LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt is hoping a fresh infusion of cash may end his payroll problem.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that McCourt to told league officials he expects to meet the team’s nearly $10 million paycheck next week.

If he does, he could prevent Major League Baseball from seizing the team.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports while McCourt is increasingly confident about the team’s financial outlook, fan reaction is still lukewarm.

McCourt needed a $30 million personal loan to meet the first three payrolls of the season. Even if he meets next week’s deadline, there are still two other major payroll dates: June 15 and June 30.

Major League Baseball is investigating the Dodgers’ finances before it makes a decision on a broadcast contract with Fox that could serve as McCourt’s lifeline.

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  1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    I work for the Dodgers organization. Rumor has it we will not get a pay check this month. Instead we will be receiving vouchers for the all you can eat pavillion and free tickets to Viva Los Dodgers!

    *Alcoholic beverages not included

  2. cant careless says:

    If Frank paid them what they are worth…he could cash THAT payroll at any ATM…or just ask a homeless to pay it….
    This is just an example of what is wrong with “pro” sports today..ALL over paid and none are worth 1/10 th that kind of money…but a famous saying goes something like this..A MAN AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED…another one A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY 15 SECONDS….

    1. Joe Garcia says:

      a fool and his money are soon parted and a sucker is born every second. R U George W or just acting like him?

    2. TT says:

      just to fix your “paraphrase” its “a fool n his money are soon parted” I believe is the quote – maybe you heard it different …..Granted they are ALL overpaid …in every sport – But I do love my Dodgers….Alot of them put that good paycheck to good use helping others … not all of them – but you hear about alot of charity work they all do ……And that is to be commended…

  3. Rick Hirsch says:

    Seem like FOX will own McCourt for he owes them everything but the shirt on his back. FOX (who once owned the Dodgers) loaned McCourt money to buy the team. Was that ever paid back? He got still another 30 million loan from FOX to meet payroll. To make matters worse, the team is also facing a lawsuit from the family of Bryan Stow. The collateral damage is our Los Angeles Dodgers. We should forgive McCourt for his betrayal and give him a one-way ticket back to Boston.

  4. HLYWD Reporter says:

    Geezzzzzzzzz did he sell his kids.

  5. Mario Rosales says:

    why is no one asking , why McCrook needs a loan to make payroll ? what ever happened to all the other money the Dodger Franchise has made this far? Dodger make more attendance money then the yankees. Where is that money? Why does he need a loan to make payroll?

    1. John Q. says:

      yes, where is that $15 per car to park going…I forgot gotta pay his sons who are on the payroll but dont do anything.

  6. John says:

    MLB should take over just to maybe cure THE CRIME at the stadium

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