RIALTO (AP) — Police say a home invasion robbery in San Bernardino County has ended with a shootout that left two people dead — including a suspect — and one injured.

Rialto police say at least three gunmen entered a home on Beechwood Avenue at about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday but those inside grabbed guns and there was a shootout.

Police tell the San Bernardino Sun that one person inside was killed and a robbery suspect was shot and died in the street.

Another suspect was wounded. Police say he and others fled in a white van. During a chase, the van stopped to let off two men who are still at large.

The van finally was stopped by police who arrested the driver and the wounded passenger, who’s expected to survive his injuries.

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Comments (7)
  1. 357 Magnum says:

    Now you know why California needs to relax on gun laws. The police didn’t prevent these thugs from entering a private home so the homeowners stepped in and grabbed legally owned guns and shot the perps. Unfortunately, an innocent by stander was killed but so was one lowlife and another got a shot hopefully in his butt. Oregon, Texas, and Utah allow open carry as do several other states. It is time the old west is revived and eligible California residents are allowed to carry a weapon. Obviously crime would go way down because more people would be able to stop crimes. Yes there may be some vigilantism, but that’s for the courts to decide. Utah clearly has lower crime because more bad guys are afraid uncle Elmer may be holding a colt at the ready. California, stand up for your rights to take back our streets and get rid of gangs, thugs and lowlifes destroying our freedom!

    1. Hmmm says:

      Who was the innocent bystander?? I didn’t see that part.

  2. surfbum says:

    Interesting point, 357, but I’d be willing to bet there is more to this story than just a bunch of innocent people sitting in their home when the thugs broke in. Seems more like one group of thugs was trying to rob another. Just a guess, though, based on absolutely no facts and my own cynicism.

    1. 357 Magnum says:

      Point well taken surfbum. And the “bystander” was a person at the home. I’m ready for any scofflaws who try to get me. Slight jump on my statements about the involvement of the homeowners.

  3. JEN says:


  4. I See! says:

    Too bad the homeowners moved the drugs before the popos got there

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