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The moment word started coming out that LeBron’s old coach might become Kobe’s new coach, we all were wondering, “Well, what does Kobe think about that?”

I think we all kind of assumed that he was likely consulted beforehand. No way the Lakers hire Kobe’s next coach — and Mike Brown no less — without at least asking what he thought, right?


According to, Kobe was “surprised” by the news about Brown and also a bit stunned that he wasn’t part of the decision-making process. Kobe before had been a solid backer of assistant Brian Shaw for the head coaching position and still reportedly remains in Shaw’s corner.

Shaw of course would be a bit more of a continuation of things that the Lakers had under Phil Jackson while Brown will come in and look to implement his own system and structure. For a superstar that might be looking at his final coach, I’m sure Kobe would’ve liked to have a say. Bryant doesn’t have a ton of time left in the league and his next coach will be the man in charge of getting him to another NBA Finals. If that doesn’t happen, Kobe’s not going to be happy.

Obviously the Lakers wanted something new. With the way the Lakers collapsed against the Mavericks, Shaw’s chances likely took a major hit. The Lakers likely saw a need for a new direction and Brown will provide them that. He’s a headstrong coach that gels well with players. His weakness has always been offense but I’m sure the front office is assuming with all the firepower the Lakers have, offense shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

It doesn’t sound like the new Kobe-Mike Brown relationship is off to a rocky start by any means, but evidently Kobe didn’t get to put in his two cents about the hire. Superstars like to have their say, especially when a decision with involve them. But the Lakers made their move and quite honestly, Brown could be a very good fit for the team. It’s all about Kobe though and I’m sure Brown knows that’ll be his first job: Win Kobe over.

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  1. Mark says:

    The problem is that offense was an issue…. a very big one. They need a coach that knows both sides of the court. This city deserves better…

  2. Jack says:

    Bad,bad pick…. I give him 2 seasons before he’s canned

  3. Shirley says:

    Let’s see how long it is before Kobe has another temper tantrum and destroys any inprovement

    1. Ron says:

      Shirley, you are correct about Kobe. I think the reason Kobe wasn’t consulted, is because they ARE going to TRADE him.

      And the reason they got Mike Brown so quickly, is because they want him in a position, to help decide who they are going after, as soon as the playoffs are over.

      I hope they get TEAM PLAYERS, NOT A 1 man show(i.e. Kobe).

      1. PHIL says:

        How much does a guy have to do to get the respect he deserves>
        Kobe has shown how much he is willing to do for The Team…it was the other players..big baby bynum, lamar reality show ,invisible gasol and artest.

  4. Tony says:

    Agree with Jack, 2 seasons max! This is just Jim Buss showing off his EGO!

  5. Ms K says:

    Kobe isn’t going anywhere! Lakers is his team. If you remember, Kobe just signed a 83 million dollar ext. He will bow out as a Laker!!!!

    1. Rodrigo Alvergue Breucop says:

      lakers is his team/???? no they are not, and it is LAKERS ARE HIS TEAM * …..

      1. Da Shiek says:

        Actually it is the ‘Lakers is his team” because team is a singular noun.

  6. idiot above says:

    Kobe is not going to get traded. You must be a closet Miami fan

  7. Julio says:

    Defense win games. And this guy hopefully will make them a better defensive team. As for the offense, Kobe, Pau and the rest of the guys need to pick it up.

  8. Barney Yarbrough says:

    Kobe is not leaving the Lakers! Really, the key to this new look laker team ia, “will Dwight Howard be at center for the Lakers and Andrew Bynum gone bye-bye?” Also, Blake, Matt Barnes and possibly Derek Fisher may be gone. It’s a new game and a new day in Cali-forn-i-a.

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