MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — Barbra Streisand says she understands that California has to sell her donated 22-acre Malibu ranch to help balance the state budget but hopes the buyer will preserve its “special habitat.”

The singer released a statement last week about Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to put Ramirez Canyon and other state-owned properties up for sale.

Streisand donated the property to California and the state’s Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in 1993. It contains rolling meadows, creeks and custom homes.

Streisand wanted the property that was valued at $15 million to become an environmental conference and study center.

However, the conservancy scrapped those plans, angering Streisand.

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Comments (7)
  1. Onclewillie says:

    The land belongs to the state? Then who cares if Streisand approves or not?

    You know if it was a Republican governor that was putting her FORMER estate up for sale, she would have gone berserk.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Who cares what this hook nose, crossed eyed Jew b*^^h has to say. Her career is circling the toilet so she gets her name in the news.

  2. Carlos Cuevas says:

    What is it about “Donated” that this broad does not understand? Does she really believe that once she “donates” something she should have any say in what happens to it? What a pill…..

  3. Fairness says:

    She had to make a comment. All of the papers have stories on the property that she donated . . . the press wanted a statement.

    She is basically saying that she is not going to judge or negatively comment on what California is doing with the donated property.

    She is taking the high road.

    There is nothing to criticize her about.

  4. Linda says:

    Onclewillie you are an IDIOT. When someone gives something from the goodness of their heart, with the understanding it will be preserved, then that is what should happen. Bless you Barbara Streisand, you are TOP SHELVE CLASS.

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