Nunez Speaks Out On Schwarzenegger Commutation

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — An eleventh-hour move by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to reduce the prison sentence for the son of a political ally has drawn criticism for months, well before the recent revelations involving Schwarzenegger and an ex-housekeeper.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the father of that inmate has now broken his silence to explain the impact on him and his family.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said that his biggest mistake and regret was interfering with his son’s legal team when Esteban Nunez was to be tried for his role in the 2008 killing of Luis Santos.

Nunez said both his son and his lawyers thought they had 80 percent chance of winning if the case went to trial, but the 20 percent chance of a life sentence was enough to persuade him to tell his son to plead guilty.

But the 16-year sentence he ultimately received was more than Nunez had bargained for.

A emotional phone discussion with the governor eventually lead to his reviewing with sentencing and reducing it to 7 years in prison.

Nunez said while he and his family have endured much pain, it can’t compare with the loss of the Santos family, who have called the sentence reduction a “hijacking of justice”.


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