WESTLAKE VILLAGE (CBS) — Four high school seniors were expelled from Westlake High, weeks before graduation, after they allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage to school property.

According to the Thousand Oaks Police Department, students James Helo, Waziya Dupris, Kevin Post, and Kyle Clements were arrested after reportedly vandalizing the classroom of government teacher, Christina Harrison, in May.

Photos show the classroom was egged and covered with trash, urine, condoms and manure. Officials say the classroom’s “Wall of Valor,” honoring students who have served in the military, was also destroyed.

Harrison told CBS 2 that all four of the suspects were her former students.

The suspect also allegedly broke two windows in the school’s new multi-million dollar Carpenter Family Theatre.

Damages were estimated to be around $12,000.

Authorities say the teenage suspects could face felony vandalism and commercial burglary charges and jail time. The teens are expected to be arraigned in a Ventura County courtroom early next week.

Westlake High School’s principal, Ron Lipari, and Conejo Valley School District Superintendent Jeff Baarstad were unreachable for comment.

Comments (10)
  1. rjsmitty says:

    Young Libs gone wild ?

  2. Phiilip says:

    Quick! Mommy & Daddy…make this go away.

  3. Jeezus says:

    seems like an act of treason to destroy a “Wall of Valor”. They should not deserve redemption. You cant fix people willing to destroy everything around them that’s worthwhile.

  4. Giovanni Ramirez - In jail still says:

    You see folks, even in a conservative and predominate white suburban up scale city of Westlake Village; white kids can also commit violent and hatful crimes. I wonder if the parents have any violent crimes in their past? What does this tell us about our society as a whole?

    1. rjsmitty says:

      Thats because they bus in these low lifes from your area.

      1. wow says:

        Actually, I know these kids and they live in the area. They acted like a bunch of morons. If I can recall correctly, they don’t bus in kids to Westlake HS and if they do, it’s not many. What are you trying to imply by saying “your area” and what would possess you to say that?

  5. Boo Rich Kids says:

    Very sad. These students have such a nice school . . . such nice things . . . and they trash it, like it means nothing.

    Show some class.

  6. bertie says:

    Up the dosages of Adderol in Westlake HS students milk Stat!

  7. Mike says:

    Unbelievable, this was my school and in my day little pranks were big news and didn’t cause damage. It is a good thing though because they will be removed from the gene pool of a great school. They’re lives have been ruined over a stupid prank.

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