ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — PBS officials say hackers have cracked the network’s website. The hackers apparently posted a phony story claiming dead rapper Tupac Shakur was alive in New Zealand.

PBS confirmed early Monday morning on its official Twitter account that the website had been hacked. The phony story had been taken down as of Monday morning. It had been posted on the site of the “PBS Newshour” program.

PBS officials did not immediately respond to phone and email messages.

A tweet from the “Newshour” Twitter account said: “If you missed it: our site has been accessed by hackers. Thanks for staying with us.”

A group calling itself LulzSec claimed responsibility and posted links to other hacks, including a video apparently taunting the network. Taunting messages were also posted on the group’s Twitter page.

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  1. Saber 1 says:

    He’s dead, thank God. He’ was a criminal thug with a litter of kids he never paid child support on. So we taxpayers had to pick up his slack. Nothing but noise and hate for police came out of his mouth. Nothing but trouble, he was a loser and so are his fans. By By mudflap.

    1. lioness jones says:

      Your small anatomy has instilled jealousy and anger towards blackmen. A black man must have taken ur woman! Tupac did not have a lot of kids. We know you all wish you had all the gifts that black men have..athleticism, looks, style, smarts, etc. Black men are the most hated but many try to duplicate.

      1. Saber 1 says:

        You would know all about it mudflap, he had it down your throat you pole smoker. The women I run with seem to think that your kind smell and are dirty no shower people. The only gifts they have is my money from welfare, care to cough some of it up?

  2. Brian says:

    Yeah, Just what we need, “Another” Politician. Run for President, Buddy.

    1. lioness jones says:

      Brian, you sound like a small anatomy sufferer too. Jealously toward black men wont help you keep your woman. Buy a pump-heavy duty!

  3. John o says:

    Bigger is better

  4. Makiaveli says:


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