HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A 23-year-old woman who apparently made a suicide pact with a man she met online, was found dead inside a Nissan Sentra in the Hollywood Hills, authorities said Saturday.

Ana Gutierrez of Culver City was found dead Monday morning in the 6900 block of La Presa Drive, off Outpost Drive, coroner’s Lt. Brian Elias said.

Gutierrez made a pact with a man she met on a suicide Web site, according to a neighborhood bulletin from the Hollywood Heights Association.

Unconfirmed reports suggested both planned to die in the car, but the man panicked and got out.

The man, whose name was withheld, told police he passed out on the street, regained consciousness and saw Gutierrez was dead, according to the Hollywood Heights Association. He ran to a nearby hotel and called 911, according to the group.

A coroner’s investigation determined Gutierrez mixed chemicals to create a deadly cloud of hydrogen sulfide, Elias said. Gutierrez reportedly left a suicide note found in the vehicle.

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Comments (12)
  1. mister s says:

    Such a waste to give up on life so soon. Now lets sit back and watch as our incompetent legal system attempts to charge this man with some form of homicide and waste a load of our tax money doing it.

  2. vugvee says:

    OMG that is so sad, what a tragedy. This PUNK that survived should be charged with her death!


    1. jj says:

      Very ignorant comment. She agreed to take her own life. No one pulled a trigger to her head or shoved the chemicals down her throat. She even left a note stating her decision to commit suicide. I do not agree with her taking her own life, there are always paths you can take to change your life around, but we should respect her decision. At least she did not take anyone else with her.

    2. Jeff says:

      you’re an idiot. Why should he be responsible for this pathetic person taking their own life. There are people out there battling every day to stay alive, and this lady decides to take her own. I have no pity for those that commit suicide. One of my closest friends committed suicide in December 2009 by shooting himself in the head. It’s a horrible thing to put your friends and family through, and the most selfish act you can do.

      1. asher says:

        most selfish act you can do is, if you try to stop someone to commit suicide
        if he want do it

  3. The Truthinator says:


  4. sarah says:

    nothing in life is worth killing yourself over!

  5. Mr. Hills says:

    what nearby hotel is within running distance of La Presa Drive, halfway up Outpost Drive? Even a fully conscious person might try knocking on a neighbor’s door before embarking on a run of a mile or two.

  6. James says:

    They should have gone out to dinner first, then made love. Maybe the endorphin rush would have convinced her to hold off on suicide.

  7. asher says:

    everyone can take own live for any reason.
    it is basic human right.

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