LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Thursday canceled mandatory furloughs for the city’s 4,100 clerical employees in response to their union’s vote ratifying a new labor contract.

The mayor issued his order in response to a vote by the membership of Local 3090 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal employees ratifying a tentative agreement between the city and a coalition of unions. Local 3090 is the coalition’s biggest bargaining unit.

The mayor said the cancellation of the furloughs will be enshrined in an amendment to a memo of understanding governing the agreement between the city and the labor coalition. The amendment will be submitted to the City Council on June 15.

The agreement ratified by Local 3090 provides for the clerical employees to begin contributing 2 percent to retiree healthcare starting May 22, increasing to 4 percent on July 1, the start of the next fiscal year.

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  1. mad taxpayer says:

    That’s cute. Hopefully the public can see the writing on the wall. The City of LA repeatedly violates FSLA regulations and their own MOU’s causing them to pay out millions in taxpayer funds to those who are smart enough to sue the city for blatant disregard of labor laws. Those who do sue are often subjected to intense workplace retaliation. Take a look at the LAPD lawsuits as one fine example. This is all a scam by the City of Los Angeles to temporarily hold off actual progressive labor negotiations. The city council and mayor’s ultimate goal is to retain their ridiculous spending accounts and enormous salaries while tinkering with real working peoples’ lives. When these so called leaders pass way to meet their maker someday, they will all burn in hell for the lives they have ruined. 2011 LA Politics: American greed at its finest!

    1. FED Up says:

      Just on another note. This mayor and the city council are riduculous. Why is the city council and mayor along with thier staff taking huge cuts. Starting with the mayor and his more than two dozen personal staff members. Then to his something like 13 deputy mayers with all of their staff members. And last but not least city council members with all their ridiculous staff members. Honestly, how many people does it take to answer a phone or set an appointment. All the mayors high staff members and deputy mayors are personal friends of the mayor, making a quick buck off the city.

  2. susan W. says:

    Why is he still in office?

    1. Jim Dangle says:

      Because less than 10% of eligible voter in the city went to the poll on election day. So only a handful of people had to vote for him to keep him as mayor…. and those are the people he pays off.

    2. Still FED up says:

      2013 he is out. What an awesome guy he was. Running on family and core values. Well he destroyed his family and core values, the guy was an ACLU lawyer. Bottom of the barrel. Only one way to go after this. UP. Even Arnie could do a better job.

    3. Red Girl in Blue State says:

      Because stupid people keep voting in this schlub year after year. Think they all drank the wrong Kool-Aid.

  3. Peter Simon says:

    The Union membership accepted the contract. Has it been signed yet or the cancellation of the furlough threat just PR for the Mayor’s Office and Union?

  4. Fed Up says:

    The Mayor cancels furloughs. But now the Mayor wants to implement layoffs, work hour reductions and check this out….unpaid holidays (another fancy word for furlough). Even though he stated that there will be no furloughs or layoff if Local 3090 ratified the new contract. This all goes before the City Council on May 27. Why isn’t the Mayors Office or City Council sharing in the sacrifice?? Greedy politicians.

  5. FN Cee says:

    The whole state, including Los Angeles and nearly every other town and city in the state is worse than broke … 4% is not a meaningful number in terms of future liabilities. Across the board 20% cuts for every elected, appointed, hired employee in every operation in every jurisdiction who is paid with taxpayer dollars would be a good start.

  6. LouiseB says:

    Absolutely. I agree with FN Cee.

    There is a huge discrepancy between the type of benefits that people in the private sector get compared with the public sector. Until these are brought more in line, there should be no talk of raising taxes.

  7. upyours says:

    The mush mouthed monkey faced dumba$$ be@ner rolled the snowball further down the hill. 4%, wow, just think if every taxpayer could put a dollar in and take five out.

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