LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Thanks to an unexpected revenue windfall from Sacramento, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy said Thursday district employees would be asked to take only six furlough days during the coming school year instead of 12.

“Since the state is poised to pay up on part of its promised IOUs in the amount of $150 million, we should utilize this to directly return employees to service who have agreed to taking furlough days and also use this money instead of borrowing from the surplus account,” Deasy said.

About 5,000 layoff notices were sent to district employees in March as the LAUSD tries to cut into an estimated $408 million deficit for the coming school year. District officials have said the layoffs are a last-resort measure, and they were working to make cuts elsewhere to help save jobs.

Deasy unveiled a proposal last month that would provide a one-year budget fix and save the jobs of many of the employees targeted for layoff. The plan, however, called for employees and their unions to agree to 12 unpaid furlough days.

So far, five of the district’s employee unions agreed to the proposal, the latest being the Service Employees International Union Local 99, representing instructional aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and others.

Deasy said if all of the district’s employee unions agree to the furlough days — now reduced to six — the district would save about $90 million and eliminate the need to layoff about 80 percent of the school based employees who received notices earlier this year.

Those layoffs are scheduled to take effect June 30.

But Deasy is facing an uphill battle in negotiations with United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing the district’s teachers. UTLA officials have called for the district to eliminate all layoffs and furloughs.

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  1. A Teacher says:

    This is my third year of enduring the layoff process at LAUSD. All I want to do is teach. All I’ve ever wanted to do is teach.

    I don’t care how many furlough days the district requires of me. I’m just asking for the opportunity to do my job and to do it well. It sickens me to think that I could lose my job without the ability to negotiate on my own behalf or to be unemployed through no fault of my own.

  2. John says:

    The teacher’s union have done nothing to help student achievement. They don’t want teachers evaluated based on perform or layoff without having using senority. Now they are last to negotiate furloughs and are risky more layoffs. These are bad economical times, and everyone needs to pitch in a help. If furlough days means saving jobs, then I’m all for it!

  3. Jaime says:

    My pay has been severely cut due to the furlough days and I don’t want to endure any more of them. The possibility of increased class size does not bother me, because I’ve done it before. Too bad for the lay offs. Times are tough. If I had received a lay off notice, I would have been out job hunting instead of waiting to hear about a UTLA vote on furloughs. I urge all teachers to vote NO for additional furlough days.

    1. Erik R. Wood says:

      Would like to put your mouth where your money is ……talk is cheap. You would be out job hunting … I think you sound more like a person who would be at the unemployeement office….Vote yes on furlough days and save more jobs, increase class size to a number that statisticaly shows data that it will not decrease learning. Standford did a good study on class sizes. If the number is not below 16-1 it will not improve learning and this is only for LOW INCOME, 2nd at 32 -1you reach a critical limit. My school spent millions to go from 22-1 to 20-1 that is a BAD use of money. Use logic and science to make class sizes. Not just what sounds good to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

  4. Kristina says:

    This is my first year receiving a layoff notice and while I’ve been sympathetic the past 2 years, this time it’s hit me personally. I voted “yes” on furloughs last year in order to save teaching jobs. I’d vote yes again in order to save mine and many more. No, it isn’t fair for long-term teachers to be receiving paycuts in the form of furloughs, but it isn’t fair either for a teacher with 7 or 8 years on his/her contract to be laid off. That’s the laying off of EXPERIENCED teachers. And the more children we have in the classroom, the more it becomes merely an issue of classroom management and less of actual teaching.

  5. Linda Perez says:

    Working for LAUSD is not all about teachers only! Classified employees are essential workers to keep teachers working and getting paid as well. Without Classified employees there is no student enrollment, and NO PAYCHECKS for anybody! so don’t diminish us and be thankful we support you.
    Most classified people are now B basis and the rest will soon become B basis employees, so we are losing 2 months of work already! Add 12 furloughs to it and there will be no way that we can survive during this economic crisis and sky-rocketing gas prices.

    1. Mercy Perez says:

      Linda, thank you so much for putting this out there. You are 100% correct, this is not just about teachers. We the Classified always seem to be left out of the lime light, we are overlooked! As I’ve told many, even ONE furlough day is too many. I ask all Classified to vote no on furlough days. We Deserve Better!

  6. Erik R. Wood says:

    The union needs to be REMOVED. We have 2 choices pay them and join OR pay them the same amount as full members and NOT JOIN . It is called FEE PAY. The union is the MOB. I will destroy this UNION before I die. The fact they have NO CHOICE. If you want to teach for LAUSD you will be giveing the MOB ” UNION ” the FEE each month. There is another option , have the fee donated to charity. Which I think you must claim a religous reason. The union seems to want to VOTE for the members. The members want to VOTE on what ever offer we have been given. How did the union get to become the person who decides if the offer is good or not? The members decide the union brings us an offer. We would have more money and time with out the UNION. The 2 times I needed my union they left me standing alone. I would cut my finger off if the union would just go away. They tell me all the things they have done for me, not one thing they have ever done was something I wanted. I dont teach for the money ,I teach because I love it and would do it for free if I could live without an income. The MOB” UNION” was a good thing when people didnt get paid for working or had to work in dangerous places. Spain has great unions, when a problem comes out the union comes out. When the problem is gone the union “MOB” is gone and they go do real JOBS>

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