantry..

  8. spitfire says:

    its SEAL not Seal !!

    1. jo4210 says:

      We stand corrected. Thanks for the pickup.

  9. Mark says:

    What a toolbag…loser.

  10. hus says:

    The liberal 9th Circuit Court decided lying about military service was not a crime. Their reasoning was “Who does it hurt?” Perhaps that why I am not a liberal. Vietnam vet, 68-69

  11. says:

    how come the principal did not check first, maybe he’s a parolee, sex offender

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