SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A group of men armed with semi-automatic handguns shot at vice squad police officers in South Los Angeles Wednesday.

No injuries were reported.

Police were called to 41st Street, between Main Street and Broadway, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, LAPD Officer Karen Rayner said.

Rayner said did not know the circumstances of the shooting, but said sharpshooters were also called because the suspects might be holed up in a home nearby.

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Comments (15)
  1. mike says:

    That job would suck to have!!! Further more crime is out of control right now in LA and those criminals (LA city council) just took money from them and told them it was there problem. The police should just do the bare minimum and show how bad we need them. Let’s clean house with the racist La mayor and the entire city council and start fresh. We need people who know how to make money instead of hiring an idiot due to Affirmative action. All LA needs is new management!!!

    1. R. Gary Cousineau says:

      During the Cuban missile crises enraged Soviet Premiere Khruchev pounded his shoe on the table at the UN as he raged at the Americans “We will bury you and you will pay to breed your own executioners”

      Despite millions of homeless Viet Nam veterans on our streets, after the (supposed) fall of the Soviet Union we took in forty millions of these former enemies into our country in ten years.

      We set many of them up over our own people and put fifty thousand Russian Jews on full Social Security as religious refugees,. (Despite not paying for it and the separation of church and state demanded in our constitution- despite so many having worked for the KGB or being family members)

      They built the weapons and trained the enemies that killed us in Viet Nam and our country treated them better than the Viet Nam veterans.

      During an interview on ABC, ex-Soviet Premiere Gorbachov said after their fall, that losing the war in Viet Nam won the cold war for the west and saved the world from a nuclear holocaust that almost happened and likely would have happened had we won it.

      Premiere Khruchev was right!
      We paid to breed our own executioners and we’re about to get what we paid as soon as they’re done executing/exterminating the enemies of Israel.

      The energy is building again for the genetically engineered predators we all paid taxes to breed, to form an unholy alliance with the people scammed into paying taxes to breed them- against those responsible for manipulating this and so much more injustice!

    2. Saber 1 says:

      They should riot and burn down the whole toilet, then move to Riverside and crime in LA would go down.

  2. Cat says:

    ok this was very scary my daughter goes to school a blok from there and I went to pick her up all hell had broke lose I hope LAPD makes these streets safer for everyone

    1. Wow!!! I can't belive your spelling! says:

      Excuse me Cat however; perhaps you should go to the school and retake a few English lesson?

      1. mama says:

        Believe is spelled believe

  3. Charlie sheen says:

    Ahhhh, South Central LA, such a nice, peaceful neighborhood, enough said,

  4. citizenx says:

    Hmmmm, lets see here. Cut overtime, cut equipment, cut promotions, no pay raises in 6 years and now let talk about giving LAPD a 10% pay cut or threaten them with furloughs and decrease in pensions and medical care. I wonder what is going to happen to the “Lowest Crime since the 60’s LA?” Odds are in a year or two its going to look like 1984 again where a single police division in South LA starts experiencing triple digit homicide numbers and even the rich folks find themselves getting their cars stolen, wives raped and children killed in random acts of violence. LAPD homicide detectives are forced to go home 3-4 days out of the week right now with the overtime cuts. Gee, I wonder how many murders are going to get solved with this brilliant strategy composed by the idiot mayor and moronic city council? Standby Los Angeles, the storm is coming.

    1. upyours says:

      Well, Chicken Little, obviously, you missed this week’s news about the overpaid incompetent a$$wipe cops bragging that crime is down some 10%. Try growing a pair, sniveling pu$$Y

  5. Jamaican josh says:

    DRUG CARTELS! this kind of incident is only going to happen more frequently. Oh but the illegals only come to work and earn an honest living…. Yeah right!

    1. ThisIsn'tYourGun! says:

      Well Josh, I’m not sure how the Jamaican cartels work, but if you knew anything about law enforcement, you would know that Drug Cartels from Mexico have been here since the 90s. However, most of these are low levels hoods, transporters, money handling, property scouts, and an occassional contract hitman. And most illegals are NOT drug cartel members. In fact, drug cartels don’t actually need to be in the US, they simply provide, they don’t run drug houses, or extort. Cartels go as far as delivery and collection of funds. And most of this functionsd are done by.. AMERICAN Citizens. Yes, that’s right. Cartels from Mexico have “pacts” with just about every organized crime syndicate in the US, to include the Mexican Mafia (Which only allow Chicano, or Mexican Americans), Italian Mafia, Turks, Armenian Families, Russians, and all the Asian organizations, triads, yakuzas, and vietnamese gangs. So just because you see illegals wearing cowboy boots and hats, doesnt’ mean they are Cartel members. And yes, MOST of the 12million illegals in this country ARE hard workers, religious, family people, community oriented, and even pay TAXES, yes taxes (albeit with fake SSN) – they love their multiple children credits. Honest and hardworking illegals are in every major community in the US, and US Citizen thugs and criminals are as well. So next time, you see the local gangsters… ask them for a green card… or rather a US passport. Glad you pay our taxes to deal with these illegals. Too bad, your tax dollars don’t go far – as the typical illegal immigrant crime is. … a DUI.

      1. arizona dreamact says:

        typical illegal immigrant crime is dui?? THAT THERE IS ENOUGH CRIME ITSELF. they kill someone daily in hit&run, and this is the only time they goe back to thier country when the cops are looking for them if only they take those crying bimbos with them.

  6. anonymous says:

    How’s that war on drugs going guys?

  7. Jamaican Josh says:

    ThisIsn’tYourGun!, it sure is amazing the way you make illegals sound like angels! Yes America has it’s share of criminals, but why should we take on the burden of other countries. As for the cartels, I’m sure they have been here much longer than the 90’s, but now it is more prevelant. You talk about DUI’s being the typical crime of an illegal immigrant but what about rape, child molestation, assault, murder, burglaries, property damage??? You obviously must be reading “Fairy Tales of Illegal Immigrants Vol 1” lol! You also talk about DUI’s as being a small crime. How many innocent people are killed by drunk drivers? Get those numbers and the number of illegals that have killed innocent American Citizens!

  8. J wilkes says:

    Lets get those new techie squad cars going…with” wifi “, “infra-red scanners” and “license plate scanners” ….so the “sweeps can start ” of the harassed

    Fines can be paid …on Visa or Master Card…. meanwhile….

    That’ll surely scare the pants off the gang & cartel members…..

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