LOS ANGELES (CBSLosAngeles) – A website that’s correctly predicted the winner for each season of “American Idol” that it’s covered by measuring busy signals has made its selection for Tuesday night’s finale.

If you don’t want to read what may be a potential spoiler for Wednesday night’s results, then read no further.

According to DialIdol.com, Scott McCreery will be crowned American Idol champion over fellow teen sensation Lauren Alaina by a margin that wasn’t even close. The site shows McCreery finished with a score of 19.365, compared to Alaina’s 11.286.

DialIdol.com calculates its scores by using an algorithm that claims to measure the busy signal frequency of the voting hotlines for each contestant. According to the site: “Every three minutes the busy percentage is calculated for each Idol then weighted according to the time zones submitting data. Each intervals score is added up then averaged out to produce the DialIdol score. Using this method versus the original method of just calculating the actual busy percentage eliminates problems related to call volume and population influence.”

The site says its predictions are not scientific and does not recommend that users bet on the predictions, despite its accuracy.

Nonetheless, it appears that the gifted North Carolina teen with the deep, country voice will take the title in season 10. Of course, the show’s judges seemed to indicate otherwise, saying the 16-year-old Alaina outperformed her counterpart in Tuesday night’s final competition. Only time will tell whether the judges got it right this time, or whether the DialIdol algorithm will continue to prove correct.

Comments (2)
  1. noneoff says:

    I hope it’s Lauren!!!!!!!

  2. Noneoff says:

    It really should have been PIA Toscano, but the people did not want a perfect voice on a beautiful woman. They wanted to be entertained.

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