‘Anti-Mutilation’ Group Calls For Santa Monica Ban On Male Circumcision

SANTA MONICA (CBS) — A Southland activist group on Wednesday kicked off their campaign to put a measure before city voters that would prohibit performing a circumcision on any boy under 18 an effort that some religious groups are calling unconstitutional.

San Diego-based anti-circumcision group MGM Bill recently succeeded in placing a similar initiative on the ballot in San Francisco for November, and now they want Santa Monica to vote on the measure in 2012.

The ban, which would extend to all circumcision procedures — even those performed for religious purposes — is aimed at supplementing existing California law that prohibits female genital mutilation and extending that protection to young boys.

Orthodox Rabbi Isaac Levitansky told KNX 1070’s John Brooks that the Greeks, Romans and other governments have all tried to ban circumcision without success.

“The Jewish people, under the scrutiny of the U.S.S.R., also did circumcisions underground,” said Levitansky.

But the proposed ban on a practice found in both Judaism and Islam has riled up religious groups, who contend that any such measure would be a direct assault on their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion.

The group notes on its website that Muslims represent the largest single group of circumcised men in the world, but contends that despite religious objections, “no one has the right to cut off the working body part of a child”.

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  • Teufel Wolf

    Genital mutilation of children is not a religious right.

    • Ocean Blue

      Forcing your beliefs on others is not a constitutional right.

      Sort of balances out, no?

  • Miles

    really…with everything going on in the world, this is what some people fixate on. government is helping big business destroy america, more and more are homeless, jobless and sick by the day with no signs of stopping and a tradition that has been practiced for centuries and possibly helps stave off the risk of STDs is deemed mored pressing. get a life. wake up. pay attention.

  • Fed Up

    Get out of peoples lives. Next it will be anti ear piercing laws, anti tattoo laws, and then what? anti hair cutting laws. The fascist left is already trying to control what we eat, what we drive, how much we weigh, where we can and can’t live, etc… Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

    • bcb


    • Fed Up Too

      You’re awesome, Fed Up. :)

  • Jim

    I thought all the nut jobs lived in Frisco but some must be migrating south.

  • walt

    Only in California…truly, the land of FRUITS and NUTS!

  • Bonnie

    Santa Monica ? No public rstrooms by the 3rd St Promenade, homeless all over the place, no smoking anywhere, except for pot, and now this ???

  • stix

    The peoples republic of santa monica is heavily jewish.
    They will use their heavy political influence to doom this issue.

    • Bonnie

      No it isn’t heavily Jewish…..white libs, not Jews mostly live there. Pico Robertson is.

  • bob


    No ‘working parts’ are cut off. It’s just a piece of skin covering the working part.

    • bcb

      Good point you made.

  • The Mad Man

    I thought anything done about the child was up to the parents UNTIL THE CHILD BECOMES OF AGE.

  • Denise

    Well, God did put it there for a reason right? I’m not for banning it, it’s definitely up to the parents, but I do think more people should look into it before just doing it because it’s the norm!

    • bcb

      I agree that it should definately be left up to the parents.

  • Linda Trimble

    Santa Monica is really becoming like living under a tyranical run city. What’s next monitoring your sex life, asking what position you like, then what time of dat you prefer? If it is not under the cities guidelines do you go to prison for a act of felony, please give me a break!

  • ucucuc

    What is constitutional ?

    What about : if you wanna do it, do it…

    if you don’t… just don’t…


  • Grrr888ful

    I bet you these same people are for abortions….how ironic

  • Chino31

    Ahh, so if there was someone stating their religion demands that they cut their newborns earlobes off, it should be allowed right? Because of course we don’t want big government telling us what we should do with our babies, they are ours until they’re 18. Freedom of Religion seems to safegaurd a lot of stupid outdated beliefs. I think another humans right to be pain free trumps FoR. Oh but the baby won’t remember the temporary pain you say, like that gets you off the hook.
    Why not put off the genital mutilation, and let the child make an informed decision later on in life, no, that sounds to logical for most religious people.

  • The Mad Man

    The male foreskin should not be up for debate. If it becomes law, there will be an exercise tax, a tax for waste, and the law suits…my parents made me do it…or not. Get the foreskins out of office that thought up this law!

  • Fran

    We should protect children from this sort of abuse. Blame the pro-immigration crowd as well as those disgusting, deceitful doctors who say it is a medical necessity.

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