LOS ANGELES (CBS) — For five years, people (including celebrities like singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell) have said they were suffering from a strange skin condition where fibers and rashes would invade the body — seemingly out of nowhere.

Doctors called it Morgellons. And the Internet soon became filled with photos of people with … let’s be clear … bizarre and weird looking lesions and growths. People who said they had Morgellons described it like having bugs crawling underneath the skin. About a year later, the disease hit Europe.

The same day in May 2006 a number of news organizations (including CBS) did segments on Morgellons, the LA County Department of Health issued a statement saying no such disease existed. And they told people not to panic. Joni Mitchell wrote “this is like a terrorist disease.”

Five years later, almost to the day, the Mayo Clinic also has poo-pooed this strange illness as a figment of people’s imaginations.

They said, after exhaustive study, every single case of the disease (and they looked at 108 cases) could all be explained away. Despite the sufferers insisting they had bugs crawling on and through them, the Mayo clinic says…the only bugs are in their heads.

The study says the “disease” people experienced was either mundane (simple rashes) or scabs, in-grown hairs, lint, textile fibers, skin flaking and common debris. Only one case involved “bugs”…one man tested had pubic lice.

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  1. Thomas Forcade says:

    Wow…This is total B.S.Knowing straight out that they are lying,this is one big cover up.There is so much evidence about this being real,for them to say it is all in their heads,it makes me kinda think the whole it-could be- nanotechnology that has escaped into the populace now makes more sense than this non-sense.Just look up Morgellons-nanotech and you will see.Might as well say AIDS is just a bad cold or the flu while they are at it.

  2. Granny Jo says:

    I had never heard of this disease until last week, a lady on Facebook spoke about her disease and how it affects her. I started searching online and found some information from a lady who has suffered for 10 years with the disease, she found a cure by accident. I hope CBS allows me to post the link here, I think it could benefit other sufferers.


    Researchers used to say Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were all in a person’s mind, now they recognize them as autoimmune diseases. Doctors are called practicing physicians, guess why?

  3. Allergic to pork says:

    Back in 1989 I started getting this weird attacks of something crawling under the skin of my hands. It would start on the side of my fingers then the top and then the rest of my hand. The worst attack went as far as my elbow. During these attacks I would develop a bad case of constipation, slight pain in my chest and worst cases would affect my heart rythm. If I managed not to scratch then they would remain rashes, bumps, but if I scratch then they would become legions and would bleed (don’t remember any fibers). It reminded me of chicken pox.
    Went to the doctor and they did not know what it was. I tried several over the counter medications and prescription but nothing seemed to work. I discovered by accident that if coat my hands with colgate toothpaste when I first start feeling the crawling sensation that it would stop the attacks. I would not reccommend this if you already have open sores.
    After, several attacks I began to notice that each attack happened slightly after eating pork, so I stop eating pork and the attacks stopped. The only times I get these attacks now is when I eat pork, either by accident (not knowing what is in the meal when I eat out) or when I can’t resist the succulent morsel.
    I am not suggesting that all these people have become allergic to pork, but it is worth looking into.
    And prior to 1989 I was not having these attacks, my favorite food was pickled pork feet and carnitas.

  4. Yvette says:

    This is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in a long, long while. I am one of the thousands of “Morgellons” sufferers worldwide, and this research report which was done by Dr. Mark Davis of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, is totally false. Dr. Davis, in my opinion, in in violation of the hypocratic oath. Doctors are not supposed to work toward the detriment of patients, and his statement of his “findings” are positively deterimental to those of us who are NOT delusional. If doctors aren’t able to “think outside the box” when something so bizzare as this arises, then no cure will ever be found. Thank God that Dr. Salk was able to “think outside the box” to find a cure for polio, and what about the HIV virus? What about the different strains of influenza?

    There is a tremedous amount of data to support the existence of an unknown pathogen causing the “Morgellons” symptoms, the most recent of which was discovered by Fry Laboratories in Scottsdale, AZ, which is a direct contradiction to Mark Davis’ research findings.

    CBS should, at the very least, present the other side of the story if they want to be fair and balanced in their reporting.

    Once this unexplained dermapathy grows to epidemic propoetions (which is rapidly approaching), then perhaps it will get the attention of the right people…people who are able and willing to “think outside the box”.

    Until then, we will continue to suffer, and be scorned and mocked as though we are lepars, or at the very least suffer the humiliation of being labeled “delusional”.

    God help us all!

  5. Elaine says:

    According to one laboratory there are over a half million people who suffer from Morgellons. I am one of them and resent this doctor’s lack of empirical evidence, much like the dermatologists that most of us with this condition have had to deal with. I have had three positive ANA tests, my white blood count fluctuates from 3.1 to4.6 and back. My red counts fluctuate as well. I have had seven skin biopsies, six of which were full of eosinophils (a sign that a parasite may be present) and one CBC which showed eosinophilia. I have lesions whether I scratch or not. Thousands of people around the world can’t all be nuts as these doctors imply. This condition is real and we are tired of being humiliated by ignorant physicians. If debris comes from inside a person and bite marks are on a person even without scratching, look for colombolla (springtails). Shame on this doctor. He should examine the Hypocratic Oath a little more thoroughly.

    1. Yvette says:

      Amen, Elaine! There is so much evidence to the contrary of what this doctor has stated. I have called him, but he has yet to return my call. If he thinks I’m going to roll over and play dead on this issue, he is sadly mistaken. If need be, I can and will become his worst nightmare. Perhaps I could even evoke a retraction of his comments, ya’ think? Naw…that won’t happen, but until and unless one of these rightous know-it-all doctors contracts this horrible curse, we’ll never get the answers we seek.

      Dr. Randy Wymore of Oklahoma State U. has also debunked the “delusional parasitosis” theory, as did Clifford Carnicom of the Cornicom Institute. It was very easy to do, too. All these people did was to examine the infected people’s skin with a dermascope to see the embedded fibers under unbroken skin.

      So, what makes Mark Davis so special? It’s merely a figment of his imagination. He is as delusional as he and many other dermatologists accuse us of being.

      I, too, am sick and tired of the humiliation these doctors inflict upon us. The one hope that I cling to is that God doesn’t sleep.

      Again, the very least that CBS and CNN can do is to present opposing views, just to set the record straight.

  6. Miss Mississippi says:

    I think everyone should celebrate NOT having Morgellons by donating their healthy blood directly to the Mayo Clinic. This Jan. 10’th and 11’th, 2012 They Mayo Clinic Support Center on Superior Drive in Rochester, MN is having a Blood Drive. There are Mayo Clinic locations in Arizona ( for you chemtrail conspiracy theorists ) and in Florida ( for all you dumber than dirt “DOP”ers ). Thank Dr. Davis for his expertise by donating blood directly to the Mayo CLinic!

  7. Desparate in Baton Rouge, LA says:

    I just started developing symptoms about 6 months ago. I kept thinking I had dust mites or something like that. Now I have these sores on me … on my back too where I cannot reach. I thought at first it was mites, so I looked up treatments. Nothing has worked. My sores are mailing on my abdoment and my back. I wasn’t even the first one to notice anything coming out of my skin. I had a friend of mine put some medicine on the sores on my back. SHE noticed it and asked me what the hell was coming out of my skin. Now it is worse and I have been researching this on the internet for a few months now. Deep in my heart of hearts I WISH I was wrong. I haven’t even told anyone becasue they are all going to think I am nuts. Of course the friend knows… she is the one that found it to begin with. Now the fibers are much longer and bigger and they are different colors. I would have never believed this if someone else told me that it was happening to them. And today has been the worse yet. I don’t understand why any doctor would dismiss this???? I can walk right into ANY doctors’ office or anywhere else for that matter and this stuff just comes out of my skin. I am so sick of it. I just funtion with it. Is this going to get better or worse?
    Where can I go to get treatment? IS THERE TREATMENT?

    1. yvette says:

      Dear Desparate, I really do sympathize with you. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year now, but I know many, many people who have suffered for years. At the moment there is no cure for this, but there are some things you can do to get relief.

      If you go to YouTube and do a search for “MississippiCajunGal” video, you may send private email to that person who will respond to you. Please do this. You will not be solicited to purchase any products, but you will be brought up-to-date on the latest research.

      Doctors like Mark Davis at Mayo Clinic are either refusing to recognize these very obvious filaments that reside and come of out our skin, or they aren’t studying the right people. Davis’ research smacks of either a setup job to put the issue to rest, or a bungled study, in my humble opinion.

      My doctor was astounded when he saw these fibers literally growing out of my thumbnails, but he was totally dumbfounded as to what to do about it. He, like some doctors, won’t treat patients because there isn’t anything in the medical journals that describes the cause of this condition. Those doctors who are labeling it “delusions of parasites” are doing more harm than the actual condition.

      Remember, God doesn’t sleep, so don’t lose hope!. 🙂

  8. como reconquistar says:

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