LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A former Los Angeles Unified school police officer accused of faking his own shooting earlier this year was back in court on Wednesday.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the attorney for Jeffrey Stenroos asked the judge to delay trial proceedings by one month.

Attorney Tim Murphy asked for the delay in order to review additional documents from the county grand jury.

“We don’t have the transcripts yet,” Murphy said. “Those will be available in a couple of days.”

Stenroos has already plead not guilty for the incident in January that forced the lock-down of several San Fernando Valley schools and the deployment of hundreds of police officers.

Felony charges linked to the incident include workers compensation and insurance fraud, preparing and planting false evidence, and filing a false police report.

Murphy had no comment when asked about efforts by the city and the school district to seek a combined $420,000 in restitution and reimbursement for police deployment and other costs.

Comments (9)
  1. JoseO says:

    It’s already apparent this has turned to a political battle then the actual offense that took place. I still believe this guy is covering for someone

  2. Kindle says:

    I feel the same way, it’s completely obvious they font have a clue what happened that day and because of that they are trying to make a point so they don’t look stupid

  3. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    If he came out like Arnold Sperminator did, then the Teacher Stenroos had an affair with is no biggie.

    And the Boyfriend of the Teacher who shot at Stenroos will goto Jail.

    Now Stenroos is Unemploy, losing his home to Foreclosure, & facing Jail time.

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    it’s obvious the bullet found doesn’t match any of Stenroos service or personal weapons.

    if he told the truth of the affair, he’ll still have a job.

  5. justonce says:

    Once Cops and Robbers, now Cops are the robbers…they are the biggest street gang and about time they get some of their own medicine, put him in the cell with me and there will be Justice!!!

  6. Get Protected!!! Rob i mean work for the people says:

    Dont sweat it dude your above the law like the rest of them. Example see this article as well. Sheriff DUI on the job

  7. Thinkbold says:

    It’s apparent that they don’t care what really happened, whatever this guys lawyer was doing scared the DA into holding a biased county grand jury. It doesn’t take much to get a grand jury indictment

  8. 5150 says:

    I a police officer for the city of LA an the word is Stenroos tried telling the detective the truth about how he was shot, but they refused to listen because he lied to them to began with. It doesn’t help that he lied to start it off and he had an affair. For once it’s not my department thats embarrassed

  9. Ryan Giggs Rules says:

    Come on people you all cant believe the media… They have no idea what happen. Even Chief idiot I mean Beck said “We might never know what happen”. So how the hell you going to charge the guy when you dont know what happen. If Stenroos is found innocent I would sue the LAPD for Slander. Comments like “disgrace to the badge”. A disgrace is going after someone who may be innocent because your trying to save face. I thought this country you are innocent till proven guilty.

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