HUNTINGTON BEACH (AP) The city of Huntington Beach is offering traffic school to bicyclists who break the law and get ticketed.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the local police department now offers cyclists the option of bike traffic school instead of going to court and paying fines.

Lt. Russell Reinhart says the Adult Bicycle Safety Program takes two hours and is offered by the police at City Hall.

The cost is $50, with a waiver of other fees and fines.

State law fines bikers who violate traffic laws the same amount as motorists but bike violations don’t go on driving records.

Data between 2008 and 2010 in Huntington Beach show that bikers are at fault in two-thirds of collisions between bikes and cars.

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Comments (3)
  1. TOBY says:

    Well looks like the cops will only issue tickets to certain kind of people. The people that they do not like.

    I got a DUI over there. I was sober but just smelled like alcohol. So they took me to jail and had to wake up my friend because he was completely. He was passed out in the passenger seat so the cops woke him up and told him to drive home. He was stumbling but the cops did not care. They just care about arresting a certain kind of person.

  2. gary says:

    Ah yes organized crime at it best! What makes Huntington Beach think they have the authority? This is nothing more than extortion! You get a ticket you go to court that the way it works, not hey look pay us and we’ll forget about the whole thing and we keep the money! I live in Huntington Beach and it appears i need to leave before the Gustapo tries to rail road me into frivolous fines to pay they’re less than earned exorbitant salaries ! Watch the writing of bike tickets go through the roof!

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