Newbury Park Students Say Limo Company Ruined Their Prom

NEWBURY PARK (CBS) — Years from now they may laugh about it, but some local high school seniors are not amused about the rusted-out ride that took them to their prom.

Fifty five kids each paid $80 Orange County-based Platinum Express Limo for a VIP ride, but what they got was a dumpy, dirty, rusted-out bus.

KCAL9’s Suzie Suh spoke to the disillusioned students.

They told her the bus smelled, didn’t have any of the advertised specials, like a flat-screen TV in the back and light-up poles, and was a dirty mess.

A manager for the company apologized and said the bus they ordered had unfortunately broken down on the way and another company sent the replacement

They said they are offering the students partial refunds and a free ride in the future.

  • Crazy Irish

    If you own a limo business you got to have an extra limo for situations like that. They should get a full refund and an apology. At my prom our driver was a jerk, made us sign a contract prohibiting any alcohol and refused to take us to IN and OUT to get a burger on the way home. Probably the same company.

  • In Simi Valley

    This is news? Really….?
    I have a beef with a plumber. Can I get Suzie Suh out to report on it?

  • Onclewillie

    This isn’t really news. Stuff happens. It seems the company is trying to make good. The kids should be a little more philosophic about it. In twenty years they will remember this and laugh over the incident.

  • Ashton

    uh…. yea.. ok, “the ride” to their prom ruined their WHOLE prom?? spoiled idiots

  • charles

    A Past Newbury Park High school students’ father.
    If I were a parent of a graduating student and paid that money for a fun, wholesome night, I would attempt to get every penny back for every parent. Getting the money back is not going to erase the memory of this evening. Can you imagine telling your graduating son/daughter that you were driven to and from the Prom in a smelly, unfashionable limo.

  • chris

    Ok…so it’s not the end of the world and it shouldn’t have ruined the whole prom for the kids BUT, the limo company should be ASHAMED of themselves for not offering full refunds at the very least. It’s bad business and I challenge everyone to boycott this company. It’s a sad day when a place of business acts like this and gets away with it. if I were the parents I would inform the better business bureau. I’m sure they would like to know about how this company practices business.

  • manuel abounayan

    This the same company that I hired for my daughters 18th birthday and they promissed that they will deliver a party bus that would be the same as what they advertised but of course they did not they send us an executive bus that was not what we ordered and also they send a driver that had some emotional problems first he was bad language with the people around him and also he said that he has lost he son at the age of 25 and that he may not stable do not provoke him . Would you want to go on that bus hell No. we did get another bus from another company the same day. They are a total fraud. plus they charged my credit card again without any authorization

  • Jaxe

    $80 each
    You got a great rate
    You got what you paid for
    Did you expect a hummer?

  • Tiffany

    55 people at 80$ per person? that $4,400. That kind of money needs to get you a hell of a lot more than a hummer ride

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