Feds Raid Home Of Suicide-Kit Selling Grandmother

EL CAJON (CBS/AP) — Sharlotte Hydorn was surprised when her doorbell rang at 7:30 a.m. and she heard the voices of men threatening to bust their way in.

The 91-year-old says she opened the door Wednesday and was greeted by about a dozen federal agents who were there to seize helium hood kits that Hydorn sells online and that people can use to kill themselves.

charlotte suicide hood Feds Raid Home Of Suicide Kit Selling Grandmother

(credit: CBS)

Hydorn is the owner and founder of The GLADD Group. The company’s kits — essentially a plastic bag and clear tubing — can be purchased through mail or telephone order for $60.

A loophole in California law makes selling the kits legal, but the ethical controversy remains heated. (For the record, what Hydorn does is not illegal because she is not present when the person takes their own life.)

Hydorn insists she is no Kervorkian-in-the-making. She told CBS2’s Sharon Tay last month that she just wants the terminally ill to be able to end it … on their terms. When they are ready.

In December, a 29-year-old Eugene, Ore., man used a kit he bought from Hydorn to asphyxiate himself with helium. Oregon was the first state where it is legal for terminally ill people to end their lives by taking lethal medication supplied by a doctor.

State lawmakers, appalled by a newspaper’s March report about Nick Klonoski’s death, are working on a bill that would make it a felony to sell or transfer such a suicide kit to Oregonians.

According to Hydorn, the federal agents knocked on her door in El Cajon, Calif., Wednesday morning and spent the next 10 hours packing up “boxes and boxes and boxes” of stuff and leaving a mess.

Hydorn said she is being accused of mail fraud and that she still had not read through the roughly 15-page search and seizure warrant signed by a judge from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Special Agent Darrell Foxworth, of the FBI’s San Diego office, confirmed that agents were at Hydorn’s home Wednesday morning but said he could not comment on the contents of the warrant.

“We served a federal search warrant authorized by a federal judge in connection with a criminal matter,” Foxworth said. “It’s an ongoing investigation.”

In a phone interview 45 minutes after agents left her home, she said she was still shaken and eating ice cream to feel better.

“It was a new experience, and at my age, I’ve lived through enough things,” Hydorn said. She said she would be seeking legal counsel.

Hydorn said officials took about 20 suicide kits that were ready to mail out. She said officials also showed her a list of kits she put in the mail Tuesday and that they were intercepted at the post office.

Agents also seized Hydorn’s computers and sewing machine, and her correspondence with individuals at the Final Exit Network, a group that has 3,000 members nationwide and provides support to people seeking to end their lives.

The network has faced protracted legal battles in Arizona and Georgia about whether their support breaks state assisted-suicide laws.

Attorney Robert Rivas, the network’s general counsel, said the network is not breaking any laws and that its members strictly offer counseling and emotional support.

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  • Nana

    Yet another reason why I am loathe to move to CA, even though my children and grandchildren live there, and I wish we could be part of their lives.

    • Joe Jones

      Not a CA problem in this case. This was a federal raid. :/

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    As they bomb, shoot and beat millions to death the decrepit government thinks this is a problem. If you don’t own your own body someone else does. That is what these people are telling you. You do not own your body, we do. Reject, refuse and rebuke these degenerates that call themselves government.

    • Albert MacMeda

      No, it’s just that suicide is a form of murder. I’m not passing moral judgment on whether or not we should allow euthanasia, but killing is killing, even if you’re killing yourself. It’s a fact. There are laws against murder so to allow self murder or to allow someone to assist (by selling them the means and such to do it) would naturally be something the government might try to prevent.

      • beach biker

        they kill preborns, don’t they. the gov is somewhat selective in whose murders they allow

      • w.pratkin

        That might be the most cringe worthy thing I have ever heard anyone say. If you are so engaged in the collective that you can no longer tell where you end in another begins you are in big trouble. You would allow the State to impose suffering on a person? The same state that will sell you a gun (unhappily), put you to death, and imprison you for engaging in a variety of harmless activities. Don’t you ever wonder why we have the highest prison population in the world? Don’t you worry as the police begin to wear military garb and kick in the doors of basically who ever displeases them. We are autonomous beings, we own our own lives. Suffering helps no one.

    • amenjohnson

      Well stated Fanny – I have never heard it put so well.!

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        I forgot to post this … it says it all.


        If after that you think someone else owns your body ….. they do.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        Well, if they can do this they can force you to take a chip, a vaccine or maybe if you had a frontal lobotomy you’d be more compliant and love your government.

        Government is men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. If they rally cared about you and your property they wouldn’t be the first to confiscate it and initiate violence. http://911essentials.com

    • Danny Lumbergh


      • Brian

        Wow, Fanny. I guess that it is you that needs to conduct research. Look at the fine print on the website that you provided. It specifically states “It is not scientific; for that, another study must be conducted.” Aparantly you want to grasp hold of something that is inflamitory just to further your ignorant view of reality. We did not kill 1.5 million Iraqis. We did kill countless foreign fighters in Iraq. AQI (Al Qaeda Iraq) kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. How about in the future if you want to spout off at the mouth, you actually conduct real research, or at the very least, speak with a veteran that was in country and outside the wire. Otherwise be quiet, your mouth only makes you look foolish. Good night, and don’t forget to leave your night light on!

      • Brian

        OK Gibbs. You were not able to refute anything I said. You were not able to state any facts. You were not able to do anything but attempt to insult me. I would say go back to school, but based on your lackluster post, I would be more apt to say…Go to school. Or at the very least, leave mommy and daddy’s house and experience life. If you cannot be educated through traditional methods, gain your education via experience.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        Do I have to do everything for those that can’t even use a search engine?

        This is Iraq http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/iraq

        Afghanistan maybe 2 million or more.

        If you add up the first gulf war, just from then, you’re around 4 million or more.

        Yes millions

        Can I make dinner for you now and get your jammies ready for bedtime?

      • Gibbs Bentley

        Brian you are not only a fool but obviously a paid fool that has zero idea what you’re talking about. Just another degenerate mental deficient that has zero facts, zero content and all blather. No one believes you or your room temperature IQ handlers. Enjoy the death and destruction that you have now associated yourself with as an accessory after the fact. You are a war criminal guilty of high crimes against humanity. I hope you like the smell of hemp rope and freshly cut lumber because when the treason trials begin and if you are found guilty, it might be the last things you smell.

    • Tim S

      California is not very small business friendly are they?

  • Joe Jones

    Honestly trying to figure out what federal law was broken here. Do you need a license to design and sell medical equipment? Any ideas?

    • Joe Jones

      … and “mail fraud” seems to be a major stretch…

    • R. Trout

      What laws? These degenerate Officers don’t need laws. Cops, CIA, FBI are above the law, check out any trials involving Police misconduct and you’ll see there’s a definitive two (or three) tiered Justice system in America.


      The only problem is that grandma is interfering in the corruptions of the trustee owner of the slaves and interfering with their Life Insurance Racket on all the slaves.
      Remember Suicide disqualifies one from collecting. The CORPORATION SLAVERY DEMOCRACY & THE CORPORATION COURTS have Life Insurance Policies on all of their human collateral.

      REPUBLIC RISING – SLAVERY DEMOCRACY DEMISING they are getting desperate. OPT OUT & JOIN UP stand up before there is nothing to stand for.

  • blah blah

    what about gun dealers? should they be raided? more people take thier lives with guns than what this lady is selling. is selling someone a gun and ammo considered helping in the suicide.

    this country has gone mad!

    • Albert MacMeda

      Actually more people die in car accidents than by gunshots so, according to your logic, we need to raid all car dealers (new and used) and ban all cars.

      Guns are not intended as suicide tools – the fact that people misuse them as such is not the fault of gun or ammo dealers.

      Next you’ll be saying we have to ban the sale of rope so nobody can take their own life by hanging, that we’ll have to destroy all bridges because someone might jump off them and die, cut down all trees for the same reason, level all cliffs so that people cannot jump off them, etc.

      These kits were invented and sold for one single reason only: To facilitate suicide, thus making Obamacare practical. I’m actually surprised the Obamunists allowed this raid to occur on their watch.

    • Robert

      Automobile drivers…Anyone?

    • NeverSurrender

      Your right, blah blah,. What about cars?????? More people kill themselves with cars that with what this lady is selleing and with guns combined. I think we should outlaw what this lady is selling, guns and CARS.

      Don’t forget about knives.

  • P'd Off

    Everyone here should be outraged that the tyrannical government does not consider you worthy of making decisions about your own body.

    Regardless of how you may feel about this issue, the government’s stance is that you BELONG to them and by using these kits you are damaging THEIR property – you.


      You can’t THEY “OWN” you as trustee of incompetent slaves. If you commit suicide they can’t collect on their Life Insurance Policy taken out on you.

      REPUBLIC RISING – SLAVERY DEMOCRACY DEMISING they are getting desperate. OPT OUT & JOIN UP stand up before there is nothing to stand for.

      BTW to commit suicide is easy even for death penalty and not painful just use carbon monoxide from your car exhaust…instead of sending granny $60 bucks of course life is precious and should Not be ENSLAVED or TRADED and also NOT ended short….we all have a purpose here and much to do to fix this Earth and end the WORLD OVERLAY FRAUD.

      • Albert MacMeda

        Actually this is odd – these kits are likely targeted at the elderly, people who are no longer gainfully employed in most cases, so that their death would have outcomes that would actually be good for government: 1) No more social security payments 2) Fulfillment of the Obamacare goal of replacing further medical care with “end of life” counseling 3) No more Medicare/Medicade money spent on them etc.

  • Robert

    Maintaining sufficient numbers of taxpayers and pliable enablers (wards of the State) is in the almighty state’s critical interests…You are to live or die on their authority and by their hand alone. It is to them to decide whether ‘you’ contribute to maintaining the lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed.

    They prove it every day through their Orwellian words and deeds.

    • Albert MacMeda

      Yeah but (see my reply above @ Sovereign Soul) you would think the Obamunists would be FOR this as the kits for the most part went to the elderly, people who were likely not taxpayers so much as entitlement users PLUS with the reinstatement of the DEATH TAX the government would get a windfall in many cases.

  • cluelessinky

    I’m at a loss as to why the feds beat a path to this woman’s door; which law is being violated? The woman is providing a service and from what I understand the service works everytime it is used. In fact if the day comes when I have to decide to live or die, I’ll take the helium way – what’s next will the feds raid balloon factories and dry cleaners? Fed go mind your own business.


      In 3 yrs when I retire – I’m just getting out of the country completely – retire to Belize, Panama or Costa Rica as I have had enough of all the BS in America now!! It is a completely different country than the one I grew-up in – all our freedoms have gone!! At least I won’t have any Federal goons knocking on MY door and telling me what I can and can’t do with MY life!!!

      • beach biker

        I’m about ready to head on out of the country too.USA is no more. Been dying for a long time and the ppl in the District of Criminals now, are pushing us full speed ahead over the cliff. If you’re going to Belize, can I tag along ? ; ^ )

      • Albert MacMeda

        Hope you don’t live to regret your decision. This is becoming a fascist police state under the Obamunists, though, you’re absolutely right about that.


  • Rookie

    I’m glad to see basically no one defending the government here! I figured by now the republicans would be blaming Obama for people wanting to kill themselves and supporting the governments right to decide who lives and dies. I’m proud that pretty much everyone can still agree on something!

    • Albert MacMeda

      No, actually the Democrats would be quick to blame it on Bush & Republicans and start making some straw man arguments against Republicans.


      You spoke too soon here come JimCT the New england Loeberal to ruin your thoughts LOL

  • Nick Fecteau

    Can’t destroy the government’s property… YOU!

  • JimCT

    I always wonder about the psychological makeup of people who are so committed to helping people kill themselves rather than helping them find purpose in their existence. I am no stranger to disability and suffering, but I think it takes a truly dark soul to be so proactive about enabling people to kill themselves. And making a profit from it is somewhat ghoulish as well.

    • Vegas Vic

      You have a point to a degree. But writing as someone who has put down two pet canines, I am well aware that there comes a time when it is humane to surrender to the inevitable. Dogs as well as humans.

      • MAKE MY DAY

        “BINGO” – “BINGO” – “BINGO”!!!

    • Maggie

      Simple. Not everyone enjoys being alive, and people who don’t enjoy life sympathize with others who don’t enjoy life and want to help them achieve their goal of ending life.

      Your mindset that is life is good and should be continued, is an OPINION, not a fact, and your opinion is no more valid than anyone else’s.

      Let everyone do what they like with their own bodies.

    • Jay Wilson

      I don’t know who you think you are but I know who you aren’t. These people aren’t looking for something better. That quest has long past. They are looking for the door and if you don’t understand why then just give it time. It will come to you too, don’t worry about that. In the mean time, the rest of us will continue to fight for your right to your own body while you are worried about what everyone else does with theirs.

  • JimCT

    And related to that, let’s be clear that the government is not in the business of preventing people from killing themselves. It doesn’t jail those who fail in the attempt. It is trying to stop extremely vulnerable people (who are likely not in the proper state of mind to be making such decisions) from being pushed in the direction of suicide by those with an agenda and/or a profit motive. I wonder how much Granny was making per kit?

    I am libertarian, but let’s exercise SOME common sense here. Most people don’t need help killing themselves.

    • Maggie

      “The government is not in the business of preventing people from killing themselves. It doesn’t jail those who fail in the attempt.”

      It most certainly is and does – only the jails are renamed “psych wards.”

      In the current climate, suicidal intentions are by themselves considered sufficient evidence of “mental illness” and reason for locking someone up. In other words, “mental illness” is defined in such a way that no one can be suicidal without meeting the definition, regardless of how sober and rational they may otherwise comport themselves.

      There is no recognition of the right to end our lives currently in our society. Calling people vulnerable, claiming they’re not in a proper state of mind is merely a rationalization and an excuse for denying this right.

      JimCT, you are not a libertarian. Don’t call yourself one.

      • MorganGray

        But, the problem is, the government makes that judgement call every day.
        They make it by funding abortions with my tax dollars. And, in that case, the one who dies has no choice in the matter.
        Or, remember Terry Schaivo? There was some debate as to her wishes, but the courts pulled the plug on her.
        The government frequently uses the term “most vulnerable” when they want to throw money at a situation, so they can claim they are doing something about it, all the while never fixing the problem.
        Perhaps the issue here is not so much whether someone is trying to end their life, but *WHY* they are trying to end their life.
        Terminal illness can be a horrible thing, yes, I’ve had to watch loved ones go through that kind of torment. But none of them opted to take themselves out.
        Furthermore, where do we draw the line? Terminal illness? Yes, you can make that argument. What about severe physical or cognitive disability? Should someone with one of that kind of disability be terminated? What about the overly emotional teenager who laments “I wish I were dead?”
        This is the archetypical slippery slope.
        If you give the government the ability to say “OK” eventually it will seize the power to say “you will.”

  • ew-3

    And our government is running how much of a deficit ?

  • anne bright

    We OWN ourselves, OUR bodies, but the Government want us to be slaves, controlled by them, what to eat, what to put into our bodies, where to live, how to live, etc. It is a quick and CLEAN way to go. Having CLEANED up the bedroom after my terminally ill (cancer) Father used a 38 on himself, I can attest that THIS would have been much easier. My poor Mother could NOT bring herself to go into the bedroom. They have a LOVE affair marriage for 56 years.


      Anne, Sorry but unless you are a SOVEREIGN they ALSO OWN you and Your Body. They CONTROL IT ALL. They have ENSLAVE YOU and run the whole show as trustee of INCOMPETENTS that have’tr WAKENED UP YET.
      Please learn about Sovereignty and The Republic.

  • http://endgametime.wordpress.com endgametime

    They say she has done nothing illegal. There is no evidence in wrong doing then why are they allowed to get a search warrant. Somebody in the chain had to lie and swear to it to get the warrant. This Federal individual should be prosecuted for terrorism because he fraudulently caused a 91 year old lady to be terrorized by big ugly, screaming, egomaniacs looking for a kill shot. They even looked in her mail first and confirmed she wasn’t doing anything illegal, and still terrorized her at home. Our government is full of TYRANTS from the top down to the bottom. This is the reason we have the 2nd Amendment. Granny’s Got a Gun. If she had, these TYRANTS would have shot her 100 times and called it self defense. Its happening all over America. Wake up, arm yourself, and stop the Tyranny with superior fire power. It’s your only chance.

  • Alice Ramirez

    An old lady hustling suicide kits? So creepy! I believe assisted suicide is illegal, even in increasingly-wretched California (although I would HAPPILY issue a waver to this law, if I could, for certain members of the California state legislature and any number of California US Reps and both Senators!)


      You don’t and NEVER will control MY life!!!

  • DigitalBob

    Hopefully she saved one for herself.


    Did she have any unsatisfied customers?

    Did the FTC have any complaints?

    Did she not honor her money back guarantee?


    I have seen the ENEMY and it is WE… WAKE UP
    OPT OUT and JOIN the only Lawful, Constitutional form of Governance and the Only Solution to regain our Liberty http://www.RepublicforTheunitedStates.org


    SHE SHOULD FILE A LAWSUIT in Common Law Court and sue every single individual involved in the violations of her Property & Privacy go after their BONDS especially the one that filed to the judge for the warrant.

  • get OVER it

    GRANNY…. got one last kit for sale?
    I will do this when I have the desire and the time is mine.
    STOP not letting us DIE when WE are READY!
    P.S. YOU do not have to do this ever so CHILL OUT.
    WERE not messed up we just are ready to leave, go hit the road.
    WE know what we will be doing. We need not ask YOU!!!!!!

  • http://www.iultimasnoticias.com/los-federales-irrumpen-en-casa-de-la-abuelita-de-la-muerte/ Los federales irrumpen en casa de ‘la abuelita de la muerte’

    […] publica la CBS,  pese a la irrupción de la policía, que investiga el caso contra Hydorn, las leyes del […]

  • Hank Warren

    Useless Feds attacking elderly women while protecting bankers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • Steve

    It’s only illegal because Obama can’t tax it.

  • Ste

    Perhaps if she stated in her disclaimer that the device was available to conservatives only, the fed would be ok with it?


    In 3 yrs when I retire – I’m just getting out of the country completely – retire to Belize, Panama or Costa Rica as I have had enough of all the BS in America now!! It is a completely different country than the one I grew-up in – all our freedoms have gone!! At least I won’t have any Federal goons knocking on MY door and telling me what I can and can’t do with MY life!!!

    • ew-3

      You sure got that right.
      Sadly the younger generations don’t have the same reference as we do, so things like this are usually OK with them.
      Bring back the draft. Let each man serve his country and see how fast the current attitude changes.

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