GLENDORA (CBS) — Authorities Tuesday said an armed robbery suspect who exchanged gunfire with Glendora police during a shootout at a Los Angeles County supermarket has died.

Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office said 29-year-old Luis Varela died about 11 a.m. Monday, two days after he was shot.

luis varella Robbery Suspect Dies Days After Glendora Ralphs Shootout

(credit: California Department Of Motor Vehicles)

The shootout occurred about 5 p.m. Saturday inside a crowded Ralphs grocery store on South Grand Avenue, sheriff’s Sgt. Harry Drucker said.

Drucker said Varela was shot as he used a checkout stand as cover while firing at a police officer.

The sequence of events began about an hour earlier when a Kohl’s department store on South Lone Hill Avenue was robbed. An hour later, a Glendora police officer tried to detain a man he believed to be the suspect, and the man pulled out a handgun and ran into the Ralphs store.

The officer followed, and the suspect fired his handgun at the officer, who returned fire.

“The Ralphs was crowded,” said sheriff’s Lt. John Corina, speaking at the scene of the shooting. “It was full of people shopping at the time, and the suspect was firing from behind the check stands at the officer as he entered the store.”

Varela was struck once in the upper body. No one else was injured, Drucker said.

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Comments (38)
  1. Susan says:

    GOOD!! another creep off the streets!

  2. WIREGUY_BILL says:

    Kudo’s! nice shooting, Maybe try switching to a 10mm. next time, to save the emergency room costs for 2 days!!!

  3. AJ Morgan says:

    Your comment show’s your ethical and moral POV.

    1. Borsia Novak says:

      That’s right I have no sympathy or regard for criminals what-so-ever. I just wish every shoot out ended this way, for that matter every robbery, rape and most other crimes.
      The one thing we know for absolute fact is that this creep isn’t going to be a repeat offender.

  4. Hllyrpt says:

    Good Shoot, Glad we have Glendora Police.

  5. David Huffman says:

    Good this is exactly what the country needs,to send the no tolerance message to those who would wantonly and disregard for human life commit crimes and use guns doing it!!!! Less paperwork for the police,and makes the streets safer for the citizens of our country.Good Shooting officer,keep up the good work!!!

  6. Lillith says:

    One less criminal we have to pay to house! Great job Glendora PD!!

    1. lilithisaboz says:

      klires cces

  7. geeM says:

    This pillar of society won’t be missed.

  8. HelloKitty says:

    YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! No expensive jury trial and housing expenses for that tird.

  9. Al says:

    Thanks to Glendora PD for saving court costs. Nice job observing the suspect and then shooting him under adverse circs. For those who feel sorry for the deceased, remember: he brought it on himself. Instead of surrendering, he ran, drew his own weapon, and fired on the officer. And let’s not forget he robbed the Kohl’s before that. The guy brought it all on himself…

  10. Al says:

    Thanks to Glendora PD for saving court costs. Nice job observing the suspect and then shooting him under adverse circs. For those who feel sorry for the deceased, remember: he brought it on himself. Ij of surrendering, he ran, drew his own weapon, and fired on the officer. And let’s not forget he robbed the Kohl’s before that. The guy brought it all on himself…

  11. Tammy says:

    My Brother lives in that area…..Good the creep deserved it……Good for the Glendora PD

  12. john bluer says:

    Tried in glendora and died in glendora. I guess what they say about those Glendora P.D. officers is not at all true. But this Adam henry found out the hard way didnt he. Lesson to you punk bangers, the law enforcement officers in La verne and Glendora can shoot just as well as Pomona and San Berdu.

  13. Anger in Los Angeles says:

    who knows if the cop is telling the whole truth? too bad for anybody who get killed..
    Terrible. God Bless his soul and family…

    1. Borsia Novak says:

      AH; He ran into a busy supermarket and started a shoot out with police. He doesn’t have a side of the story.

    2. HIS BIG SISTER says:


    3. 86-44 says:

      Really, you should be called ignorant in Los Angeles…

    4. ashley says:

      your the nicest comment i have seen cause i knew him. RIP. he is NOT a creep either for all you idiots calling names and judging someone you guys know nothing about. you didnt know what he was going through , what was running through his mind. so lay off.

  14. swhitS says:

    This is why we don’t have mob rule, a kill before being killed mentality. How about the cops get trained on how to use their guns and aim for the hand/arm that is holding the gun. Being killed for robbing a store is taking the court system into the hands of the police and we know how fair and just they are.

    1. Dean says:

      Good luck with that, you go into a stressful situation like bullets flying around you and concentrate on such a small target area. Personally I say two to the chest and one to the head everytime!!!

    2. Gino says:

      You’re obviously not very bright as this moron was shot and killed for SHOOTING at an officer not robbing a store. You are dim witted for even posting your thoughts which don’t even follow the facts.

      If he had just let the officer talk to him and arrest him he would be alive today. Instead he chose to pull a gun and shoot at a copy.

      Yeah and all the witnesses in the store are lying. You people that are sympathetic to criminals are idiots.

    3. Borsia Novak says:

      You obviously have no experience with shooting or tactics.
      Those things only happen in Hollywood.
      When someone starts shooting at you the object is to take them out as fast as possible. That means that you aim for the center of the chest and fire multiple shots fast.

    4. Bill in SoCal says:

      You mean shoot the gun out of his hand like Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger did in the old Westerns? Sorry to intrude into your fantasy, but in the real world, if you shoot at the police, you’re probably going to get your ticket cancelled.
      Good work by the Glendora PD.

  15. John Rocker says:

    @ Anger in Los Angeles – How the heck do you defend someone who takes a gun and shoots at police hiding in a crowded area? You have serious issues that need to be checked. Might as well support the terrorists in the Middle East who use school children as human shields! You disgust me.

    @ swhitS Wow, try not to show complete ignorance so blatantly, unless you’re trying to be completely stupid. If someone is shooting at the police, said police have EVERY right to shoot to kill in return.

  16. Jorge Dos Santos says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. When was the last time a Hispanic male was in the news and it was GOOD news? Worthless half-ape pieces of rubbish, really. No wonder so many Hispanics are changing their last names to white last names ! !!

  17. Earnhardt 3 says:

    Good shooting. Well placed shots. 1 dead low life mexican.

  18. jAil hOuSe rOcK says:

    One less criminal we have to worry about and one less inmate we have to support from our tax dollars.

  19. Borsia Novak says:

    Thanks guys you have saved us a bundle of money.

  20. DZ says:

    Don’t know swhitS
    Anytime You point a gun….

  21. Nguyen says:

    If you are a cop, and some piece of filth shoots at you, you have to kill him. The bullets are a LOT cheaper than our judicial system, our prison system, and the costs to the future victims. It’s too bad that there are so few good Mexican-Americans and armenian-Americans, because police should just shoot on site ANY of them. Chances are, they’ll kill a lowlife system-draining scuumbag that was never going to do a single good thing in their life. Once in a while they’ll accidentally kill the 1% that are good, but it’s worth the risk.

  22. his big sister says:


    1. 86-44 says:

      I hope you can handle the truth…

      1. the little sister says:

        For sure we can handel the truth!! The real robber is in coustoday but hey the MEDIA didnt state that now did they??? Guess they missed it. And to all you with your lovely words about my big brother like my big sister said WAIT FOR THE TRUTH. And FYI while you all talked your mess today my brother saved 3 lives, what did you all do other then JUDGE him? Guess you should really rely on your MEDIA and your great tactics by glendora PD. You all know NOTHING. Don’t worry, my big sister he is in peace now we know him forget what these fools say they dont know the man we know. The man that adopted every homless person in sight or gave the shirt off his back because he had a heart of gold. He gave life today he will live on. No words of hate or false judgement will fall on him anymore. RIP my big brother forever loved never forgotten always greatful for you and your love and devotion to your family.

  23. MY BIG SIS says:


  24. LOST says:

    8 years in prison for loving his babies mother. In there he became his worst nightmare.Out here struggling to stay on track but doing it. Then the downfall began. Asked to leave. No other choice then to be that what he became in prison. His fate was sealed even before he got out.!

  25. LOST says:

    It wasn’t the bullet, That killed him.

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