Bochy Surprised Giants Fan’s Attackers Haven’t Been Caught

109459752 10 Bochy Surprised Giants Fans Attackers Havent Been Caught

(Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Giants manager Bruce Bochy is surprised the men who severely beat a San Francisco fan at Dodger Stadium on opening day still haven’t been caught.

Bochy and the Giants opened a two-game series against Los Angeles in the defending champions’ first visit to Dodger Stadium since the beating.

Bryan Stow was attacked by two men in Dodgers gear after the game March 31. The 42-year-old paramedic and father of two recently was transferred to a hospital in San Francisco.

The Dodgers’ security presence has been beefed up since the beating, with dozens of police cars around the stadium.

The Dodgers also set up booths throughout the stadium to accept donations to the Bryan Stow Fund.

  • Trisha

    Hellllooooo, they fled back to Mexico immediately after they beat the guy. Do you really think they’re still here!?

  • Todd

    HelI yeah, I would turn in my own Mother for $200,000.00 dollars! hahaha

    I hope she is not reading this! lol

  • Greg Rodmy

    Is that a threat latino monkey. How about growing some brains and talking back instead of smashing skulls when your feelings get hurt. Your violence leads to self destruction, you brown little simpleton. Hurting white boys does you no good. Better yourself instead of tearing down the lives around you. Little pryk.

  • Bing1

    I guarantee you if it was a latino that got beaten up regardless on who he was rooting for, they wouldnt even give it the time of day. No fundraisers, no reward money and no crackheads like Charlie Sheen donating thousands of dollars. Im not saying it was right, but something must have provoked these guys into doing this. And what happened to Mr. Stows friends that went with him to the game? Did these guys just run away? Why didnt they help their friend from these bums? His friends should be thrown in jail for being COWARDS!

    • Thought Police

      You’re a complete dope. We’re coming to take your computer away since you clearly do not deserve one.

  • Mike

    This is bad even by third world standard.

  • MIKE


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