Chasing Pet Bird, Woman Falls Onto Cement Floor Of LA River

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman chasing her wayward pet bird was injured when she fell 20 feet off a concrete wall into a flood control structure on the Los Angeles River.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott says rescue crews needed ladders to retrieve the woman from the cement bottom of the structure in Studio City.

Scott described the woman’s injuries as non-life-threatening.

A net was reportedly used to capture the bird just downriver.

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  • Rita-of-Sunland


  • Josh Butts

    Forget the bird cage….I’ll have the whole house after I take care of this woman!

  • Julian

    Omg! Always know your surroundings. This is someone will that will walk into traffic.

  • mister s

    She should sue the city for not having a “No bird chasing” sign posted there. She could have been seriously hurt due to the citys negligence.

    • Ping Kee Ang

      Yeah, this is one good idea. If she is Hispanic, assemble a jury composed of
      huspanics, if Black, assemble a jury of all black people, if White, pick up all white
      persons to be the jury, if Asian, then select an Asian jury. That way, Tony’s Los
      Angeles City will most likely pay a large some of money. Never mind that the City
      is broke, what is important is that she gets the money.

  • Ken

    Okay, since she’s going to be alright, I have to say, reading this story, I imagined her running after the bird off the edge of the wall and then hovering, cartoon-like in mid air, until the bird pointed down, she looked, realized she was in mid air, and fell, ala Wile E Coyote.


    PETA should give her some assistance

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