LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck declined Thursday to reveal the results of a witness lineup involving the suspect in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium, but said he remains confident police arrested the right man.

Beck said Giovanni Ramirez, 31, “is and was and has been our primary suspect.”

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports.

The LAPD also released a mug shot of Ramirez to the public.

Ramirez has remained jailed on a parole hold since his arrest Sunday, but he has not yet been charged. Investigators conducted a live lineup involving Ramirez Wednesday night. The department issued a statement saying investigators were “satisfied with the results.”

At a Thursday morning news conference, Beck declined to give more details about the lineup or the investigation. He said only that the lineup “added to our group of evidence and we will present the results of it to the district attorney when we seek a filing.”

Ramirez is suspected in the March 31 beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow in a parking lot outside Dodger Stadium. Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic from Northern California, was attacked after the Dodgers’ opening-day victory over the Giants. Stow was recently transferred from Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center to a hospital in San Francisco, closer to his home.

Ramirez was arrested Sunday morning in east Hollywood. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon — the foot he allegedly used to kick his victim — and held on $1 million bail.

The arrest was the result of a tip from a parole officer, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.

Ramirez’s attorney, Anthony Brooklier, said Wednesday he thinks police made a mistake in arresting him.

“I just think it’s a mistake,” Brooklier told reporters outside the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles. “He wasn’t at the game. I think he’s got a tremendous alibi. He is willing to take a police polygraph. I’ve never had anybody said that to me in almost 40 years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense.”

Meanwhile, an attorney who represents some members of Ramirez’s family said the suspect’s 10-year-old daughter is willing to testify that her father was not at Dodger Stadium that day.

Chip Matthews said Tuesday that he interviewed the daughter, who told him her father was with her and other family members all day on March 31.

“She is a beautiful, smart young lady and she will happily testify about that,” Matthews said. “The believability that she brings to the table will serve him well.”

Beck, however, insisted that police had the right man.

“There are standards for arrest in this state. We have met that standard. We have exceeded that standard. We have met the standard for obtaining search warrants … I am as sure as you need to be to make an arrest.”

He said investigators have significant evidence beyond the lineup supporting Ramirez’s arrest.

Two other suspects — a man sought for his involvement in the assault and a female thought to have been the getaway driver — remain at large, police said.

“We still have a score of detectives devoted to this case,” Beck said. “We are still soliciting tips, soliciting information from the public. There is still a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of additional suspects. We are still looking at over 700 clues that are coming in from the public and we are still devoting every and all available resource to make sure we get to the truth of this.”

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Comments (64)
  1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    First and foremost, Thoughts and prayers go out to the Stow family.

    I doubt that the individual in custody is the person responsible for the Stow beating.
    I believe its another tactic being utilized by our corrupt LAPD to make itself look good.

    I would like to see the persons responsible for the March 31st actions caught and punished. By punished I don’t mean imprisoned. By doing so, taxpayers are punished. However, I would like to know what exactly transpired that night. I’m sure it wasn’t an ambush. I have been to many games at Chavez Ravine and there are always 2+ parties involved. Words had to have been exchanged. I am in no way shape or form justifying that cowards actions, but let us not forget that there is a second side to this story. What if Stow instigated? What if he threw the first punch?

    Doesn’t mean he deserved it, but he should be held responsible for his actions as well.

    Just saying.

    1. ES says:

      There is no excuse for violence. Period.

    2. There's got to be more to this story... says:

      Amen. Couldn’t agree with you more…

    3. stupiity is a plague says:

      You are a complete idiot. Let’s break down your stupidity. I’ll do is slowly so you get it. One: Why not fabricate three suspects, so they look really good? If you’re gonna lie, lie big. I bet you believe they framed OJ too.

      Two: So because you’ve been to Dodger games and saw that there are “always two parties involved”, that means that an upstanding, law abiding man who saves lives for a living must have gone up to a couple of inked up convicted felons and talked s#%t? And you typed this without a hint of irony???

      and Three: Responsible for his actions? So if he comes out of his coma, he should do time because some a**hole convict three striker sucker punched him? You effin reject.

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        @stupiity is a plague
        In response to your lack luster points!

        1. Shows you how competent Police Dept. really is in the case of OJ
        2. Because he works as a paramedic does not say he isn’t capable of talking trash to someone. So now your’e going to believe that all cops, firefighters, paramedics, and so on are incapable of doing something stupid. We all know everyone exercises poor judgement now and then.
        3. Not saying anyone deserves what he has been put through. However, if you pick a fight, you better well be aware that chances are you might get hurt.

        Read right and stop living in a fantasy world. Learn to value various perspectives. Stop being so short sighted.

        You’re ignorance proves my point. You run your mouth behind computer, thinking its ok. what if one day you slip up and say something to the wrong individual out on the streets. I hope you or any of your loved ones never do.

        All I mentioned was that there are 2 sides to every story.
        Thoughts are with the Stow family.

      2. stupidity is a plague says:

        I never said he isn’t capable of talking trash. I said it’s not really likely, especially in light of his text saying he feared for hi s safety. Also, you said words HAD to have been exchanged. Really? Why? Ese’s will hit you up with “Where you from?” and no matter the answer you may get shot. And lastly you said Stow should be held accountable for his actions. That is what made me say what I said. That is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

      3. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

        @ stupidity is a plague – I completely agree with you. I completely see your point and it was well made.

        @ Villaraigosa is a rat! – You throw a verbal punch with your comment about Stupidity sitting behind his computer running his mouth, but isn’t that what YOU did?! How else is he supposed to voice his opinions about a news article he read on the Internet? Who’s the idiot now? Um, I think it’s you.

      4. randy says:

        Hey Rat,

        When you write, “You’re ignorance proves my point. You run your mouth behind computer…” you shouldn’t question another’s intelligence.

        And enough already, we get it, you’re a cop hater. Join the club.

    4. erik says:

      I also dont buy the random attack story also,fans trash talk,but thats still no reason to put a guy in a coma but what are brain stow”s friend soppose to say,they aint gonna say he provoked the attack or that he was trash talking.there are gang members at sporting events all the time,most of theme are there just enjoying the game or else this would of been happening all the time.

    5. Jeremy says:

      V RAT you need your head examined… Not even worth expounding

    6. Kamryn says:

      You Really THINK That Stow Instigated it?……….. Wow what an Insult to the Stow Family!! You are either for or Against Bryan Stow and his family and You my Friend are Against Them!!! To say that “My Thoughts and Prayer go out the Stow Family” and Then Stab them in the Back by saying that he threw the first punch….. Wow I am at a loss for words… UNBELIEVABLE! I think that you need to get your priorities in order and Stop taking out your problems with the LAPD on the Stow family. What if that was your Father, Son, Brother or Other relative and that was said about them? How would you Feel being in there shoes???? He SAVES LIVES for a Living!! I mean come on!!!

      To The Stow Family:
      I hope you never have to Read this…… But in the case that you do I Want to say from one Ems Professional to another that it is a Tragedy what happend to Bryan and it should have NEVER Happend. Even though I have never met Bryan personally there is a certian ethics code that we Ems folks follow, and that not to get Drunk and start throwing punches at a Baseball game! I never and will never believe the lie that Bryan somehow instigated the fight or was “Asking for it”. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to you Stow Family and especialy to Bryan’s Children! I pray right now for complete and restorative Healing, that Bryan will once again do the things he Loves, working as an Outstanding Paramedic and watching a Baseball game! I think about your family often and wish you only the Best!! Many Blessings and Take Care!!!!

    7. Saber 1 says:

      Water board his a$$ and he will give up the other two. If he doesn’t, shoot him in one leg. He’ll talk.

    8. Saber 1 says:

      Put him down, the needle and call it a day.

  2. bcb says:

    I think the alibi is bs and that the family is willing to lie for him. What he needs are people who are not friends or family to support his alibi, then the alibi would be more believable.

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

      Granted. How would strangers be able to confirm his alibi.

      I hope he is the guy responsible and is rightfully held accountable. However, if he is not, he should not be held responsible for someone else’s stupidity.

      1. There's got to be more to this story... says:

        Convicting the wrong guy would be an injustice to us Angelenos. @ Villaraigoisa is a rat – I’m pleased to read that there are other people that feel the same way I do about the situation. It’s hard to explain to other people since they automatically want to come to Stow’s defense, What happened to him is a tragedy and he is definitely the victim but I’d love to know all sides of the story.

      2. bcb says:

        I certainly agree with you.

    2. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      @ bcb – This is what I’ve been saying in these forums since the hoodlum got arrested! Hispanics are notorious for lying for their family members to cover up their crimes. It’s a fact! Just because the witness is a little girl DOES NOT mean she isn’t capable of lying for her family member. In fact, I would BET that she’s been scripted on what to say to the police. She’s probably been told that if she doesn’t say what they want her to say that she’ll be the reason her family member went to prison. It’s how they work! That little girl has probably been lying about all kinds of things since the day she was born. I don’t trust what any Ramirez family member has to say about where he was that day. Like I said, Hispanics are known for their cover-ups and lies.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Viva LaRaza. This state belongs to us, so get out.

    1. ManUtd says:

      ^You’re trying to hard, Latino imposter trying to instigate a race war, pathetic lol…

      1. Latino 4 life says:

        Barcelona 2 vs manchester unided 1,,,,,

      2. Al-Qaeda Pakistan says:

        I agree.

    2. ES says:

      Do you realize how ignorant and shallow you sound?

    3. Al Sanchez says:



    4. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:


      Any true latino would’ve said “de contry es ars!”

      Stop trying too hard mijo!

      1. Batha says:

        Ricky chump, Mexico City is such a great place go there then. It’s a war zone down there with people getting their heads chopped off daily. What is the problem, can’t get your act together?! Imagine if your country wasn’t rife with a cartel here and a cartel there. I say give the Jews mexico and let them make a new world. That would solve a lot of problemos. And VIVA LA RAZA sounds so Nazi.

    5. Saber 1 says:

      If you like La Raza, go back to your third world toilet country and Latino 4 life, hit spell check now and then.

      1. Latino 4 life says:

        Barcelona 2 vs Manchester Unided 1……

      2. Latino 4 life says:

        What happened SABER 1 no KKK rally this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!UEFA Champions league saturday at 11 am

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    So the 10 yo daughter is his only alibi? If proven false, will there be charges file against her for lying?

    Are they filing charges on his Families & Friends for harboring a Fugitive?

    So the lucky Parole Officer will prolly get his $200,000 rewards $$$$..

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:


      The P.O. can’t collect. That is his job. It’s unfortunate that many other law enforcement officers/ politicians try to collect extra $ for doing their jobs.

  5. Regg says:

    I feel terrible for Stow. I also don’t believe everything I am told. This guy has a history of crime, as well as fishy behavior after the attack. He looks like the artist sketch, but there are about a million other Latinos that do as well. I would love for this to be the creep who is responsible so the Stow family and the nation can have some closure. But my skeptic side tells me to question everything. This is a very high profile case and the LAPD has very little hard evidence. There needs to be another alibi taken into consideration other than the suspects family members who can easily lie for him. I will be reserving judgement until more information comes to light……

  6. Fry Him says:

    Who are the morons who said he doesn’t look like the sketch? It looks like he posed for the picture. Also, for all you people (Regg) who say the LAPD has very little hard evidence, have you thought that maybe they aren’t releasing the evidence they have?

    1. Regg says:

      That’s why I said I’m reserving judgement until further information comes to light. What I have heard is not hard evidence…..

    2. Regg says:

      And they wouldn’t be pressing the public so hard if they had any outstanding evidence.

  7. uFools says:

    Guilty or not, he will be convicted of the crime. It’s the American way. Welcome to America Latinos

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:


      Thank you Chief Limpdik!

      Didn’t know there was a welcoming committee.

  8. 18th Street says:


    STFU dumb slime!

  9. uFools says:

    It is what it is. I’m not on lockdown. I’m a freeeeee man wiff the right to Free Speech, Tonto.

    1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

      Likewise son.
      Freedom of speech. It’s a beautiful thang.
      Until you get stomped on at a Dodgers game!

  10. Jeezus says:

    This comment board is being screened to accept only proLatino or pro gangmember

  11. COACH says:

    People fight, not everyone wins them, someone has to lose, win some lose some, but fighting over a baseball game is worst than fighting over a biatch…. fight for a real cause, not cause u like chaos… look at dumb pastor speaking about the end of world, blasphamy and people so gullable to believe it…

  12. erik says:

    I don’t think the police have the right guy,if they did they would of charged him by now..if this guy was guilty why didnt he skip town or try growing out his hair to change his appearance..

    1. California is Aready 70% Mexico says:


      when someone is on parole, they cannot skip town. they need special permission in advance from their parole officers.

      he did try to hide his old tattoos with recent new ones.

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        @California is Aready 70% Mexico

        Actually, plenty of individuals skip town while on parole. There is a difference between them not having permission to leave the restricted are; and actually following those orders.

        What makes you think that if they committed a crime prior to becoming parolees they would follow orders to stay put? I’m sure these individuals are not the most trustworthy individuals

    2. California is Already 70% Mexico says:

      @ Villaraigosa Smells Like a Rat!
      Depends on Ramirez’s previous crime that got him locked up, the serious offenders who are require to report to their Parole or Probation Officers are require to wear ankle tracking monitors. PO randomly show up at their residences. i’m sure many don’t obey by the law.

      1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

        I understand that POs do their jobs to the best to their abilities. However, some people change, others do not. Some criminals will be life long criminals. Many easily remove the ankle monitoring system and skip town.

        Lets just hope the perpetrator is caught and brought to justice. Whether its the guy in custody or not

  13. jerome says:

    He could have been wearing the other teams jersey showing “colors” They will do anything. I went to a Bronco-Raider game when they were in L.A.
    I did not even look in another persons gaze let alnoe cheering for my team.
    Not Pleasent. Never been since except when in Denver where most people are normal

    1. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      “…where most people are normal.”

      I like that. It’s a good summation of what LA people are NOT.

    2. Skadi Lifdis says:

      No kidding Jerome. A couple of years back, my cousin was considering getting a couple of tickets to a Broncos/Raiders game in Oakland a couple of years back. My mom told me to wear black and be quiet. He ended up not getting the tickets because he didn’t want to go to a game and not be able to cheer our home team.

  14. ManUtd says:

    They’re not going to be able to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. LAPD are incompetent crooked pigs along with idiotic porker Charlie Beck and Villaraigosa. The sketch looks like hundreds of shaved head Latino’s in L.A. The sketched face has a birth mark on his cheek, the suspect has a tattoo tear, i doubt it is him.

    1. Ramirez is GUILTY says:

      You don’t think a tear tattoo might look like a birth mark when it’s nighttime and you’re watching someone get the tar beat out of them? Really? You think YOU would’ve described that accurately? Please.

  15. Mariachi Band Leader says:

    In LA, everyone looking like the Sketch Suspect is only a stone throw distance away.

  16. .... says:

    Oh TANYA It’s so lonely without you.

    Where’s my favorite little STUPIID Monnkeey.

  17. Efrain says:

    Wow… These are the best comments by far in a while… Thanks guys! .

  18. uFools says:

    These posts are funny. Too bad It’s at the expense of the lives of two people so far.


    OF COURSE he’s going to say they’ve got the wrong guy and OF COURSE they’re going to say they’ve got the right guy. In my opinion, the guy looks nothing like the drawing. The nose is different, the lips on the drawing are much fuller and the drawing looks like the guy has a mole whereas the picture looks like a teardrop tattoo. And, NO, I’m not hispanic.

  20. uFools says:

    Guilty or not, this guy is going to be sacrificed.

  21. Lazlo Armageddon says:

    Lol…after reading all the comments,all i can say is it’s too bad the Apocalypse didn’t happen on the 21st.Really,if i were able to harness all the mental abilities being exhibited here and convert them to electricity,i could maybe lightly toast some bread.

  22. george says:

    not guilty til proven innocent , all u patriots who brag about the american way of life seem awfully quick to surrender certain principles this country was founded on when it suits ur interest , shame on you.

  23. john chen says:

    good lord he’s a gang member.. they all have an alibi… ohh and I forgot… they tend to lie!

  24. chris says:

    when ths story broke I told my friends that the guy would be hispanic, a gang member, and a a parolee .3for 3 and the other guy is probably the same. I know this cause i am hispanic and have been exposed to these kind of people. Straight up gangsters and they will do horrific crimes with no remorse. In prison southern hispanics have a deep seeded hatred for northern hispanics. The s..f .
    jersey represented the northern section of california. that was the starting point.
    The simple jersey escalated the incident and this gangster had to represent his
    home boy area.

  25. Josh Butts says:

    Ok, I know it would have been dark but didn’t any of the witness notice that huge tattoo under his neck? I didn’t hear anything about that when the Police were describing the suspect. He would have stuck out like a sore thumb if we knew that he had a big tattoo under his neck. Meaning he would have been caught a lot sooner. Ok, so maybe he had a jacket on at night. Still someone should have seen that tattoo on his neck.

  26. Mel Gibson says:

    I would think twice about wearing a S.F. Jersey to a Dodgers game when Alcohol and testosterone flows so Freely. Stow took a risk doing that and he is a Big Guy. . But he did pay way too high a price. Sure We should be able to wear whatever we want to but reality is it can have consequences in this type of setting.

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