LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Police Department officials said in a statement that they are “satisfied with the results” of lineups that included a suspect jailed in the Opening Day beating of a San Francisco Giants fan in a Dodger Stadium parking lot.

Giovanni Ramirez, 31, of Los Angeles — who has not been charged — was in a Wednesday evening lineup in which witnesses to the beating were asked to identify a suspect.

Such an identification likely would be considered stronger evidence than the photographs from which witnesses have singled out Ramirez as a culprit in the brutal beating of Bryan Stow.

The statement revealed few details, saying only that detectives will present a case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office “at an appropriate time.”

Ramirez was arrested Sunday morning in East Hollywood. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon — the foot he allegedly used to kick his victim — and held on $1 million bail. He remains in jail on a parole hold

His attorney, Anthony Brooklier, said Wednesday that he doesn’t blame the LAPD for identifying his client as being involved in the beating of 42- year-old San Francisco fan Bryan Stow, who is in critical condition in a San Francisco hospital with head injuries.

Brooklier dismissed the fact that witnesses identified Ramirez in a photo lineup, noting that “quite often witnesses think they’re telling the truth,” but that doesn’t mean they are correct.

“I just think it’s a mistake,” Brooklier said, speaking outside the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles. “He wasn’t at the game. I think he’s got a tremendous alibi. He is willing to take a police polygraph. I’ve never had anybody said that to me in almost 40 years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense.”

The tip that resulted in the arrest of Ramirez was provided by a parole officer, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.

Asked how Ramirez could afford him, Brooklier said that “not everything is about money and I believe in this case.”

Meanwhile, an attorney who represents some members of Ramirez’s family said the suspect’s 10-year-old daughter is willing to testify that her father was not at Dodger Stadium that day.

Chip Matthews said Tuesday that he interviewed the daughter, who told him her father was with her and other family members all day on March 31.

“She is a beautiful, smart young lady and she will happily testify about that,” Matthews said. “The believability that she brings to the table will serve him well.”

Two other suspects — a man sought for his involvement in the assault and a female thought to have been the getaway driver — remain at large, police said.

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Comments (25)
  1. Barbi Winters says:

    We KNOW the attorney is not stupid…..just doing her job. Why would they have even suspected him, and the rest of his crew “just happened” to be at the game. Please. Glad they are holding him. They must have a fairly strong case. At least it’s (some) justice. But how is Brian Stow going to be if and when he is out of his coma? If guilty, these people should be knocked down and kicked senseless……just a thought.

    1. Robert L says:

      What do you mean the rest of his crew happened to be at the game? Where does it say that in this article? And even if his “crew” was at the game, does that mean he HAD to have been there too? Do you go everywhere that your friends go? I doubt it.

      1. Matt says:

        Think about it. Why would I be at my EX girlfriends house watching HER kids while they go with MY friends to the Dodgers game? Sure I’ll hand over all photographs (that don’t include me) to the police. Oh and I’ll also have a huge identifying tattoo removed from my neck coincidentally a few days later after they release it to the news. As to his “crew” not being in this article, read up my man. If you’re following this case you’ll know the details. Too many coincidences in this one.

  2. Jazz says:

    Barbi you need to get a grip on reality.

    Everyone knows that eyewitness testimony is almost useless in court. And cross racial identification is even less reliable. I find it odd that with all cell phone cameras no one thought to take a photo. People photograph everything from people getting a traffic ticket to women getting raped.

    10,000+ people coming out of the stadium and not one person recorded the beating?

    You are just as bad as the people who attacked Stow to even think of kicking somebody into a coma regardless of what they have done.

  3. tony says:

    Jazz, actually you are out of line. If this is the guy who did it, then kicking him into a coma would be perfectly acceptable. Whoever took part in this is worse than an animal and deserves no respect from society.

    1. Matt says:

      I agree 100%. If this is the guy or anyone that did this I wouldn’t hesitate to kick them into a comma. The laws these days are way too lenient. If the punishment were more severe the crime rate would be down.

  4. Ro Diaz says:

    “Not everything is about money ” … Are you sure he is a lawyer ?????? Lawyers are all about the money ! ! ~

  5. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    Glad someone is out to defend the rights of the accused. Let us not forget that we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. LAPD is no better than the individuals that did this to Stow. KNowing how corrupt the LAPD gang is, it would not surprise me if they are attempting to save face by saying that apprehended the individual (s) responsible.

  6. Mike_88 says:

    (Brooklier said that “not everything is about money and I believe in this case.” )

    What a crock of shiz. Cheap advertising.

    The judges always know the children are lying for their parents. It will be interesting to see how when the lawyers tear her credibility apart on the stand and her daddy goes to jail forever, how she will live thinking it is all her fault.

  7. dodger4life says:

    not guilty the guy doesn’t fit the sketch!

    1. giants says:

      beans, all of the beans look the same, they are all guilty, thank you to the Mexicans for not letting us normal people into dodger stadium, F the dodgers and F chavez ravine, I will not go to a dodger game until stow is up and running, Go Giants!!!! F beans!!!!

  8. Patti says:

    10 year old girl should have been in school all day on the 31, anyone check that out?? who droped her off and picked her up if she was /what was the reason if she was not.

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

      She could be on A track Patti!

      She could’ve been ill? She could’ve been suspended? Many reasons to be out of school.

      She spent the day with her dad.

  9. Rick says:

    More awesome parenting skills. Put your daughter on the stand to lie for you and ruin her credibility & life. You are just another Jose Raul Pena!! If you do not know who Pena is, he also treated his daughter with grand respect. LOL!

  10. Brian Nevin says:

    If daughter lies on the stand, she shall be punished and jail with her dad!

    1. Brian Nevin says:

      Wait a minute, in fact Ramirez daughter could be telling the truth. Ramirez is with the daughter and his mother, but not at home like they all said. They were all at the game in the car waiting for him to kick and beat the hell out of Brian, then took off. The whole family are suspects in this case.

  11. concerned fan says:

    So Ramirez has a new Tat,, so let the police get the artist in court and ask him what TAT he covered up?..
    And ask the child to swear under oath to testify and let her know if she lies she will be removed from her home and placed into a foster home,, or maybe she was the child in the car that drove away after the beating,,where is the mother in this case? too many things don’t add up here…I know he is considered innocent until proven guilty..and as soon as the police get the video tapes from DODGER stadium ,,and you know every team tapes the fans as they enter the games.. if just 1 picture shows Ramirez entering the gates..he is dead in the water…summons the schools attendence records to see if this child WAS at school that day…if not she is lying…
    And Im sure the fan that was beaten wasn’t alone at the game so ask whoever was with him to look at the police line up pictures as well….

    1. Fan says:

      Also,,get the records from the DMV and see if any vehicles matching the one identified at the game has changed ownership in the last few weeks and if so who were the sellers…check all the dealerships in the area..too…

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        @ Fan

        Looks like we have a detective in our midst

  12. Ozzy says:

    Ramirez was arrested Sunday and held on $1 million bail. He remains in jail on a parole hold ? Parole hold, that says it all, once a thug always a thug,throw him in a cage and that other idiot thug ( when caught) and throw away the key!!!
    Two less idiot thugs off the street of Los Angeles…

  13. Lou says:

    Mexicans lie steal cheat for each other, mostly all related , usually cousins due to all the incest they practice.

    1. 100% Mexicana says:

      Well Lou, I am Mexican and I don’t lie, steal, cheat, nor practice incest. Neither does my family. We are law abiding citizens. Racist comments are unacceptable. If you are going to charge somebody with a crime, convict them with FACTS. Not over race!! Ignorant people like yourself have a lot to learn. Stop being so judgmental. You probably Mexican yourself. That’s why you’re so opinionated about them, that’s probably what you do. Don’t try smearing up everyone else for your actions.

      1. johnny1784 says:

        @ 100% Mexicana… if you are so upset about Lou’s comments, then be proactive and reach out to your Hispanic race from Mexico and teach a majority of them to abide by US laws, such as legally entering the US or the high percentage of gang members committing crimes such as rape, drug trafficking and homicides.

        You being a Mexican female might have been a gang crime victim, such as gang raped to force into a gang or beaten up as an innocent citizen.

        Have you ever been involved with drugs selling, distributing or using?

        You might have been high at the moment you were entering your comments.

  14. 100% Mexicana says:

    @ johnny1784.. Another IGNORANT individual, it’s people like you who are the ruin to this country.. I am not upset at Lou’s comment..I just think it’s ignorant of you both to dicriminte based on race.. I j believe in Freedom of speech, I can’t speak for everyone of different races, I can speak for myself and my family.. and stand up for my MEXICAN family..If you would inform yourself a bit more and do your research before trying to convince yourself you are right over the computer, you would know that there are gang members of EVERY race (white, black, asian, mexican, etc.). Does that make your race or ethnicity better than mine? Never been a victim of a gang rape or any crime from my own race.. I am well respected in my community, pay my taxes, and am an upstanding citizen, so use my tax money to better educate yourself johnny1784.. And I don’t need to be under the influence of anything to stick up for my RACE.. On that note, I’m very proud to be MEXICAN and if you don’t like it or have something negative to say, that’s your problem..You probably grew up being a victimized child of your own race.. Out of curiosity, what is your ethnic background?

  15. respcare11 says:

    I don’t know if the suspect is guilty or innocent, but as far as that photo they are refering to that he claims is proof that he was not there, has anyone ever heard of photoshop?

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