Attorney: Suspect In Bryan Stow Beating Has An Alibi

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An attorney for 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez, the only named suspect in the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, says his client has an alibi.

Ramirez, who is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles on a probation violation, has not yet been formally charged with attacking Stow.

Witnesses will be asked to identify Ramirez in a lineup Wednesday, but attorney Chip Matthews says Ramirez’s daughter will testify that her dad was with her – not at Dodger Stadium on March 31.

“She is a beautiful, smart young lady and she will happily testify about that,” Matthews said. “The believability that she brings to the table will serve him well.”

Meanwhile, an attorney for Bryan Stow’s family has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Frank McCourt, alleging security was insufficient on Opening Day.

They are reportedly asking for $30 million to care for the 42-year-old paramedic and father who now needs around-the-clock care.

Police are still looking for another man wanted in the assault, as well as a woman who allegedly drove a getaway vehicle after the attack.

  • Stiggy

    1st – Innocent until proven guilty Suzie. Jeez.
    2nd – “The believability that she brings” How about the truth that she brings? Anyone can make something believable.

    • Everyday Guy

      Stiggy, your relative is guilty. Accept it.

      • Villaraigosa is a rat!

        @Everyday Guy

        Is gay everyday

      • zol

        everyday guy, PROVE IT u dum fq. please dont be another stupid person

      • Everyday Guy

        Zol, pick up your leaf blower and get back to work.

    • bondgirl

      When it comes to gang members……. NEVER believe them!

  • anapol

    Is the ‘getaway driver’ going to confirm the story?

    • TT

      they should cut a deal with her.. to get the other 2

  • looker

    if this guy is let go, we are left with the embarrassment of lapd again. Beck try doing your job correctly instead of trying to look good in the media.

  • Angie

    This is ignorance at its best.

    • David J.

      Thank You Angie..It really is. I can hardly believe the comments here..Sigh!

      • looker

        sadely thats the society we live in.

  • Anthonyd Smith

    How many people you exploit and rape to get here, Columbus?

  • KeithS

    Wow, the only child in the history of mankind who has an exact sense of where she was on a particular date and time almost two months later. Then again, maybe the defense will have her Facebook post saying “OMG! Here it is March 31st at 2PM and I’m just chillin’ with my dad(LOL)”

    • Jeezus

      best comment Keith S

      cause i’ve been following this case every day and couldn’t for the life of me remember where i was or what i was doing that day when it happened. So either this girl watches the news and knew about this case in the first place, or she keeps a diary/calendar of her daily activities. Otherwise there’s no reason she’d have that particular date to reference back to later on. The only reason that fits that she would remember that day is if something significant happened on that day to make her remember that specific day. Maybe as in it was the day daddy got all worked up about something he just did and that’s when everything changed and the daddy was on the run and getting his tattoo changed and whatever else. The law is so warped. The good get punished and the bad get helped.

  • Erika

    it’s not hard to remember where you were on opening day. But, The little girl was probably in school. Lame ass attorney. Fry his ass.

    • John Q.

      Game started at 5PM. Scool ends between 2 and 3. Look who’s lame now.

      • John Q.

        missed an h…should be school

    • Stuart

      just to let you know, it was a holiday that day and there was no school…

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Maybe Giovanni Ramirez is innocent – let’s hear what the girl has to say and go from there. Today there will be a line-up so let’s see how that turns out. The Police have been wrong before – and if we are all truthful with ourselves –most gang-bangers do look like one another; Mexican, shaved head, brown eyes and tattoos. As for myself, and I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, I would believe the police do have the right guy but again, I could be proven wrong and if I am wrong, I will accept that I was wrong. It is natural for a family to protect their own – we are all guilty of this. No one wants to see one of their family members in prison, it’s painful to watch. I hope the truth comes out, guilty or not, so that the Stow family can find closure. (If that’s what you want to call it)

  • JKinLA

    The amount of hate and racism on this comment thread is absolutely shocking to me. We ALL hope the police have caught the real perpetrator. One does not have to be a racist to hope that the person(s) who perpetrated this crime are identified, captured, prosecuted and punished. Do any of you self-professed Mexico-haters think you are more offended by this heinous crime than I am, or any of us who adhere to the uniquely AMERICAN law of innocent until proven guiilty? None of us knows the facts. None of us knows this man, or his daughter, or the parole agent who tipped the cops, or any of the facts that caused the police to arrest him. I, for one, will wait and see what unfolds before passing judgment on this man. I hope, for all our sakes, that the cops, the prosecutors, this man’s attorney AND the jury (if there is one) all do a solid, honest job in their respective roles. Then, if he is convicted, we can all be assured that justice is served. No one wins if the wrong person is convicted — and the true perps go free.

    • TT

      Agreed – The only thing that would make this worse is if the wrong man went to prison for a crime he actually didnt commit – another family would be torn apart for nothing and the real bad guys would get the opportunity to do it again…

      • Jorge

        How would that be “worse?” Clearly this dude belongs in prison, whether he did Stow or not, just by looking at him you know he’s done plenty to deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.

    • Jeff

      Maybe people wouldn’t post racist comments if Mexicans would stop gang banging, stealing, coming here illegally, murdering and doing other heinous things.

      • stuart

        all race gang bang…. not everyone is mexican…….

    • Angie

      Amen. Nicely said

      • NM


  • David J.

    Junior, you’ve no idea of what you are even talking about. Just full of Hate like so many others. California could slip into the sea too. Who says they don’t have evidence? You? How can you be so sure? Do you know something about the case that the rest of us need to know? They are still in the process of gathering evidence. Remember this, they have a # of witnesses and they will remember his face if they see him again..

    • Villaraigosa is a rat!


      Witnesses my a**

      This will falsely imprison a man for the color of his skin and not his actions

      • Jeezus

        and you will falsely follow someone because of the color of their skin

    • stnh

      More than likely they don’t have enough evidence. After all, this little thug’s attorney was the one who was smiling for the cameras tonight, not the D.A.’s office.

  • Core

    They should let Cleeland high schools magnet program over see the case. CoreBAby

  • junior

    David j for your information when someone gets arrested on any crime the da’s office has 48hours to formally charge the person with the crime the only reason he is still in custody is over a parole violation if they had all the evidence he would have been charged since monday

    • Voice of Reason

      I don’t think they have all the evidence they need to make the arrest stick. The detectives are hoping he’ll cave and give them a confession to make their case. Otherwise, they would have charged him by now. The only reason he is still in custody is because of the parole violation, which also won’t stand without evidence once he goes to his parole hearing and he will be released. Hasn’t anyone seen how detectives work the cases on “The First 48?”

    • Karen

      Or junior, they are waiting to charge all three at the same time OR they have some other reason. I don’t agree that they don’t have evidence. I don’t think they would have announced the arrest if they did not think he did it. It’s too high profile of a case.

    • Angie

      they do not have to charge him within 48 hours, if they are holding him on other crimes or parole violations. The fact that he is being held for parole violations voids the 48 hour rule, thus, giving the LAPD more time to charge him. If he is released on the parole violation, then the have to charge him or release him. But until a release happens, the LAPD has all the time in the world to collect evidence. If you are going to post, you should know your laws. Sorry guys.The sad thing is, if he did do it, he won’t give up his friends and he will take the butt of the crime alone and they will be harder on him.

      • Karen

        Why is that sad that he takes the butt of it. He was the most vicious attacker per the police. And thank you for pointing out the law.

      • Thomas

        Other crimes and parole violations? LOL….I’m sure his daughter will be happy to provide an alibi for those accusations as well.

  • INS

    Hope this guys is Ramirez is innocent. Why, because its sad
    to see him use a 10 year old to bail him out of this mess and lie for
    him if he is guilty.

  • Karen

    I am not certain this alibi will fly. Usually the testimony of children is not even considered by a court. I looked in this article to see how she is but it’s not stated. When I heard the story on KNX1070 (CBS News Radio), I got the distinct impression that this child is less than 10 years old.

    • Angie

      Karen, I guess that came out wrong about the butt of it all. I was mearly truying to say that he should give them all up and they should all be convicted. That is “if” he did it. I am not going to judge him until all facts are in. But I certainly do not think he is innocent in life. They are holding him on parole violations, so he is, in fact, a criminal.

      • Karen

        I agree with you Angie. I came online to see the result of the lineup. I hope they got at least one of the criminals that beat a man until he was brain dead. I can not stop thinking about the victim’s children. They lost a dad and hopefully their dad will return, good as new, but the reports I hear are not exactly encouraging.

  • Sara

    I find it hard to believe that if this man is really innocent, no one has come up and proclaimed his innocence. What about his “friends” in those pics that he says prove his innocence? Why haven’t those friends talked to the media to proclaim his innocence????
    I don’t know about you, but if this was my friend, and I was in those pics, and I KNEW for a FACT that he was not at the game, I would definitely be talking to the media about it!!!
    Something smells fishy here!!!!!

  • tyron

    hey suzie you are a moron

    • Tryron's Mom

      shut up, tyron. You can’t even spell your name right you moron. Suzie is right.

    • Ed Rooney

      why? she’s right, you dirtbag

  • Karen

    The fact that he has parole violations means he is NOT the most upstanding person in the first place.

  • Priscilla

    Now I know why the police never mentioned any description of his tattoos! That was evidence, and they were afraid the perpetrator would tamper the evidence! I bet they have the right guy!!!

  • Voice of Reason

    Cops will blame anyone just to close a case and look good before the public. This has happened before with the guy who was accused and arrested of gunning down a woman a few years ago and then had an airtight alibi. He was taped on Larry David’s show “Curb your Enthusiasm” in the audience of a ball game at the same time this shooting allegedly happened. This video proved his innocence and the police were convinced he was the perpetrator and even made a public announcement at a press conference of the arrest as they did in this case.. The cops are known to use scapegoats when they feel the pressure of making an arrest. Wake up people! Cops are just at corrupt as anyone else and are also capable of making mistakes like everyone else. This guy could very well be innocent and have a credible and legitimate alibi.

    • Karen

      Because this is a high profile case, I don’t that is true in this case.

    • D Dog

      totally agree. not to mention the pressure they are under to catch these people. it’s sad, but true.

    • A guy that loves all Latinos

      Hey V o R, great point. Was the random loser in your story some mex gang banger on parole with a bunch of gang tatoos? Because I don’t think this loser would have been able to make it into the audience of curb your enthusiasm, because he looks a little too dangerous.

  • geeM

    This all smells rotten. Criminals that commited this act don’t need any phony defense from anyone. And bringing a child into it ………
    The lawyer has such a wonderful client. I’m sure he is overjoyed to defend such a fine upstanding pillar of society.

  • D Dog

    Again a bunch if ignorant people on here talking a lot of trash. Hopefully it’s not because the LAPD looks bad and now they have all this pressure to find these guys. 1st of all, these sketches, that can be anybody. Why has it take so long. Don’t you think their neighbor wouldn’t recognize them. C0-workers, etc. They think maybe the have some criminal who maybe doesn’t know his rights so let’s just blame him and close this case. Another innocent guy in jail and LAPD catches their man.

  • Villaraigosa is a rat!

    The guy on the left can honestly be my cousin.

    • Mouse

      Your cousin is on parole with a bunch of gang tatoos, and he beat to death some father of two? You should turn him in and collect the reward money.

      • Villaraigosa is a rat!

        No one got beat to death.

        There is a difference between being in a coma and being dead.

        Prayers go out to the Stow family.

  • Villaraigosa is a rat!

    My cousin better hope that those unpaid parking tickets don’t lead people to believe he’s guilty.

    Those two sketches are not great.

    People will not be able to I.D. them correctly. They will punish the wrong individual like many cases of rape suspects. Only to be found innocent years later.

    • Everyday Guy

      You need to go back to mowing my lawn. Joto.

      • ript

        Everyday Gay,

        You seriously need to ease up on your racial comments and consider sticking your head back in your corn hole and leaving it there until after you have had a good bowel movement.

  • BA

    All of you!! Hush hush!! If I was at opening day they’re would be two punks in comas and Mr Stow would be doing just fine. All those so called witnesses should be arrested for not being good Samaritans. Shame on you for letting it happen. Wusses!!

  • Jeff

    Bwahahahaha!!! A “beautiful nation of brown skin”. That’s the funniest thing i’ve heard. Yeh, since you brown people have done so well with Mexico. You’re either a complete idiot or in denial at the fact that your people destroy whatever they touch. Go back to Mexico, we’ll gladly let you…moron.

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