Storage Room Fire Flares Up Again At Dodger Stadium


LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A fire was reported just before dawn Monday at Dodger Stadium in the same storage area that caught fire Saturday night.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks Reports

The fire in an upper-deck storage room built out of cinder blocks was reported at 5:04 a.m. and put out within 15 minutes.

A fire broke out in the same storage room Saturday night as the Dodgers played the Florida Marlins.

Los Angeles fire spokesman Erik Scott said it appeared the fire rekindled.

“This appears to be a small smoldering fire from the previous fire,” he said. “There is no indication this was a separate fire.”

Saturday’s fire was reported at 8:47 p.m. and put out in about 20 minutes by 41 firefighters.

The Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies tonight.

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  • fed up

    Another feeble attempt by McCrack to burn down the stadium for the insurance money. Honestly, how many fires have taken place at Doyer stadium since it was built?

    • Baseball girl

      and he can’t even do that right……….
      I can’t remember ANY fires there and I have been going to the stadium since the day it opened.

  • Rick

    They are cooking the $1.00 Dodger Dogs early!

    • Hayden Sherman

      It costs $1.00 to make them but because McCourt is so greedy he decides to sell them to us for $7.00 a dog and they suck now.

  • Jessie Geronimo

    Q: How many LAFD fire fighters does it take to put out a small fire?

    A: Apparently more than 41

    • Hayden Sherman

      JESSIE YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FIREFIGHTING SO DO EVERYONE ELSE A FAVOR AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. We send more firefighters than we need most of the time because if the fire takes off and gets worse we already have the extra resources on scene to handle it. If they weren’t there and the fire got worse we would have to call for more resources and wait for 5-10 min. for them to show up while the property burns out of control. ANY QUESTIONS JESSIE JUST ASK?

      • Mel Gibson

        c’mon. 41 firefighters to put out 1 small fire. Even 3 or 4 could do that. If they are Firefighters then why would it escalate. No wonder L. A. is going Broke.
        You guys are not only enept at putting out fires you can’t even think straight.

    • lacrossestar83

      but how many of ’em made it back to the stations after having to brave that parking lot?



  • Mel

    you should really get back on your meds. I am sure that your loved ones really worry about you. I know it’s not your fault, but please get help soon. before ti’s too late,

    • Hayden Sherman

      Viva Arizona keep that stuff to yourself bro. It is talk like that that will get you hurt or killed. You are just asking for trouble

  • Windmill

    I Worked At The Dodger Stadium In The Past . I Hope It’s Not The Little Room Under The Grandstands Where Mr. Vincent Scully At One Time Did His Homework . ( Doghouse )

    • me

      Ummm…. Is that the title of your next book? Or should it read: I worked at Dodger Stadium in the past. I hope it’s not the little room under the grandstands where Mr. Vincent Scully at one time did his homework (Doghouse).

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  • JustBurnBaby

    Is anyone watching FRANK to see if these fires are just maybe FRANK buring the pre-nups? He can’t pay the team so he desides to burn the house down and collect insurance cash in HIS NAME only……
    Pretty sure this ISN’T what he meant when he said the teams bats need to get hot…..

  • Bring Joe Arapaio to L.A.

    Put all the hispanics that go to Dodger stadium and THEN light the room on fire.

  • Go LA County Fire Dept.

    A rekindle? Way to go LAFD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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