LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An 8-year-old Salvadoran migrant has been reunited with her local grandmother after a harrowing journey that included her being sexually assaulted and detained for her own safety in Mexico.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports Veronica Giron was on her way to meet up with her parents — who are in the U.S. illegally — when she was sexually assaulted by three men on a bus from El Salvador.

Attorney Jessica Dominguez, who represents the girl’s grandmother, Ana Giron, said the girl reported the crimes to Mexican police, who arrested the suspects, but kept her in protective custody in Chihuahua.

U.S. officials had been lobbying the Mexican government to grant the girl a humanitarian visa to bring her safely into the U.S.

One of the paths by which officials hoped to secure Veronica’s arrival is by seeking legal custody in family court, at which point she would apply for what Dominguez called “special juvenile immigrant status”.

Veronica arrived in the U.S. on Sunday and is now living with Ana, who is a U.S. citizen, in Los Angeles.

Officials did not comment on whether any charges will be brought against the parents related to the girl’s abortive attempt to illegally immigrate to the U.S.

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  1. rjsmitty says:

    This is a sad story and I feel for her stroy… With that aside We have failed in protecting the American citizen in regards to illegal immigration. Back in 1986 Ragan let 3 million illegal aliens get amnesty through what was called IRCA 1986. With the promise to secure the boarder and control illegal immigration. Well , we know what happened after that nothing. The flow of illegal immigration only got worse . Then NAFTA was one of President Clinton’s inventions. It went into effect January 1, 1994. It stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. The idea was to improve trade and income in Mexico. NAFTA was also sold with the idea that this would help with illegal immigration by sending or creating more jobs in Mexico. Well, we know what happen here besides sending millions and millions of jobs over seas since the creation of NAFTA it did nothing to reduce the flow of illegal immigration. In 1996 Clinton let 7 million illegal aliens have amnesty under the IIRIRA 1996 , with the promise to secure the border and get illegal immigration under control . Once again we know what happen here also . The Clinton administration only encouraged the people from other countries to come here illegally by giving the signal that if you get here you to will be a citizen after a few years .. That is why we can not have any more amnesty for illegal’s aliens or there children and would argue that if illegal’s bring there children over the border this should be another criminal offense under child endangerment charges.

    It is also no surprise to me when it was reported.”The Mexican population grew 35 percent over the last decade to 11.4 million and accounted for 88 percent of the state’s population growth. About 82 percent of Hispanics in California identified as Mexican in 2010, up from 77 percent in 2000, the data showed.” This is further proof that illegals are coming here with the expectation that they will get amnysty . There flagrant disregaurd for this countrys laws are upseting at best and should not be rewarded . There needs to be acountabilty for ones fragrant neglect to our laws , because if there is not this problem will continue .

    1. Marcus says:

      Clinton signed NAFTA, but it was hardly his invention. It was already written before he even started running for president. It was the invention of big business.

      1. rjsmitty says:

        True ,but he signed it into law and it is one of the reasons we have alot of the problems with jobs now.

    2. flowerchild says:

      What does your comment have to do with the rape and assault of this poor child, some people are so ignorant! HELLO!
      I hope that they castrate these animals
      God bless this little girl and I hope she can recover from her trauma.

      1. rjsmitty says:

        She was being brought here by her parents and they are to blame . They put her in harms way……. HELLO !!!

      2. DianeC says:

        Can you tell Flowerchild is a Mexican? They always use the word “ignorant”
        to describe American citizens.

        Or “racists” or “KKK”.
        Yet we can’t drag them out of the United States once they are here.
        Sickening people!
        I wish we could drag them out!

    3. Learn to spell says:

      AMNESTY is how you spell it.

    4. YourPhilosopher says:

      There’s nothing the US Gov’t can do to stop the flow of immigration. And you only comment about how people from mexico are the only ones entering the US illegally. The US gov’t has a lot more greater problems in its hands that need to taken care of first. Stopping illegal immigration is not gonna solve anything. not even what this little girl has gone through. In fact, this only makes the US gov’t look bad. I guess if someone really wants to get here legally, they would have to try to attempt to get here illegally and go through something similar to what the girl went. And then INS will grant them a VISA.

      “We wont let you in legally unless if something bad happens to you, then we will let you in”

      1. rjsmitty says:

        There is no facts in your statement just a fools opinion .

  2. Poopedonurface says:

    Your comments are just rude, first off this is an article about a CHILD who was sexually assaulted on a bus! And your only concerns are illegal immigration?


    Secondly, it’s HISPANIC culture has incrreased NOT MEXICAN, do you know how to read the little girl is Salvadorian. (3rd – learn to read).

    Fourth, white dont mix only with white now a days ESPECIALLY in California, Im white but my child is HISPANIC — Lightbulb!! Do your homework before having an opinion. (hmmm is it possible that this is the reason for increase of the hispanic population)

    Lets just say they cut all illegal immigrant help off, our taxes dont go away! hahaha No matter WHERE our taxes go.. guess what!? We’ll still be taxed.

    1. rjsmitty says:

      The small percentage of people that are in interracial marriages with Hispanics or Mexicans does not change the fact as I stated. Please do some research on this .

  3. kalina kitty says:

    Who put her on the bus ALONE??? That person (or persons) needs to go to jail for a very, VERY long time. I am so against immigration, but in this case I think that it’s only right for the little girl to live with her grandmother, since she is legally living here. Her parents need to be deported and banned from ever entering this country again.
    Oh, and rjsmitty, I know you are trying to get a point across, and I think I get it but your post is so full of grammatical and spelling errors it’s hard to decifer.

    1. rjsmitty says:

      I will check the whole grammar and spelling from now on… Sorry , that it was difficult for you to follow….

      1. yourPhilosopher says:

        it wasnt difficult to follow, its just that ones comment isnt valid when the comment isnt properly presented.

  4. Poopedonurface says:

    The parents should be deported and come back into the US legally. Going through the VISA process. Im against illegal immigration as well, we dont have a way to identify immigrants. If a crime is commited we dont have REAL names, addresses, photos, fingerprints, etc. Also, the government has created the illegal immigration issue – the government has made it too easy for illegals to have access to benefits. They will continue to come over. Think about it – wouldnt you want to go to a country that will offer you full health benefits, free education, food stamps, free daycare for your children, section 8 (HUD) and cash aid to support yourself?

    1. icecream says:

      (Poopedonurface & Kalina):
      You are both correct. The neglective parents who are here illegally should be held accountable. Also whoever put that poor child on the bus from El Salvador should be prosecuted. Thank God she is here now and I hope she will recover from the physical and emotonal trauma that she incurred. I am definitely against ILLEGAL immigration, but I also helieve in issuing humanitarian benefits to those who truly deserve it.

  5. ElliotTaylor says:

    I bet you in 20 years C-man will still be living with his mother and trolling comment boards. An 8 year old was RAPED. Leave your stupidity in your basement room LOSER.

  6. Trisha says:

    This is SOOO sad!! Poor baby!! I hope she finds strength to deal with what she has gone through!

  7. brian harrington says:

    I hope those guys get raped in mexican Jail my prayers go out to all girls who are victimized and hope that she can and will have a healthy life no girls of any nationality should be raped or human trafficiked I travel aborad alot or when I can if I see anyone assaulting a little girl I be like MR T I petty the fool and yes I will take my chance with the legal system far as am conceren am a maytr I do hope god will intervene in all childeren of a sexual assault again I petty the fool
    amd yes I will make a person suffer I have nothing to loose

  8. Malik says:

    Those that try to condemned U.S. citizens for wanting to enforce our immigration laws lacks any coherrent argument to bolster or justified their “illegal entrance” into our country.

    This is why Mexicans (and most hispanics) are unfit to be American citizens. They seem to have no concept of laws and doing things the right way. They subject themselves or put themselves in harm’s way to get here and force us to be sympathetic when something like the assualt on the 8 year old girl happens.

    Some how, we suppose abandon our rule of law, time should freeze and the whole world suppose to stop, pause and give attention to the plight of illegal alien hispanics ILLEGALLY breaking our laws by coming here UNINVITED, and we suppose to open our arms and welcome them here? This is the attitude of Mexicans and hispanics. It’s obnoxious, ignorant, disrespectful, classless and a lawless mentality among the these 3rd world, criminal a&&holes.

    One last thing, I don’t care about the distinction between a Mexican from an El Salvadorain to a Honduras or a Guatamalian. Bottom line, they are ALL from the same region and they all act the SAME WAY in regard to our laws and every last one of them need to be deported. Americans have NO SYMPATHY for lawbreakers. We want you out.

    Fight your own government for the corruptions rocking your country. Don’t cry to us while alot of you are here disrespecting our flag, draining our resources and spreading diseases and criminal mayhem across the south and southerwestern states. Again, we want you out!

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