2 Killed In Police Shootings Overnight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities have killed two men and traded shots with a third in Los Angeles-area confrontations.

South Gate police killed a man with a knife who charged officers on Wednesday evening. Authorities say the man phoned police to say he’d stabbed himself and also had tried to enter a neighbor’s house.

The same night, deputies killed a 19-year-old man in unincorporated Willowbrook.

Deputy Jeff Gordon says deputies were stopping a reportedly stolen car when the people inside ran off.

Gordon says the 19-year-old was found hiding in a carport and was shot when he reached into his pocket because deputies thought he was reaching for a weapon.

In South Los Angeles, police say someone opened fire Wednesday evening on an unmarked car containing undercover vice officers, hitting it at least once.

Police shot back but the suspect escaped and it’s unclear if he was wounded.

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    Forget putting ’em in the hands of the Justice System, shoot ’em on site. Save Tax Payers $$$$ if they just shoot ’em on site.

    • Cougo

      Brilliant post Adolph.

      • Neo

        At least they’re not billing the decease’s family members the cost of the bullets. Adolph did..

    • david

      You’re an idiot.

  • tim

    Can you imagine that the police can just shoot you on the spot and later BS you tried to reached in the pocket when you didnt but you are dead already? Thats too much power to abuse and no room for benefit of the doubt. Not to mention all you need is a GED to become a cop? Ironically, I dont feel safe when cop is around, they can flinch and pull the trigger when you bend down and tie your shoes and said you tried to reached for a weapon..LOL

    • Poon Juice


      Just STFU, you’re an embarrassment to Lowlifes.

      • tim

        How so? You sounded more like one to me. I bet you like donuts?

    • ray

      I can tell you’re not a cop, or a servicemen, or anything. Stop watching NYPD Blue, you’re confusing tv with reality.

      • tim

        I can tell you only have a GED and wanna be a cop.

    • mike

      Tim you are an idiot

      • tim


        You do realize cops are idiots. Don’t need brain cells to become a cop. Morons!

  • SylentDreamz

    Another news story about LA Cops killing suspects instead of making an arrest. Abuse, 19 years old and gone. No one suspect or not deserve to be gunned down like some animal in the wilderness. LA cops need a new tactic to get JUSTICE for the crimes they are responding to and Shooting the suspect is NOT the answer weapon or no weapon. LA Cops shoot before saying anything to the suspects. 8 out of 10 times the shootings are uncalled for and it is just plain legal murder.

    • tim

      Cant agreed with you more

    • shootONsight

      whatever! some of these criminals are raping and kidnapping kids, robbing people and shooting at cops but stupid human rights people always want to protect them. what about the families that lose loved ones to these neanderthals. LINE EM UP, I’ll hit the switch on their as-es.

  • on the square guy

    lol.. “an embarrassment of lowlifes” lol… that came from someone named poon juice!!! I feel you Tim, everyone thinks its you thats crazy untill it happens to them or a family member…

  • joeorange

    Tim is right, there have been too many instances where a cop killed someone because the cop was nervous. There have been numerous occasions where an unarmed suspect has been killed by cops and the cops said that they feared for their life. There is no proof that the suspect was reaching for something. I remember one case where a service man was on his knees with his hands up and a cop shot him three times on videotape. The cop of course was found not guilty.

  • Tim is Gay

    Tim lives in his mom’s basement.

    • joeorange

      wow, you must be a 8 year old with a comment like that. Grow up.

  • tim

    Cops are Morons. All they do is lie.

  • Red Hat Lady

    Cops save all of us from crime and put their lives on the line every single day. The vast majority of them are good cops. They are trained to give a command to a suspect and if the suspect doesn’t comply and reaches for something in his pocket, then the criminal deserves to get shot. Better him than the police officer. This is not a perfect world and it never will be.

    I’m not a cop, a cop’s wife or even a personal friend of any cop. However, I appreciate the fact that cops are dealing with the worst types of people on a continuing basis and must be given some slack when they are confronting people who have displayed suspicious behavior, especially when it could mean life and death.

  • abcpc1

    The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to INVESTIGATE the police agencies in this city NOW, SHERIFFS AND LAPD. HOW many EXECUTIONS are we, the people, going to allow? “He reached into his pocket” NO WEAPON FOUND. Shoot first…ask questions LATER!

  • upyours

    Real tough to give your side of the story when you’re dead, dumba$$ pu$$ies.

  • mr.morfin

    this was one of my friends that got shot the police dont care if you have a gun or not over in california. shoot first ask questions later none of the kids had guns the police dept is full of sh*@ . t and always does this.

    RIP homie justice will be served

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