WEST COVINA (CBS) — A woman dropped off her newborn son at a fire station in Winnetka, marking the second such “safe surrender” case this year in Los Angeles County.

County Supervisor Don Knabe says the mother surrendered the infant to firefighters at Fire Station 104 on Sunday after giving birth at home.

The child is in protective custody, and will be placed with a family approved for adoption by the Department of Children and Family Services.

“The Safe Surrender program was created to give mothers a safe, secure and anonymous way to get their child into safe hands and to protect babies from abandonment,” Knabe said. “Thanks to the program, this baby boy has a second chance at life and hope for a bright future.”

He is the 85th child to be surrendered since the program was initiated by Knabe and approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2001.

Under the program, someone can surrender an infant that is no more than three days old, as long as there is no sign of abuse.

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Comments (8)
  1. katie says:

    good for her! this baby now has a chance at life! Better then a dumpster!!!! we need to praise people who use this program for its intended purpose!

  2. FTBroadnax says:

    I glad the mother had an option that gives her baby a chance at life. I hope the baby finds a good home and I wish the birthmother success with her life.

  3. Betty says:

    This has had to be one of the hardest decisions for this woman.. I’m sure your baby thanks you and I along with a lot of people thank you..
    Best of luck to you in whatever the future holds…

  4. Cindy says:

    “SAFE SURRENDER” what? o.k. o.k. so you didn’t tell her name but, the rest has been told. this womens rights have been violated. she as like the rest of the world have been told about this new great thing if you don’t want your baby, you can now drop it off at the local fire station “no questions asked” n did someone fail to tell the rest of the world that no questions asked, does not exclude your story being BLASTED all over the internet,News Papers, TV local New channels. I’m sorry but in my opinion, thats F@@ked up. IIt doesn’t take a rockewt scientist for her neighbors,friends,coworkers, to figure it out. yesterday she was pregnant today she’s not and the pregnant mother came from where? West covina to drop her baby off in winnetka so she would not be seen by anyone she knows. I think she should sue for what ever and everything she can. I too hope for the best for the baby, but, poor thing doesn’t have a chance in life as far as social stuff as everyone already knows her mom”didn’t want her/him”. I feel for both the birth mom and child there rights have been so violated. I’m almost embarrassed to call my self a US CItizen right now.

    1. SoCalGal says:

      You shouldn’t call yourself a US citizen if you’re embarrassed. But I want you to think about the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in who’s memory you celebrated yesterday that gave their lives so you could say that….shame on you.

    2. Tom says:

      They should have done a complete DNA makup on this woman. Who know what genetic problems she carries. Better to know now than later. As for trying to sue? she’s lucky this program is in effect or she would face child abandonment charges or possibly even worse.
      She should have used birth control in the first place. Now someone else will have to pick up the tab for rasing this kid. That’s about a quarter mill down the drain.

  5. barry says:

    If she knew she wasn’t going to keep it, why didn’t she have an abortion? They’re legal for a reason.

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