LONG BEACH (CBS/AP) — It was an April Fool’s Day repeat for drivers already weary of high prices weeks before the summer even kicks in — but this time the joke was on the business owner.

Long lines formed at the Valero gas station in Wilmington on Sunday after word spread that the station was selling premium unleaded for $1.10-a-gallon, but it turns out it was all a computer glitch.

Station owner Kenny Nguyen says the too-good-to-be-true price ended up costing him $21,000, and he hopes honest drivers will come back and pay the full price.

Nguyen says the attendant on duty was busy staffing the convenience store and register.

He says a price change didn’t take, so the system defaulted to the $1.10 price a cut of more than $3 a gallon.

The Torrance Daily Breeze reports that within four hours, about 7,000 gallons of premium were pumped at the discounted rate.

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Comments (15)
  1. x says:

    whoopie! why not in my area? is my only question.

    1. GarzaInvestments says:

      why not just walk if you cant afford to cut back on fries?

  2. Timothy McGarry says:

    I wouldn’t bank on any one coming back to give you any cash there, Kenny.

  3. doc says:

    I wonder if the “default price” was $6/gal if the owner would refund the difference?

  4. BoredMaster says:

    It’s called KARMA, and hit came after him in a beautiful way! Deal with it, greedhead!

    1. jjsykeso says:

      oh please.

  5. Daniel Alexander says:

    Justice !!!

    1. GarzaInvestments says:

      isnt it more our fault our contry wont drill baby drill? isnt thay y we bow to the gas gods? think,read, then vote!

  6. Brian Alan says:

    Sorry, it’s the responsibility of the owner to make sure such things work properly. If the pump displays the gas at $1.10 a gallon, that’s a legally binding contract. It sucks for him, but no one owes him a dime more. So he says he lost $21K? If you work the numbers out, that’s about the same amount of money the approx. 400 people who filled up their tanks lose each week because of overinflated gas prices. BoredMaster is right, it’s Karma.

    1. GarzaInvestments says:

      now do one for mcdonalds,starbucks,air, and all lifes privileges.

    2. GarzaInvestments says:

      ahh if your math is correct, that is 400 freeloaders, welcome to America?

  7. Think! says:

    Interesting none of you realise that the station owner is paying the inflated price as well, so he’s not the one benefiting from the high gas prices. He’s taking the loss, while he will have to buy the replacement gas at the same high price he bought that what was sold. He’s just another “little guy” who has fallen victim to the same as the rest of us. People taking adavantage of a mistake like this are just as guilty of theft. If you “mistakenly” left your wallet where someone could get to it and use your credit cards and money, would you then believe that the person who found it was justified in taking advantage of your mistake?

  8. Crickkette says:

    Robbed you say? What if he had honestly been Robbed?? He would have shut down the station then, I bet. How long did it take customers to comment on this eureka moment’ to the service attendant? I take it NOTHING was said within those 4 hours to alert the attendant on duty? So WHEN DID he actually find out about this error? Was the attendant the only one around? If the attendant was aware of all of this, why didn’t he shut down the pumps until the situation would be taken care of by the owner? He DIDN’T have to sell that gas, you know!! What was he thinking? Opps, sorry….guess he wasn’t!!!!! Any problem is solvable if you just use your head.

  9. Jeff says:

    You people never fail to show how stupid a majority of the readers here are. The station owners also pay the inflated prices, they don’t make more money when the price of a barrel goes up. I don’t have to remind myself that LA is full of idiots like yourselves, all I have to do is read comments on this site.

  10. Larry Bryan says:

    Given that it’s a Valero station, and that Valero sells not only gasoline but also the byproducts of the manufacture of gasoline, it stands to reason that it’s not costing them 4.00 a gallon to produce the gas. Given that they advertise bulk pricing on gasoline for both branded and non-branded stations, and this is apparently a branded station, they are not paying the same $4.10 per gallon as we as consumers pay at the pump. Therefore, while there may have been $21,000 in potential profit lost, there was far less of an actual loss in relation to what he paid for that gas. Still potentially in the thousands, but not the $21,000 that constitutes the actual price of the gas per gallon to consumers. Business is business and there’s a reason there are so many gas stations. I’m not crying for this guy. Have him give some accurate numbers and I might respect him a bit more.

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