CHINO HILLS (CBS) — Some Chino Hills residents are upset that Southern California Edison is putting 200-foot electrical towers in their neighborhood. Actually, upset is an understatement.

Someone once said fences make good neigbors…but electric towers? Not so much. One says, “It’s astounding they could do this. They could put this monster in my backyard.”

The towers are within 15 yards of homes. As one resident said to KCAL9’s Greg Mills, “If one of those poles falls over, it’s taking out my house, my family, my children.”

It’s part of a 173-mile project Edison is undertaking to bring renewable energy to customers from the Antelope Valley to San Bernardino County.

Mills reports Edison insists they have control of the existing right of way and they repeatedly notified residents of their plans to build and held community forums to get feedback.

Customers admit they understand Edison controls that area.  But, the new poles are twice as high as previous towers and residents feel the obvious eyesores will hurt the re-sale value of their homes. And not only that, many are not thrilled that those towers are carrying 500 kilovolts of power.

Neighbors have spent 4-5 years fighting the project and  Chino Hills Mayor Ed Graham says, “2.4 million” of tax payer money has been spent in the fight. Property values will drop.”

SCE had the chance to put the towers through a non-residential area (specifically Chino Hills State Park) but decided on a different route. The California Public Utilities Commission signed off on the location.

The previous power lines were inactive, for decades, but SCE insists residents moving in should have known new or larger towers were possible.

The City of Chino Hills is currently in a lawsuit and appealing the Commission’s decision.

Comments (27)
  1. Barry says:

    What’s more important – progress or home resale values? Considering the drop in values they suffered due to the housing slump, I doubt they will notice the price drop.

  2. m b says:

    Hey, you lame voters voted in this silly law – essentially signing-up to 50% higher electric rates in the short term, and even higher in the future. The wires to the ‘renewable’ energy field need to go somewhere.

    So man-up and take it. You voted for it! Enjoy the additional job losses, too.

    California – set on its own destruction.

  3. Hoosier says:

    OMG! UGLY! And dangerous to health of children. I would leave my house and move.

  4. jon olson says:

    yeah, forget the cell phone alledged radiation

  5. John says:

    I feel sorry for Chino Hills residents. The reporter seemed to be bias towards Edison. Very disappointed with KCAL and KCBS

    1. Victoria says:

      agreed…we are in the Foothills of Duarte, and face a much worse problem. Towers are a mere 20′ from our back yard. Two of them, back to back. Beautiful preserved land, owned by the City and SCE took over and ruined a bears den amoung other wildlife. Called KCAL, 4 times…no one ever responded. Sad…but true!

  6. snmfx says:

    You idiots should have attended the meetings. I bet none of you morons vote either. You deserve these towers for your utter incompetence. You live in Chino Hills…think about that and love those towers!!!

    1. Mel says:

      VOTE? Voting was NOT an option…dumb a$$. It was forced down our throats! Meetings, voting, ha…what a joke. Edison took over the land, no opinions or comments, meetings or protests coud have stopped them.
      Boy, you’re the idiot.

  7. Mike says:

    WOW KCAL/KCBS totally bias, I feel sorry for the residents as well. Chino Hills is such a nice city.

  8. Electrica Tower Realities Not Myths says:

    Although not 100% definite, research in Asia have shown these high voltage electric towers are related to increase in cancer among area residents. That is the reason many people in other countries never allow these towers to be build near residential areas or schools, even government reps listen to the public due to threats of voting them out of office if such disparaties occur.

    1. anonymous says:

      Fortunately or Unfortunately (depends on your point of view), the utility company usually owns the right of way where the power lines are going. The article states that the new towers are taller than the old towers that are already in place. The tower height is related to the voltage of the transmission line. There is concern about the effects of EMF over the long term (see electricians leukemia). The residents need to do their homework about the health effects, ways to mitigate them and not worry about their home values…

  9. N Z says:

    I live by these towers , and i did get the letters about these towers with a map believe me those maps were not even close what we we see, its goingh to effect the prices of our home which already are because of the economy , I wish someone can help us stop all this its making our neighboerhood looks ugly,

    1. Andrew P. says:

      Nobody is going to help you until you can properly put together a sentence.

  10. N Z says:

    WOW KCAL/KCBS totally bias favoring Edison . No feeling for the homeowers who are loosing the value of the home, the viewfrom there homes for which we paid etc .

    1. TT says:

      i would be less concerned about property value and more concerned about the effect it will have on your health n well being….

  11. Jason says:

    Try opening your eyes and doing research before moving into a house next time. What do you think easements and row’s are for? Flowers and wildlife? Ignorance won’t win you this battle. You might as well move because those towers are going to be there for a very very long time because they have the right to be.

  12. leprechankid says:

    Well, we had to deal with all of you taking out our riding paths and stables, so you can learn to deal with the next phase of progress. Welcome to the real world..

  13. MrFrosty says:

    Oh please you want cheap energy, but then scream “not in my backyard”.
    man up and assume some responsibility for our childrens futures, and stop whining about physical appearances.

    We have wind towers here, they aren’t pretty, but if that’s what it takes to ensure our future energy needs, then so be it.

    just try living without power for a few days…you’ll change your mind when your cellphone goes dead and your food all spoils!!!

  14. Jack Simmons says:

    When we bought these homes, there was not any electricity running thru the existing lines, they were off. We were told that the lines were back-up lines. Now Edison puts up these monsters with 6 lines containing over 500,000 volts each. That’s over 6 million volts combined. This has never been done before, the residents could not have anticipated this. No One voted for “green energy”, the legislature forced Edison to produce a certain percentage off green energy. Edison never explained how big the poles were going to be or where the poles would be placed. Chino Hills offered alternative routes, but Edison did not want to spend the few extra dollars to keep the lines away from homes.

  15. Jack Simmons says:

    These lines will not even provide power to Chino Hills.

  16. Chino Hills Resident says:

    These cement monster belong in a desert not near people. No homes ever should have been built in this area at all if this is what the plan was. Everyone involved in the plan previously should be held accountable for ever allowing people to be in this area. Honestly, who would ever sign up to live next to a 200 FT power pole? Please! This is horrible! And like leprechankid
    said…first the trails, the stables, (the rolling hills, corn fields)…and now our city looks like TWILIGHT ZONE! Horrible. I don’t live in this neighborhood but I have a terrific view of it from Carbon Cyn. I cringe everytime I walk out my front door.

    1. Harold Buchanan says:

      Be the first to raze the homes. Lets buy up the homes in the area, or ask the unhappy homeowners to donate them, I will launch a non profitwebsite like http://www.razed homes for, and just tear them all down. Put in hiking trails, oh no the electromagnetic force would cause cancer in the hikers and the view would still look like twilight zone. Then I suppose we could we could also have a list of unhappy viewers and help them find a new place to live without utility poles.

  17. Chino Hills Resident says:

    Obviously Harold you must be a developer for an energy company and have been exposed to one too many electromagnetic forces to have an intelligent conversation with…or excuse me…a COMMON SENSE conversation with. This boils down to common sense. Nothing more. Common sense tells you these MONSTERS do NOT belong within a community. Maybe you received one hefty bonus and that’s how you can justify your view point?

  18. Clara says:

    Please sign this petition to bring down the power towers in Chino Hills. It would help us a great deal.


    Hello I’m very upset about these unsightly monstrosities that are invading our Hills. I’ve lived in Chino Hills since the early 60s, we had one of the largest cattle ranches. Chino Hills was not the city at that time, it was unincorporated,. So you can imagine the changes that we have seen literally. We live on top of one of the highest peaks. By far over the 47 years that we have lived here, those 500.000-VOLT TRANSMISSION POLES stick out like a sore sore thumb from here. It’s the most craziest, ugly, asinine, prophetic, lamebrain, out of place, inconsiderate, unsightly, quickfix, easy way out, cheapest, F up that Southern California Edison Company has ever made. I’m sure the CPUC Commissioner’s and SCE executives would not allow those monstrosities to be built in their communities.

    I have a solution, instead of taking away from the beauty of our community, try giving back.
    This is an article that I came across about a community that has made sure their power poles and cell phone poles blend in, instead of takeover .Artificial palm tree & pine tree with metal tree branches, quite good for disguising utilities

    The town has an artificial eastern white pine tree to camouflage their utility poles.
    This 100-foot-tall “stealth” cell tower that resembles an eastern white pine tree, many visitors to The Greenbrier may never realize it’s here, but will benefit from its high-tech services.
    Called a “monopine,” the fake pine tree has 216 branches that start 20 feet above the ground which hide the bread-box-size receivers and transmitters. It took about 10 days to construct the tree towers at a cost of $140,000. If very small price to pay, and you could get creative with these monopine trees for the holiday season. I know Southern California Edison puts on spectacular Christmas lights shows. Would you please consider the idea. Sincerely, a resident of beautiful Chino Hills. Sarah Vanderpool

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