SACRAMENTO (CBS) — An eleventh-hour move by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to reduce the prison sentence for the son of a political ally has drawn criticism for months, well before the recent revelations involving Schwarzenegger and an ex-housekeeper.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the father of that inmate has now broken his silence to explain the impact on him and his family.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said that his biggest mistake and regret was interfering with his son’s legal team when Esteban Nunez was to be tried for his role in the 2008 killing of Luis Santos.

Nunez said both his son and his lawyers thought they had 80 percent chance of winning if the case went to trial, but the 20 percent chance of a life sentence was enough to persuade him to tell his son to plead guilty.

But the 16-year sentence he ultimately received was more than Nunez had bargained for.

A emotional phone discussion with the governor eventually lead to his reviewing with sentencing and reducing it to 7 years in prison.

Nunez said while he and his family have endured much pain, it can’t compare with the loss of the Santos family, who have called the sentence reduction a “hijacking of justice”.

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  1. Equal Justice For The Well-Connected says:

    Fabian Nunez said, “Blah blah blah blah….”

  2. Marco says:

    At his age 16 years is really not a lot of time compared to the family who lost their son forever.

    People of privilege need to start realizing the world does not revolve around them and when “real life” shows up they also have to be held accountable.

    I have no sympathy for the Nunez Family, or Fabian Nunez’ meaningless statement.

  3. Jethrie Smith says:

    I think it should be ok for people to murder other people as long as your my friend.


  4. bdj says:

    As governor, Schwarzenegger had the power to commute prison sentences, but that does not always make it right. He should have left well enough alone.

  5. ILLEGALS says:

    He’ll get out in 2-3 years for good behavior..

  6. Curwick Brian says:

    IF I HAD A SON (I do have one daughter) had MURDERED [anyone], then he should rot in jail for the rest of his life!!! Just like all the other criminals. Who the F($k does this knucklehead think he is??? His son was a rich little gang banger! One does not have to live in the barrios of Santa Ana or East LA to be a gang banger. The little sissy needs to be subject to the same punishment as anyone else. He murdered, manslaughter is for accidents. Nunez gamed the system and won. He now says he should have gamed the system even more and got off for murder. How can this man look at himself in the mirror in the morning??? He is evil but yet he thinks he knows what is best for the citizens of the State of California??? Isn’t it amazing what money and power will do to a man’s morals?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Ron says:

      The SAD thing is that there are people that will still VOTE for this UNETHICAL, piece of TRASH !!! No wonder the kid is like this, his dad has NO MORALS and is too busy ripping the taxpayers off, for ALL he can get. GREAT role model.

      Arnold, is NO better. Only difference, is at least his kids, SEEM to be better citizens. But that most likely was Maria’s doing, NOT Arnold’s.

  7. ES says:

    He did say his Father with all his connections would get him get him off the hook. He was right about that.

  8. KeithS says:

    Amazing. Nunez says words yet nothing comes out of his mouth. As much as I may hate to admit itt, I might respect the guy more if he simply said “Look, I called for a favor and my buddy granted it.Deal with it, people!” I swear, the other day, I saw car hit a squirrel. The guy got of the car to move it and seemed more remorseful than Nunez ever has.

  9. i See! says:

    Nunez is a Sureno!

  10. upyours says:

    Slimeball taco bender.

  11. rpbell says:

    A panty-waisted, little twit, whose rich and powerful father used his influence to subvert justice. And that’s the truth. Explain that to the grieving family of his victims.

  12. support says:

    I think, the Gov was right, we are up side down in the sentence of manslaughter. Battered women survivors usually do addtional time after the 17 years for defending their own life from domestic abuse. Drunk drivers who kill multiple people get 8-10 years. Because it is socially acceptable and the drunk drive could not help it. Some neighbor hoods have 30 gangs and young people make mistakes because of peer pressure and to survive in a violent world. Spending the rest of their lives behind bars, so we tax payers can pay $58,000 per year per in mate and builld more prisons, we have 20 really does not allow long and lengthy sentences. This young probably stupid human being did not use the weapon.

  13. MJKB says:

    Fabian Nunez wants people to forget that his son, Esteban Nunez, stabbed TWO people that night! He was not a bystander in the attack on Luis & his friends. He was an active instigator and participant of actions that took the life of Luis Santos. He does not deny any of his actions, he had competent legal representation, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, and has only served a small fraction of the time given him. THESE are facts that exclude ANY governor from commuting his sentence.

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