LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new report released on Wednesday shows hundreds of California prison inmates have been mistakenly set free.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports the news comes on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that requires the state cut its prison population to improve health care for those who remain behind bars.

An estimated 1,500 inmates were placed on unsupervised parole as a cost-cutting measure in 2010, but as many as 450 of them are dangerous, high-risk prisoners.

Long Beach State Senator Ted Lu says a computer error may have endangered public safety.

“Because these freed felons know that there’s no parole supervision, there’s no way that they can be sent back to prison, that affects their behavior and makes them more likely to commit future crimes,” said Lu.

Officials with the State Department of Corrections say the report by the state inspector general focuses on a program that is scheduled to be eliminated and on alleged errors that have been addressed.

Comments (18)
  1. Daryl says:

    This system is a joke

  2. krg says:


  3. Rick says:

    So that’s why Dodger Stadium was so crowded BEFORE the unfortunate Stow beating.

  4. kl says:

    If the inmates mistakenly release commit another murder, then the victims family should sue the state

    1. Tassie says:

      I agree but the government doesnt give a cr*p about the victims… I just hope none of them come out my way… Kinda makes me want to go buy a gun for protection at my home!

      1. Phuc d system says:

        Let’s make sure that the remaining prisoners have better health care. That’s so damn important.

  5. orange jumpsuit says:

    u mean im not spose to be free man? catch me if u can sucker

    1. tyron says:

      dont worry they coming for you sucker

  6. ginny says:

    I don’t see what all the bru-ha-ha is all about – 30,000 more on their way out thanks to our grant and glorious Supreme Court and the ACLU deciding that criminals deserve ,yet again,more rights then law abiding citizens. (pure sarcasm).

    1. upyours says:

      Why are you mentioning the Supreme Court and ACLU when this was done by the overpaid incompetent a$$wipes that are employed by the system, DUMBA$$?

  7. Charlie says:

    I Sure hope they are healthy went they get out cause I love sleeping with ex cons

  8. Michael J. McDermott says:

    They’d better all cross the street in designated crosswalks and had beh-heh-heh-der not jaywalk, or they can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows.
    You-hoo-hoo betcha!

  9. JohnOracle says:

    thats what happens what happenes with outsourcing codes. Software engineers here in California can’t find jobs while our friends in India having a enjoying the tech boom. Way to go our politicians!

    1. LISA says:

      I agree with you John o

  10. upyours says:

    And,all the the whiny pu$$y dumbsh!ts that listened to all the need to be tough on crime b.s did was vote to make millionaires of overpaid incompetent a$$wipe prison guards. Way to go girls, you might want to try and grow a pair.

  11. Darla Anderson says:

    …….sure, they did……and they just happened to announce this approximately three days after the supreme court decision that the California Government and the District Attorneys and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation had locked up so many 3 strikers and low-level offenders with non-violent and non-sexual offenders that there wasn’t room for the really bad guys and people were dying in prison and not receiving medical care because there were just too many in there….but, let’s all get this right….wink, wink…..hardened criminals were the ones that they let out without probation requirements……hope at least some of us are smart enough to know a strong fear tactic in a timely broadcasted warning when we hear one. Or perhaps you just have to be a prison wife, like me, with a husband locked up for 4 years for a DUI under duress that caused $600 (one day’s pay) damage to a bumper……There are criminals on both sides of the bars. Perhaps if we could let them tell their stories, they would tell you about who the real bad people are. What does that say about you, citizens of California, that you are afraid of your neighbor who had an alcohol addiction, but the courts wanted to throw a husband and a father of 7 children (and two of them with autism) in prison for 4 years, instead of rehabilitate him? California is the most unfriendly state in the country. The most unloving people here. Many of you are afraid of fear itself, and you are so gullible, swallowing everything the government and the sheriffs and the district attorneys and the California Department of Corrections feeds you. Many of you are filled with hatred and judgments against your fellow citizens, rather than love and forgiveness and a desire to see your neighbors rehabilitated, educated, and able to succeed. The felon mentality in California has got to go. Of course there are bad eggs that need to stay locked up. But, not 170,000 or more. That’s not criminals; that’s a money making machine!!!! You just don’t know how they are doing what they are doing. But, a lot of it you either voted for or you voted the legislators responsible into office. It all goes rather nicely, until you’re the one in the bullseye. Then, you get to figure out just how the red hour glass on the belly of the black widow wiggles as the spider tightens her silk noose around your body.

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