ONTARIO (CBS) — Ontario police Wednesday night announced they have arrested the son and daughter of 51-year-old murder suspect Carmen Montenegro, a woman they previously took into custody after they said they caught her, in the act, pushing a trash bin containing cut up human remains.

Police said Montenegro has refused to talk to them and won’t tell them who the cut up body parts belong to. They also said one of the woman’s ex-boyfriends was reported missing last month.

The missing ex has now been identified as 63-year-old Samuel Wiggins Jr. of Diamond Bar. He was last seen by relatives on May 1, 2011.

Last night, police searching three locations in three different counties, said they discovered a crime scene at Wiggins’ home. Wiggins lives in the 23700 block of Meadow Fall Drive.

Today, Ontario police investigating a residence in Bell Gardens said they found more human remains buried in two large flower pots delivered to the location by Montenegro and her son.

Wiggins’  entire body has now been recovered, according to authorities.

Ontario detectives said that during the course of their investigation, they believed Montenegro’s 25-year-old son, Daniel Ortiz of Riverside, and her 26-year old daughter, Chantel Alicia Ortiz, also of Riverside, were complicit.

Both were arrested around 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, said officials. They have been charged as accessories to murder.

Detectives said the investigation is on-going. They asked anyone with information about the case to call Detective Al Parra at (909) 395-2752.


  1. Anthonyd Smith says:

    A family affair. Or should we call them ” a cut above the rest?” or, the family that slays together, stays together?

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