A 1-Hour Massage For Just $25 Bucks?

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — All this week on CBS2, we’re giving tips for beauty on a budget.

Tonight, how does a relaxing, one-hour massage sound? Even better, it’s only $25.

In Pasadena, Heart and Sole Reflexology is all the rage.

The massage starts with a warm soaking of the feet as a therapist relaxes you from head to fingertips. Then 25 minutes are devoted to a soothing foot rub.

Then the massage therapist works on your legs, shoulders and back.

Heart and Sole says they are able to charge so little because they cut down on space.

For more on Heart and Sole, click on the following link.

  • BlahBlah

    Gross picture. Ewwww.

  • henry

    Is this news? Or commercials?

  • henry

    you can get the same for $15.00 in Chinese community around San Gabriel area.

  • Edward

    Happy ending included?

  • Joey

    It’s people like Edward that keep the massage therapy industry from being more respected and accepted as a proven, legitimate and acceptable form of health care. Shame on you Edward.

    • Edward

      Lighten up and have a sense of humor, this isn’t even NEWS..I don’t need to read yahoo news when I can already view the many signs up along the streets advertising discount/affordable massages.

      • Joey

        I like to joke around a lot but not about massage because I’m a certified massage therapist. It’s taken a long, long, long time for the industry to get where it is today. Obviously it still has a long way to go if people thinking of it that way. I do agree, this article is actually an advertisement and not news.

      • Gracyn

        No copmalitns on this end, simply a good piece.

  • Brian

    True, you can get it cheaper in San Gabriel, but for $25 you can’t begin to compare San Gabriel to Old Town Pasadena. I guarantee that you won’t find Chinese programs blasting on big screen TVs at Heart and Sole, and the cleanliness is in line with Old Town Pasadena standards. Best $25 you’ll spend…

  • stiffler

    Rub n Tug?

  • mike v

    15.00 on del mar and garvey ave

  • http://spinnernews.com/a-1-hour-massage-for-just-25-bucks/ A 1-Hour Massage For Just $25 Bucks? | SpinnerNews

    […] A 1-Hour Massage For Just $25 Bucks? Share Tweet A 1-Hour Massage For Just Bucks? All this week on CBS2, we’re giving tips for beauty on a budget. Read more on CBS 2 Los Angeles […]


    Health & Wellness Is A Hot Topic In Southern Cal. People Are Constantly Looking For Ways To Reduce Stress And Learn How To Live A Better Quality Of Life On A Budget!

    Whether It’s News Or A Form Of Advertisment Is Irrelevant. What’s Important Is The Community Awareness Concerning Ancient Practices And The Healing Benefits Associated With Reflexology.

    Health And Sole Is On My To Do List:)

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