Deputies Shoot Suspect, Nab Another Fleeing From Stolen Car


WILLOWBROOK (CBS) Deputies fired at two men driving a stolen car after they ran from the vehicle Wednesday night.

The shooting occurred at 118th Street and Central Avenue in Willowbrook.

One of the suspects was wounded and taken to a local hospital.

Deputies detained the other suspect.

  • 415PC South Bureau

    Here we go again. Their have been more OIS in Los Angeles in recent Months. It is obvious that the criminals are hard are work. We need to pray for our Law Enforcement officers and the general public. It is nonsense to hear about the 2 yr old being shot in the head. We need to pray!!!!

  • Bill Cody

    6 months in the academy and a GED (Good Enough Diploma)gets you a badge and a gun, but hardly prepares you to handle both. More time definetly needed before turning these guys loose on the street with all these savages running around.

    • CopWatch

      The Savage would b the 1 who killed the unarmed young man

  • Steamboatsig

    I don’t know if you shoot guns or not, but hitting a target while moving for cover and under duress is extremely difficult.

    • Tommyboy

      Especially with a handgun!

  • santamonica

    my boy waz killed he had no weapons we need justice to be served he didnt deserve to die like that cold blood murded pig we love you will you will be missed .

  • haters

    I cant believe how many haters there are in this world betteroff god bless u your just a punk yourself but wat goes around comes around and there gona pay damn pigz onkonk

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