Immigration Authorities Add 1,300 Beds For Southland Detainees

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Immigration authorities will add another 1,300 beds to detain suspected illegal immigrants in Southern California.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday announced an agreement for a facility in the city of Adelanto to create more bed space in a region where a substantial number of immigrants are detained.

The city is partnering with Boca Raton, Fla.-based The GEO Group to oversee the facility.

Immigration authorities have been expanding detention space in Southern California. Last year, authorities inked an agreement with Orange County to start using roughly 830 beds that were previously used by inmates in the county jails.

Immigration authorities say they are trying to cut down on transfers of detainees, which have been criticized by advocates trying to represent the immigrants in court.

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  • The Mad Man

    What? Prisons are overcrowded, budget cuts and increased crime and we make beds for immigrants. Whats wrong with this picture? ‘Suspected illegal immigrants’

  • mitzi

    all illegal aliens in America should be executed

  • Robert

    Racist trash continue smoking your meth pipe. You only post racist comments here but you won’t say your racist comments in peoples faces. Ohhh by the way go check your mailbox your unemployment check may be there

    • Everyday Guy

      Robert, please put your leaf blower down and listen to reason. Americans are not against legal immigrants, we are a nation of laws and we do not like people who violate our laws. Why can’t your people apply to live here legally? Why aren’t you equally angry at our southern neighbors who care so little for their own people thus forcing them to flee? Lesson over, you may now pick up your leaf blower and get back to work.

    • Realist

      Roberto, where exactly do you want to meet me and the immigration officers ?
      Don’t forget to bring your whole familia :)

  • Realist

    What is wrong with making a tent city in Adelanto, if it works for Arizona inmates it’s good enough for illegal immigrants too :)

    The cost of illegal immigrants to California.

  • Terry

    Roberto we can’t say it to your face because you will shoot or stab us. Just one of the million reasons we need to kick you and your fifty brothers and sisters out of the country.

  • Jeff

    There is a lot of nice soft sand between LA & Vegas let them sleep there.

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