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CBS2’sCutest Pet Contest wraps up this Wednesday. American Idol got nothin’ on us. Two dogs, a cat, a bird, and a pig.  Now I have to be honest: I have zero say in the outcome. So all of those steaks, show tickets, limousine vouchers, and bags of cash with big “$”-signs on the side that you’ve sent really didn’t change anything. (Note to HR: he’s kidding. -Ed.) Sibila, Josh, and Whitney, ditto.

But I have noticed a slight bit of subtle campaigning for one of the finalists. The pig! The slight bit of subtle campaigning has gone something like “I think they should pick the pig!” I won’t say who said that, but let’s just call her W. Drolen.  No, that’s too obvious: let’s say Whitney D.

Actually, the pig might be a wise choice. If our judges (did I mention we’re not the judges?) pick a dog, the cat people will be mad.  If we pick a cat, the dog people … etc., etc. The parrot is pretty; but for that very reason –people standing next to its cage all day, yelling ‘pretty bird! pretty bird!’– it’s probably had its moment.

How often does a pig win a cutest pet contest? This would be an inspiration to all other pigs to keep reaching for the stars. Besides, if any of the other animals lose, I don’t see them faced with a future that includes the words “$2.95/lb.”  Just sayin’.

Don’t forget to vote. And see the final results, Wednesday, on CBS@ News, 4:30- 7 a.m.

Comments (2)
  1. Janet Ragonesi says:

    Kahila is worthy along with the other pets as the cutest pet She is a bird with a brain as well as beauty and character.

    As a lover of all animals I would not under estimate birds as they are the worlds ecologist. Yes they help keep our world green!

    Exotic birds such as parrots are not only beautiful they are funny, loving and intelligent. They can learn to associate words and phrases. They mimic what we teach them or what they hear “Pretty Bird”! Or “Polly want a cracker”! That is what you get. They are so much more! Yes they are messy and can be loud as birds are “Flock” creatures. In the wild they are found in flocks, in our homes “We are the FLOCK”.

    They can learn to associate and talk in any language. If your from France your companion parrots will learn French, or English or British. As I said they can learn to associate and they can make phases in association, to lets us know what they want! Check out the “Alex Foundation”. Lean about African Greys! They can learn our language but can we speak parrot!

    When considering a parrot as a pet take the time to learn about birds especially their body language we can learn so much from them. They can make wonderful companions if treated with respect, given fresh food and water and a clean cage daily, including interacting with they human companions (flock). It is important to choose a bird that fits into your families life style.

    Again, Kahila is worthy along with the other pets as the cutest pet She is a bird with a brain as well as beauty and character. Just call me Bird Brain. Janet Ragonesi
    South Bay Bird Society.

  2. sandie says:

    I never thought of a bird being “cute”. Sure, I have seen them fly overhead, sit on a tree or perch, but not cute. But this picture of Khalia, laying on its side and playing with a toy appears to look over and say “hi”. That sweet face, with its beautiful blue and yellow colors and black beak, is certainly cute.

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